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iBaby Labs Rings In the New Year

New Year’s is a great time to make resolutions and look back at the previous year. 2014 was a wonderful year here at iBaby Labs with many achievements that make us happy on our journey of making parents’ lives easier one baby monitor at a time. As we cheer to the coming new year, excited about the new accomplishments and changes to come, we are looking back at our most significant events of the past year:

– iBaby Monitor M2 became a TV star when it got featured on Today Show
today show.crop

– iBaby Monitors M2 and M3 liked their presence on Apple’s ‘Now Trending’ page
m2 m3 trending.crop

– iBaby Monitor M6 later followed suit
m6 trending.crop

– iBaby Monitor M6 enjoyed all the attention it got when it became #1 in sales in Apple’s ‘Camera, Photo & Video’ category
m6 is number one.crop

– iBaby Monitor M2 was the face of Apple’s ‘Accessories’ page for over two months
m2 o nfirst page.crop

– iBaby Monitor M6 was launched at the Apple Store in September
m6 launch apple.crop

– iBaby Care app went global when it was featured in Apple’s Worldwide conference in Shenzhen, China
app in china.crop

– iBaby Labs has taken Las Vegas by storm participating in ABC Kids Expo
ibaby in LV.crop

– Apple Store in Shanghai hosted iBaby Monitor M2 presentation
ibaby prez apple store china.crop

– Children Baby & Maternity Expo in Shanghai gave a warm welcome to iBaby Labs

– iBaby Monitor M6 was featured on Fox News, Bloomberg Radio, iPhone Life Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine and several blogs.

What a wonderful year it has been! We are looking forward to many more exciting things in 2015. Happy New Year and thank you for supporting iBaby Labs!

iBaby Christmas Photo Contest Winners Announced

Last week we announced Lisa Weeks, Carrie Bary and Laura Wieczorek as our winners of the iBaby Christmas Photo Contest! Three of our newest iBaby Monitors M6 are on the way to their new homes. We are thankful for the families who shared their Christmas photos with us and are looking forward to many more fun contests and giveaways in the coming year. We believe that the best is yet to come and welcome you to follow us on our blog, Twitter or Facebook. Congratulations again to the winners!

Five Gift Ideas for a New Mommy

When babies arrive, they are so adorable and cute that any time you go to visit them, you just want to bring a little gift. A toy, a book or a cute shirt. But what about the mommy? Think about it, women carry babies for nine months, go through labor, breastfeed, take care of the babies… We say they deserve some cute gifts too! But since all women are different, here is your fool-proof gift guide for any new mommy.
For a romantic mommy
For someone who is romantic, get a timeless piece that will remind them about their new special role of a mommy. Personalized gifts are the best for romantic mommies
Gift idea: a necklace/ring/earrings with the baby’s initial.
For a sporty mommy
A sporty mom’s life does not stop when she has a baby! Instead, she explores the ways of how to introduce the baby to fitness since the early age and spend quality time with her while keeping their bodies in the best shape.
Gift idea: a fitness tracker.
For a creative mommy
You will recognize this mommy by creative way she sets up the nursery and beautiful outfits she composes for her newest little model. Her baby will be her muse that inspires her.
Gift idea: a camera.
For a fashionable mommy
If you think back, you will probably remember her wearing kitten heels throughout her pregnancy. She probably never shopped in the maternity stores but came up with the cutest outfits anyway.
Gift idea: not-so-diaper bag
For a multitasking mommy
These mommies do not stop! You are probably admiring how they are able to manage everything plus a new baby. Get them something to make their life easier.
Gift idea: a baby monitor

iBaby Monitor M6: Recent Reviews by Fox News and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

‘If you’re on the hunt for a monitor that will keep you connected, this is a great buy’, says Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine about our latest iBaby Monitor M6.
Fox News supports the idea and recommends the M6 monitor for those who are looking to buy a camera for Christmas. Watch and read full reviews here and here.
iBaby Labs still has free shipping on all products until January 9, 2015 – make sure you get your monitor in time for the holidays!

