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How To Choose The Best Pet For Your Child

Smiling girl holding a kitten
Are you thinking about getting a pet for your child? While you should think twice before committing to this responsibility, having a pet in the household is beneficial for children.

Studies have shown that when a newborn is brought home that has a pet in it, she is less likely to develop allergies or asthma. Pets also help to distress – something you might enjoy as well. Having a pet is a great way to learn about responsibility. Children who have a dog will spend more time outside and will be more active. Finally, having a pet means having a long-term companion that will be especially appreciated by children that do not have any siblings.

If you decided that you are getting a pet for your child, it might be tough choosing one. The most popular ones are of course, cats and dogs, but let’s take a look at other options as well.

Dog is perfect for kids who are looking for a friend. From all pets, dogs are the ones that develop the strongest bond with people. On the flip side, you should always monitor your child playing with the dog, and teach the child how to be safe around the dog.

Cat is an ideal choice for families with several children, and those kids who don’t mind a pet that will want some alone time. With children under 3 years of age, it is best to get an adult cat and not a kitten.

Hamsters are among the pets that are easiest to care for. They like to sleep during the day, so you won’t feel bad if you leave them alone for the whole day. The hardest part about caring for hamsters, mice, or gerbils is that you will need to commit to cleaning their cage quite often to avoid a strong smell of their waste.

Goldfish is probably the easiest pet to have. They can live in water without any filter or heating system. However, they die easily if overfed.

Among popular pets, parrots have the longest life expectancy, up to 22 years. If you think your child will enjoy a pet who likes sings, whistles and imitates human voice, parrots are for her. Keep in mind that parrots get jealous easily, and can bite a new or unfamiliar person.

Too keep an eye on your new pet and your child, you can use a baby monitor. With our iBaby Monitor M6, you can not only see all the fun in HD quality with great sound, but you can also take video clips and photos. The monitor will also allow a family member who lives out of town to check on your newest addition to the family.

Fall Vegetables That Should Be On Your Table Now

A box full of fall vegetables
The fall is here, and it is a perfect excuse to switch up your regular menu and try more of fall vegetables. They are full of vitamins and nutrients that will help you transition between seasons. We picked five veggies that are easy to cook and we hope they make it to your table right this week!

  1. Pumpkins, of course. They’re full of antioxidants, vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium and zinc. It’s easy to make pumpkin soup, as well as roasted pumpkin, or hummus. And don’t forget that pumpkin seeds make a healthy and delicious snack.
  2. Potatoes and yams. Forget French fries – your potatoes can be way healthier. Try them mashed, add them to your chicken soup instead of pasta, or eat them boiled with with garlic, dill and just a bit of butter. Potatoes and yams are rich in vitamin B6, potassium, and antioxidants.
  3. Kale yeah! Long dubbed as superfood, kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods. Kale keeps the nutrients and tastes best when steamed for 5 minutes. Kale chips are equally easy to make and they might be more ‘fun’ for the kids.
  4. Beets. Not only they taste good, but they have long known to be nature’s cleanse for liver. Kids usually like beets for their bright color. They are great in salads, such as arugula-beet-gorgonzola salad. Russians make famous borscht soup with beets which in fact is not too hard to make.
  5. Eggplants. Who can say no to brain food? That’s exactly what eggplants are. They are easy to grill, fry, and bake. Eggplants go great with garlic and parmesan cheese.

Five Ways To Celebrate The First Day of Fall With Your Kids

September 23rd is the day of autumnal equinox this year and the official first day of fall. We think it’s a great occasion to celebrate the change of seasons with your kids and teach them about life cycle. Here are some simple ideas for this special day:

  1. Talk to your kids about what fall is and why they see changes in weather and nature. Children are curious to learn why leaves change their color, why it gets colder, and why it gets darker earlier in winter time.
  2. Decorate the house using natural objects – pumpkins, cones, acorns, or leaves. Go on a quest with your kids to find those outside. Look up online what fun crafts you can create with those, or simply arrange them nicely on a display at home.
  3. Equinox day is too special not to reflect that in your clothes! Have your kids pick something they have in fall colors. You can also use acorns or small cones to make DIY necklaces.
  4. Of course, bring fall to the table. Pumpkin soup is really easy to make and should a fun activity for kids as well.
  5. Plant something that you will enjoy in late fall or winter: cauliflower, lettuce, radishes, or beets. If you will be planting inside, choose simple plants that will sprout fast, like green onions. This is an excellent way to start a conversation with your child about how things grow.

What Makes iBaby Care App a Gold Award Winner of 2015 Summer Awards

badge-gold-award-winner-2015 (1)
Last week our iBaby Care App was chosen as a Gold Award Winner of 2015 Summer Awards by Best Mobile App Awards. We are absolutely thrilled to be picked in the Best App for Children and Toddlers category with our app.

The Best Mobile App Awards is committed to bringing awareness to the most recent and greatest awards. BMA runs several contests every year to ensure all categories of mobile apps are covered. The winning app is selected by a committee of non-biased industry experts and app developers. The winner is selected on the basis of an app’s design, usability, functionality and overall performance.

iBaby Care is the official companion app developed by iBaby to be used with the intelligent iBaby Monitor M6. Using the iBaby Care App allows you to easily set up your monitor and start monitoring your baby anytime, anywhere in crystal clear HD resolution.

