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Five Ways to Make Monday The Best Day of The Week

Coffee mug by two computers

Mondays and caffeine kinda always go together, don’t they?

The weekend went too fast. Emails piled up. Your hair did not cooperate in the morning. You know it can only be Monday.

Most people call Monday the worst day of the week. After all, you have to get up early, face the dreaded traffic and decide what to wear in the rush of the AM.

However, it does not have to be the worst day. All you have to do is have a positive mental attitude and follow these tricks:

Prepare on Sunday
Mondays cannot be avoided, so be prepared for it the night before. Decide what you are going to wear, have your clothes ironed and your handbag packed. Have your kids pick clothes for themselves. Decide on what your breakfast will be. By preparing in the evening, you are saving yourself precious time in the morning in case you end up staying in bed a bit longer than you planned.

Wear your Monday best
Remember the saying, ‘Fake it, until you can make it’? Even you are feeling blah on Monday, have your clothes say you’re happy and excited. You do not have to buy new clothes, but wear something a little bit dressier than you usually do. Put on something brighter, or different from what you usually wear and get ready for some compliments.

Have a different kind of lunch
If you are guilty of having your lunch at desk, it is time to switch things up. Do not eat at the office cafeteria. Grab a coworker and go to a nearby café and try something new. If you bring lunch from home, go on a short walk and eat your lunch outside. Falling asleep? Head to the gym during the lunch break and have a protein infused smoothie for lunch after it.

Have something fun to do in the evening
Happy hours do not only happen on Wednesdays. Stop at a local bar after work for some appetizers and maybe a sip of wine with a coworker or a friend you didn’t see for a while. Go for a walk with your child. Take your dog to a different dog park. Walk to the nearest produce store and buy a bunch of fresh flowers.

Plan for the coming weekend
The simplest trick to go through a long day is thinking about something fun you’ll do at the end of the week. Plan a weekend getaway with your family or just a hike to the park you’ve never been to. Lacking fresh ideas for the days off? Ask your coworkers what they did over the weekend or what their plans are for the next one.

M6T Is A Hit In Hong Kong! Get One In the U.S. Today

Sales associate with iBaby M6T monitor
Greetings from Hong Kong! Our iBaby Monitor M6T is a hit at SoGo stores. iBaby Monitor M6T is the latest version of M6 armed with humidity and temperature sensors that is exclusive to Babies R Us.

Can’t go to Hong Kong to pick up one? We got you covered! Get one at Babies R Us today. Enjoy free shipping and 20% off store promotion. This monitor ships internationally.

To purchase, go here:

To explore your options of how to repurpose your baby monitor once the baby grows up, read here.

The Biggest Parenting Mistake We All Make and How To Avoid It

Do you think you are a perfect parent? Most probably the answer is ‘no’. In fact, parenting and guilt almost always go hand in hand.
You may feel guilty that you screamed at your child, or that you love her too much, or that you are not spending enough time together, or that you cannot say ‘no’ to that cute little face. In your eyes, you are not perfect.
But guess what, you should not be. When you get stuck thinking how you can improve your parenting style, you miss on those precious moment together that you can’t get back.
Children do not want perfect parents. They want love and understanding. Chances are your child thinks you are better than what you think of yourself.
So next time you want to beat yourself up about another ‘parenting failure’, watch this video and be reminded how much your child loves you for what you are.
What to be an even happier parent? Read this post on why it is necessary to spend time  away from your kids.

Five Tips On Bringing Home Baby #2 That Will Make Your Life Easier

A boy with a newborn sibling in bed

What is your advice on bring home your second child?

‘We are expecting… again!’
You would think that the second time around should be easier, but it is not always the case. Not only you have to give your almost undivided attention to the new bundle of joy, but you also have to make sure your first child does not feel left out.
Luckily, these five tips will help you keep your happiness and sanity as a new parent.

  • Make sure your older baby is well-prepared for the change. Discuss what exactly will be different and ask how she feels about it. Explain why those changes are important for the new baby and praise her for understanding and support.
  • Explain to the older child the concept of child-proofing. She will likely be tempted to ‘show’ and ‘share’ all her toys with the new sibling, including the ones with small parts.
  • Let your older child be creative. Have the sibling pick clothes for the little one, take photos and videos, draw pictures of the family and help tasting baby food. Seek creative part in every task you give to the older child. That will shift focus from ‘baby’ to ‘fun’ and will help the older child feel involved and helpful.
  • Don’t make your older child a parent. While you can expect a certain amount of help from your first child, remember she is still a child. That means she needs playtime, cuddles and your attention too – even if the age gap between the children is significant.
  • Remember, it will not be perfect. No matter how well you prepare for the second baby, something is almost sure to go wrong. Accept that ahead of time and do not waste time beating yourself up. Concentrate on the positive.

3 Ways Your Babies Can Celebrate St Patrick’s Day – With No Major Preparation

Wearing green is the simplest way to be a part of St.Patrick's Day celebration

Wearing green is the simplest way to be a part of St.Patrick’s Day celebration

Beer. Beads. Bright green.

