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How to Stop Panicking And Set Up Nursery in Three Easy Steps

If you are expecting your first child, you might feel extra responsible for all the decisions you make. In fact, it is not uncommon for moms-to-be to become overwhelmed with the preparation for the baby’s arrival. Today we are helping you to get going with one of the biggest projects in the pregnancy – setting up the nursery.

The easiest way to get started is to hire an interior designer to help you with the process. If you would like to take control in your own hands, follow these three easy steps to the nursery of your dreams:

1. Decide on the color scheme. If you know the gender of the baby, you might prefer to go with the color that’s most often associated with that gender. However, more and more parents choose to go with gender-neutral colors. Such colors, that are usually more neutral, are not as tiring to the eye as brighter colors. Besides, they work better if you think you might have another baby in the next few years that will share the same room with the older sibling.

2. Decide on the furniture. Start with the basics and decide what you will need – a crib, drawers, a changing station and an armchair – are usually on the list. Bear in mind that some furniture will become obsolete or small as the baby grows and will need to be replaced. Take that in consideration when planning out space. The old designer trick is to take measurements of the furniture before buying it and lay it out using old newspapers to see how much space it will take. Think about the color of the furniture that will match your general color scheme.

3. Decide on the accents. Bring in some color and fun to the room with some cute accents. Be careful when choosing the place to put those accents to make they can be properly installed and won’t fall down. For instance, never hang a picture above the crib. Don’t go overboard with toys as you will probably get a lot of them once the baby arrives. Use mirrors to visually increase space and install dimmers to control how much light you need.

What to Expect From Modern Baby Monitors?

Ever since Zenith came up with the very first ‘Radio Nurse’ baby monitor in 1937, the industry never stopped evolving. The early attempts to monitor a child were represented by simple radio devices that allowed a parent to hear what is happening in the nursery. However, those gadgets not only picked up a lot of background noise, but also often switched to transmitting a nearby radio station.

With years of development, baby monitors have improved considerably and added some great features. First, there was a way to respond back to a child (two-way communication). Then, video monitors added a picture to the sound of audio monitors. As of recent, we can enjoy wireless devices that are accessible from your mobile device and can be viewed from virtually anywhere.

If you are looking to buy a video baby monitor, these are the features you can expect to find in modern baby monitors:

  1. High quality video resolution. Combined with fast speed Internet, modern baby monitors should offer high video quality for daytime and night monitoring.
  2. Two-way communication. You should be able to respond to your child from anywhere you are – office, business trip, or walking your dog.
  3. Mobile app access. Since a cell phone is something we cannot imagine ourselves without, it only makes sense that you should be able to access your baby video from your favorite mobile device, such as a phone or tablet.
  4. Ability to adjust the camera from distance. This feature is found in best devices and allows parents to move and tilt the monitor with a simple swipe of a finger on their mobile device.
  5. Ability to play music. Music helps children fall asleep and sets a predictable naptime routine. You should be able to play your child’s favorite songs through a modern baby monitor.
  6. Ability to take photos and videos. Since babies make the cutest models, you should be able to always have a way to capture a moment even if you are far away.
  7. Safety and security. You should rest assured that while using a baby monitor, your child is safe with it and the video feed is only available to the people you know and trust.

If you still haven’t made up your mind on what monitor to purchase, we welcome you to explore iBaby Monitor M6. The most modern baby monitor out there, it includes all the features described above. It also comes with free shipping and a cute gift when ordered from our website.

iBaby Photo Contest Winner’s Success Story

Time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s been almost three months since iBaby Labs had Christmas photo contest where we were giving away three iBaby monitors. Today we are checking in with one of our winners, Lisa Weeks, on her experience with iBaby Monitor M6.

Lisa lives with her boyfriend, their 10-month-old daughter and two dogs in sunny California. The family leads a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle, which includes eating organic, non-GMO foods and choosing cloth diapers for the baby. Lisa is a full-time stay-at-home mom and likes gardening, playing with the baby and doggies, as well as thrifting at local stores and yard sales.
Lisa’s journey with iBaby Labs began when she discovered a giveaway on our Facebook page. Since the rules were to post a Christmas themed family photo, and her niece had just taken one a week before that, she decided to participate. Little did she know that she will be one of the giveaway winners!

When the baby monitor arrived, Lisa and her boyfriend were impressed with its sleek design and its ability to fit any room décor. It didn’t take them long to get used to the monitor and enjoy its help. Usually Lisa uses it to take a sneak peek at her daughter while she is sleeping. That allows her to be able to engage in other activities, such as cooking and gardening with a peaceful mind. She also swears it helps her daughter keep her zen while she is playing by herself – Lisa does not have to come in checking on her and disturb her fun.

Like many parents who use wireless baby monitors, Lisa is also concerned with baby monitors’ security. Luckily for iBaby monitor users, we provide a triple security to avoid such incidents. We also encourage all users to read more here about what steps can be taken to enhance your baby monitor security.

iBaby Labs is happy that it can bring one more family together anytime, anywhere with its wireless baby monitor. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our products, find parenting advice and take part in our giveaways.
Photo credit: Lavay Photography

iBaby Care App Adds User Controls For iBaby Monitor M6

Last week iBaby Labs released an app update that now allows users to control what parts of app are available to other users. For example, you don’t mind your grandma looking at your baby, but you would prefer her not to be able to hear the audio. You can now easily control other users’ rights with just a few clicks on your phone.
Here is how it works. The person who sets up the initial iBaby Care App account is the primary user (‘owner’) of the app and has admin rights to control other users (‘viewers’). After launching the app, the owner needs to go to account settings where he can invite other users to view the baby monitor video. You can then choose what invited users can or cannot do – for instance, turn the monitor, play music, listen to audio.
To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘Invite & View Users’.
  2. Type in the email of the person you want to add. The person needs to have an existing iBaby Care account in order to be added. After that, send the invitation.
  3. Once the invitation is sent out, you can set up the person’s access level by unchecking the boxes. When you are done editing access, click on ‘Confirm Access’.
  4. Once the access authorization is set up, you will receive a notification of a successful set up completion. You can see all current users under ‘Invite & View Users’.