What Should I Get My Kids for Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again! The time to put your Santa hat on and go Christmas gifts shopping for your kids. Oftentimes, parents and kids disagree on what the best gift is – you might have your eyes set on a beautiful dress for your daughter, but it might not even qualify as a gift to her. This is a classic ‘need’ vs ‘want’ battle. As a parent, you know what gifts they want but you also might want to get them something that will last long, something they will come back to again and again. And you know what? Such things do exist!
Practical gifts
What you think: ‘These shoes will be perfect for spring’.
What kids think: ‘ I don’t care about those shoes. Buy me skates instead’.
Compromise: Pick something that will last your child a long time and that makes him more ‘grown-up’. For example, a watch, a pair of earrings or a bicycle. However, it has to be something that your child wants, and just not something you decide to buy.
Educational gifts
What you think: ‘Chess is a classy choice, right?’
What kids think: ‘I can’t even’.
Compromise: While chess might be hard to learn even for an adult, there are some timeless games that will last for a long time. Such classic choices include Rubik’s cube, card games and board games.
Fun gifts
What you think: ‘Why again you need that slime thing?’
What kids think: ‘Because slime is cool. And I’m just a kid!’
Compromise: You might not understand the reasoning behind why a certain gift that is neither ‘practical’ nor ‘educational’ is necessary but this is what the childhood is all about. The day your child stops asking for dolls and swords is the day you will feel sad your child has grown up.

Ten Things Every Family Should Do During the Winter Break


With only two weeks left before Christmas, it is time to start planning the winter holidays. Do you have any special plans for those days with your family? While some people are looking forward to going to the mall to catch some post-Christmas sales, there is so much more you can besides shopping. Make yourself a list of things to do over the break and cross out the ones you did to see how much fun you can have over the holidays.

Still short for ideas? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Cook together – do you have recipes that you have been saving but you never have the time to try? Holidays is the perfect time to finally get to it. Play out ‘Iron Chef’ for more fun with the family and don’t forget about cute aprons and chef’s hats.

Make a trip – you don’t need to go too far to enjoy a family trip. Even going to a town that is one hour away and staying at a hotel there for one night can turn into a little adventure. Research about local gems before going. If making a trip is a bit of a stretch, go on a hike instead and take some family photos.

Watch ballet – every city should have a Nutcracker performance over the holidays. If your child is over 5 years old, it might be the perfect time to watch a performance and feel some magic.

Read to your child – if you read regularly to your child, make this reading session special by preparing some snacks to be enjoyed with the book. If you have older children, have them read to you. And don’t forget to ask them to do voices.

Do homework together – even if that is something you do on a regular basis, doing homework together on the holidays still can be fun. Ask your child to explain a new concept they are learning at school or make up a fun math problem together.

Make a toy – do you know that you can make a toy out of almost anything? Old gloves, socks, water bottles – anything goes. Look up on Pinterest for some inspiration or come up with your own ideas.

Set up puppet show – head to Ikea for cheap but cute puppets. Then, make a puppet theater from a large box. Invite the whole family for the opening night and remind them there is no late seating after the third bell. A quicker alternative is setting up a hand shadow theater.

Garage sale – holidays is a great time to get rid of all things old. Go through your closet and sell everything you haven’t worn in over a year. Have your kids help you with making the signs and set up.

Make a snowman – if you live in a place where it snows, embrace it! Make a real snowman with a carrot nose together with your child. Give him a name and have your child describe you what kind of snowman he is. If you live in a warm place, make a scarecrow.

Take your child on a date – spend a whole day with your child – just the two of you. Have your child plan all the activities he wants to do. Even if that means having ice-cream for lunch.

What Should I Tell Kids About Santa?

When you were a child, life was easy. December was the best month because of Christmas and Santa who brings gifts. Now, as an adult and parent, Decembers are a bit different. Now you have to take care of Christmas shopping and also decide what to tell kids about Santa.

These days more and more parents are concerned whether making their children believe in Santa is a good idea. Probably everyone remembers the day they realized that the old man in red suit is not real and how bitter the feeling was that parents were lying for so many years. Many people argue that the Santa story corrupts the trust children have in their parents and makes children feel betrayed.

On the other hand, there are many other characters we tell our children about who are equally not real, for example the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. Believing in them is a part of childhood, and it stimulates the imagination. When children learn the truth, it is just the first sign they are growing up. In fact, studies have shown that although children do get upset when they find the truth about Santa, they are not that upset as we imagine. And while we may not realize it, it is tough on parents too because it takes away the magic of Christmas.