When you are a childfree adult, celebrating St.Patrick’s day boils down to these three. But how exactly can you involve a little one in this fun spring celebration? Let’s take a look at these ways to celebrate the day of all things green without much preparation.

Swap beads for beanies
For babies under a year of age, bring out the swag with a whole lot of green accessories. Think green bibs, green beanies and green headbands. Decorate the stroller and baby crib with plush green toys.

Swap beer for broccoli
If your child’s drink of choice is juice, look for ones that are naturally green. Also, stock up on broccoli, spinach and green beans baby food. If your little one is breastfed exclusively, and you are feeling adventurous, you might want to add a couple of drops of food coloring to the milk – just make sure it is natural and organic.

Swap bright green for … Don’t swap it
With older kids, use this day as an opportunity to notice all things green around you. Play ‘Name Green’ game: ask your kid to name 5 green foods, 5 green animals, 5 green things in the room, etc. Learn the difference between shades of green.

To Buy, Or Not to Buy: Do I Need a Baby Monitor?

If you are a first time parent, or an expecting mom, you may be wondering whether or not you really need a baby monitor. Probably your parents managed just fine without one when you were a baby. However, you must have also heard people saying that a baby monitor completely changed their life as a parent.

It is time to make a decision for yourself.

To help you decide if you need a baby monitor, we compiled a list of advice from seasoned parents.

You DO NOT need a baby monitor, if:
• You have a small house or apartment. If your baby is always close to you, you probably will not miss her crying.
• Your baby is sleeping in a bedside bassinet or you are co-sleeping and your primary reason for having a baby monitor is to be able to observe your baby at night.
• You have someone in the house who is helping you with the baby (your family or a nanny).
• You already have a security system installed that you can use for baby monitoring.
You DO need a baby monitor, if:
• You are switching from a bedside bassinet to a separate crib or you are moving the baby to her own room.
• You are worried about your baby and want to check in on her from time to time without disturbing her and risking waking her up.
• You want to monitor her breathing without being in the same room.
• You have family members who live far away, in a different time zone, or often travel on business. You can simply allow them to log into the app and view the monitor feed at the time that suits them the best.
• You want to keep tabs on the baby while you are running errands during her sleep. With a baby monitor, you can take your dog out for a walk, make yourself a cup of coffee or work in the garden knowing you won’t miss your baby’s cry.
• You want to monitor your older kids playing in another room while you are doing something else.

Modern day baby monitors come with a lot of great features that you might not even be aware of. You should take some time to research what modern monitors offer and decide what functions you are primarily interested in before buying one. You can read more about modern baby monitor features here. If you are worried your baby monitor will become useless once the baby grows up, check out this post on how to use the device with an older baby.
Photos from The Wise Baby

It’s All About That Book, About That Book…

Parents know that reading to the child is beneficial because it helps them develop a comfortable bedtime routine, helps with their language and cognitive development, and provides an opportunity for quality time and cuddles. However, many parents wonder whether there is a certain way to do it. Today we are looking at the essentials of proper book reading to your child.

When should I start reading to my child?
It is never too late. In fact, babies are able to recognize their parents’ voices while they are still in the womb. So you can start reading to your baby in his first weeks of life as soon as you have a more or less established routine.

What books should I read to my child?
At the beginning, it does not really matter. Young babies are not really listening for content, but rather for the rhythm of the language. So you should not feel bad if your baby is listening to you reading about the latest trends in fashion or business news. As the child grows older, she will give you more direction on her favorite stories.

What is the best time to read to my child?
Many parents read around nap time, which helps establish routine. But you don’t have to wait to go to bed to read a book. You can grab a book the next time you go to a park, or a beach or you can read instead of playtime.

Can I just record my voice and play it for the child instead of reading?
Let’s face it, we are all busy people and sometimes you just wish someone read the book instead of you. While you can pre-record a story with your modern smart baby monitor and then re-play it to the baby, you should use that function with caution. Your child should be familiar with the story being played and she should also be familiar and comfortable with the book reading routine.

What is International Women’s Day and How to Celebrate It?



March 8 is the day recognized as International Women’s Day and is celebrated in many countries around the globe. Started as a political event to bring attention to women rights, the holiday today has mostly lost its political flavor. Instead, it is a day to celebrate women’s achievements and equality. In some countries though, it is an national holiday.

Purple is the official color or the day, which symbolizes dignity and justice. United Nations assigns a theme to each celebrated International Women’s Day. This year it is ‘Make It Happen’, which calls for recognition and advancement of women.

How can you celebrate International Women’s Day? Here are a few suggestions of simple things you can do to bring awareness to women’s issues and celebrate women:
• Use #MakeItHappen when posting on social media
• Wear purple
• Change your website/blog/social media pages to purple for a day
• Participate in local charity events or run your own event to raise awareness for gender equality
• At the very least, give a call to the most important women in your life and tell them how much them mean to you.

To learn more about the day and its meaning, check out these resources here and here.