Spending Valentine’s Day as a Family… The Non-Cheesy Way

Chocolate for kids. Roses for the wife. Champagne for the husband. Cards from your local supermarket for all.
We think you can do Valentine’s day better than this. When people argue that Valentine’s Day became a little bit too commercial, they do have a point. But as the song goes, you ‘can’t buy me love’, so get cracking with something more fun this Saturday. Get all your family involved. Even the hamster.
Write a love letter
In the times when people stopped writing almost completely, a hand-written message is a special treat. The words that come from the heart, inside jokes or even a simple poem that you wrote yourself will touch any recipient.
Make your own cards
Anyone can go to the drugstore to pick up some cards. How about getting some construction paper instead and making your own, custom-made valentines? You can even make a whole Valentine’s prep party out of it if you invite your girlfriends or your kids’ friends over to make cards.
Get cooking
There is nothing more fun and involving than cooking together! Choose a dish that has red color to celebrate the day, put your aprons and chef hats on and enjoy the time together in the kitchen.
Decorate the house
Have your kids help you decorate the house. Don’t just bring out all the red and pink candles you have. You can use all valentines you got from the past years to create an atmosphere. Put red collars on your pets.
Do something together
Get out of the house and plan to do something together as a family. Volunteer. Ride bicycles. Take a friend’s dog to the dog park. Go whale watching. Visit a local museum. Do something you’ve never done before to create unforgettable memories.

Choosing Correct Router Settings For Your iBaby Monitor

Every day iBaby Labs’ support team receives several calls that address router connectivity issues. If your router is not set up in the right way, you might not be able to get your baby monitor working. The following three tricks will help you ensure your router connects the monitor to the Internet for proper functioning.
SSID name and password
The most common issue in setting up an iBaby monitor that our customers have is having too long of a network name or using special characters in one. For iBaby monitors, your SSID (network name) and password should be 16 or less alphanumeric symbols. Your SSID and your password cannot contain special symbols, including punctuation marks (such as apostrophe).
SSID broadcast mode
To allow connectivity, your router should be set in broadcast mode. It means that it should be discoverable on any mobile device – when you look at available Wi-Fi networks on your phone, can you see the one you use listed? You can enable SSID broadcast in your router settings.
Router frequency
Nowadays most routers come in two frequency modes – 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. What frequency to choose depends on the type of device you need to connect. For iBaby monitors, choose either 2.4 GHz or mixed mode in your router settings.

How To Protect Your Baby Monitor From Being Hacked Into

If you are a parent who uses a wireless baby monitor, then you most probably have have heard the news stories about someone hacking into a monitor and screaming at a baby. When stories like this show up in the news, it understandably sends parents into a panic mode.

In those stories, the issue is usually due to the monitor in question having a security flaw, or the user not changing the default passwords for the home’s Wi-Fi network or monitor. When the network password has been left to the default login, it is like leaving your front door open.

As an iBaby monitor user, you might be curious how your baby is protected.

First, in order to view the camera, you need to be an authorized user of the app. Otherwise the phone will fail to connect. Coupled with that, we have triple level security – from the app, monitor, and our servers- in place to keep the connection secure.

So what can you do to protect your home? The best offense is a good defense. We recommend taking these four steps to enhance your baby monitor security:

-Make sure to check for and install updates on your router, the app, and monitor as they roll out. Security is the top priority for wireless devices, and released updates often are targeted to enhance security of the devices

-Change the default camera name and select a secure password for the app

-Don’t use the same password for your Wi-Fi that you use for other accounts

-When setting up your Wi-Fi password, remember that it needs to be 16 or less alphanumeric characters to communicate with your iBaby monitor

With proper safety precautions, our wireless baby monitors make parents’ lives easier and capture many fond memories. If you have further questions about the security of iBaby monitors, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care representatives.

In case you are interested in more tips on setting up a secure password for your network or have general questions about our monitors, let us know in the comments below. We will gladly post another blog with tips and tricks for you.


Three Birthday Gifts To Avoid Giving to a Child

If you are going to a child’s birthday, you might be having a hard time deciding what gift you should bring. There are so many choices of toys in the stores – and you have to make sure what you bring is something the child does not have. Your best tactic will be to consult the parents of the child for a recommendation. However, no matter what you decide to get for a little birthday boy or girl, try to avoid giving the following:

Is there anything more adorable than a cuddly kitten or a puppy? Any child would be happy to get a little pet but the truth is that ultimately the care for the pet will be on the parents’ shoulders. Besides, you never know about who in the household might have an allergy for the pet and having to give away the new family member will be very hard for a child. If you want to give an older child something to care for, try giving a small succulent plant or herbs that are easy to grow.

Birthdays have enough sugar as is and the decision whether or not a child can have an extra candy is better left with parents. If you want to bring something edible, get the child some exotic fruits to try. Or order a fruit basket with fruits arranged as a bouquet or a toy.

If you visit your friends with kids often enough, you will know that these days kids usually have a lot of toys. As in too many. In fact, many parents these days encourage their family and friends not to give toys but instead give ‘memories’. Taking a child on a date can be more fun for a child – so take the little one on a hike, to a local park, to the skating rink or movies. Make sure to take photos and laugh a lot!