The bottom line is that every family should decide for themselves what is best for their children – and there is no right or wrong answer. So do not stress about Santa, follow your gut and enjoy holiday shopping.

What Does Geek Dad Say About iBaby Monitor M6?

Looking to splurge on a baby item this shopping season? Check out this review by Geek Dad to see why he wishes all baby monitors had iBaby’s resolution. Read more here about everything he likes from ‘automatic night vision’ to the ‘talkback feature’.

Holiday Drinks for the Whole Family

Holidays is the time when we feel inexplicable happiness, warmth of home and all believe in a little bit of magic. For most people, the favorite thing to do this time of the year is spending time with their families and friends. To add just a bit more to the holiday warmth and magic, here are some simple drinks for the whole family to sip on next time you sit down to play Monopoly.

  • For babies and designated drivers. There is something special about hot, fragrant tea in winter. There are different sorts to choose from, but we think herbal teas are best for the holiday season. They have no caffeine and are safe to drink at any time of the day. Best winter flavors are chamomile, peppermint, St. John’s wort, and ginger. Even infants can benefit from mild chamomile tea as it relieves colics and helps babies pass gas.
  • For kids and adults who value traditions. If you associate Christmas time with drinking delicious eggnog, you should pass on this tradition to your kids. Stores start selling eggnog as early as in late November, but you can also make a homemade drink. It takes about 15 minutes and there are plenty of recipes online.
  • For your parents and coffee lovers. If you are more of a coffee person, you can enjoy your favorite drink as well. Holidays is a great excuse to treat yourself to all those special flavors you were waiting for the whole year. Pumpkin spice, vanilla, chocolate, Irish cream… you can try a new flavor every day. Alternatively, you can add a splash of your favorite cognac or cream liqueur to your coffee in the evening.
  • For your fashionable grandparents and European friends. Maybe you have a grandmother who reads Vogue or have some European friends over – then mulled wine should definitely be on your drinks list. Simply warm up (do not boil) your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon together with cut apples, oranges, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and cloves. Serve in clear glasses with handles and keep an eye on the gradma.

Creative Ideas for Family Christmas Cards

December is here! The time is flying, and once you have recovered from all the Thanksgiving food and shopping, it is time to think about Christmas. Every family has their own traditions for this holiday, and we think that one of them should be making family Christmas cards. It is a great idea because it lets you see how your family changes over the years – how the kids grow, how your house changes and what hairstyles suit you best.
If you have ‘Christmas card photoshoot’ down on your calendar, you should get prepared for it. Here are some things to keep in mind while getting ready for that day.

  • Location. The location that you choose for the card is one of the most important things to consider. You can go safe with a family room in your house (fireplaces make a great backdrop) or you can go adventurous and do the shoot outside (get some snow in the picture if it snows where you live). If shooting outside, you don’t have to necessarily do it near your house; instead, you can find a cute background in the city that you like. Brick walls, for instance, will help you make timeless photos.
  • Props. Bring some Christmas atmosphere into your photos with some props! The simple ones you can use are tree lights, candy canes (FYI: two canes held together make a heart shape), tree ornaments, candles, Christmas trees… the list goes on and on. You can also type up and print messages on the paper to show changes that happened in your family over the year and then incorporate them into your photos. For example, such prints as ‘got new job’, ‘became a big sister’, or ‘learned to sit down’ will make great memories captured for years.
  • Outfits. We don’t have to tell you about the traditional color palette for Christmas holidays. We think that it does not really matter what you are wearing, as long as all your outfits match in a way to emphasize the family unity. You can go for red and green sweaters one year, plaid shirts next year, and PJs the year after. If you can’t think of a uniting element in clothes, pick an accessory that everyone can have – think a red scarf or Santa hats.
  • Photo composition. From sitting down to standing up or being captured in a jump, there are a lot of options for your photo. Try to alternate composition every year and be creative! If you all lay down in a circle and hold your hands, you will make one cute snowflake.
  • Atmosphere. No matter what your photo shoot is going to be like, the most important thing is setting the right atmosphere. If someone is tired or grumpy, it will show in the picture. To make sure it does not happen, make sure everyone is clean, fed and happy. You can start out your preparation by researching some ideas on Pinterest and sharing them with your family. Have everyone incorporated in the process and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!