The app allows you to:
• Watch crystal clear HD live video stream whether it’s day or night
• Play soothing music and record bedtime stories for your loved ones so that they will always feel your presence.
• Hear and speak with your loved ones simultaneously
• 360° rotation helps you keep track of your baby’s movement
• Get visual alert notifications on your baby’s status
Besides that you can also:
• Capture HD photos and video clips
• Invite unlimited number of family and friends to join in on the baby watching fun.
• Add additional monitors to extend your care circle to your home, pets, elderly family members, or plants.

iBaby Care App comes free with iBaby Monitor M6 and is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

How To Find The Right Babysitter For Your Child

If you do not have a family member that can help you babysit your children, finding a babysitter that you can trust can be a daunting task.

The first step to do is to narrow down a list of candidates. You can ask your family, friends, or neighbors for recommendations. You can also search online on classifieds websites or specialized caretaker websites for your options. Review the candidates’ education, certifications and get reviews from their clients. After you pick a few that you like, order basic background checks, after which you can move on to the interviewing stage.

Start with phone interviews first. This should bring your list down, after which you can choose the candidates for personal interviews. At this stage you can involve your child as well and see how they will communicate.

When you decide to continue with a certain candidate, ask for references, research their online presence and conduct a more comprehensive background check. Once you get someone hired, you can choose to spend time together with your child and the babysitter to give your child time to adjust.

Even after you hire someone, continue to evaluate your choice. Always ask your child about her day, and get daily reports from the sitter, too. You might want to consider asking a neighbor to keep an eye out or come home earlier than expected to watch the interaction.

Some people choose to keep an eye on what’s going on at home with a ‘nanny camera’. You can use your old baby monitor for that, but you should let the babysitter know you might be checking in virtually. For such purposes, baby monitors – like this one – with the ability to be turned remotely are the best choice.

How To Trim Your Baby’s Nails And Make Her Laugh

When the baby is born, new parents are often afraid of handling the baby. One of the most intimidating parenting duties is definitely trimming the baby’s nails. With baby’s tiny fingers and toes, and wiggles, some parents just allow nails to glow longer. While your baby’s nails are softer than yours, they are still very sharp and can hurt your baby.

Choose a special baby nail clipper that is easy to use and will help you do the job fast and easy. The two best times to cut nails on a young baby are during her sleep, when she is less likely to move, and after bath, when the nails are at its softest. You may also want to enlist help of your partner or family member to distract the baby or gently hold her.

In fact, some babies love getting their nails done! This baby is a perfect example and we cannot get enough laughs!


Help iBaby Care App Win 2015 User Experience Awards

iBaby Labs has submitted an entry for 2015 User Experience Awards with its iBaby Care App, which is the companion app for the award-winning iBaby Monitor M6.

If you are an iBaby Monitor M6 user and enjoy your experience, please take a moment to vote for the app here.

The app removes the necessity to carry a bulky parent unit to monitor a child. Instead, iBaby Care app brings convenience to the user’s fingertips. By allowing unlimited users to view video feed, iBaby Care app truly removes boundaries for families while allowing secure connection and user-friendly interface. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and our app presents that perfectly with its intuitive design and UX.
Thank you for your support!

iBaby Official Statement Regarding iBaby Labs Monitors’ Security

iBaby Labs’ Official Statement Regarding iBaby Labs Monitors’ Security: iBaby-Security-Comment
Amid rumors of security vulnerability for iBaby monitors‘ owners, iBaby Labs’ Vice President Elnaz Sarraf, made an official statement:

“Date: 09/02/15

To All iBaby Current and Future Family:

At iBaby, we strive to make our products deliver the best experience and service to our customers.We are a brand that cares about the safety of parents and their precious babies. Since 2011,we have served over 1000s of customers worldwide, without issues or complaints on security. The safety of our families is something that we take very seriously, and would never compromise under any circumstances. We are truly sorry for the misconception this has caused the public and we assure you that the following preventable measures have been executed to resolve the security issues and ensure the safety of our families:

1)    The data communication between Apps and Cloud API are encrypted by AES and MD5. (Encrypted data communication between Apps, Cloud and Monitor)
2)     Enhanced the access token assignment method. Each access token will be destroyed after request completed.
3)    The Cloud Server can block the hacker. (Cloud Server can block the hacker replaying the data request what it captured.)
4)    The alert file paths are encrypted and random; a serial number cannot be changed to obtain information from files.
5)    HTTPS is enabled for the communication between Apps and Amazon Web Services. (The alert file paths are encrypted and random, hacker will not be able to just change a serial number to get others’ files. Also our monitors are hosted by Amazon Servers, therefore, the security is very high equivalent to military security.)
In addition, we recommend continuous password changes to your Wi-Fi router, not only for baby monitors, but also for any device connected to Wi-Fi. We also strongly suggest you to update your iBaby apps to the latest version to prevent future issues such as performance and server connection.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, which allows us to serve our families better.
With Love and Care,
iBaby Labs, Inc

Elnaz Sarraf

Co-Founder & President

+1 (650) 396-2436″

Save On iBaby Monitor M6 With Our Labor Day Discount

iBaby Labs is bringing a 15% discount for our award-winning iBaby Monitor M6 that retails for $199.95.

iBaby Monitor M6 is one of iBaby’s most popular products. Equipped with high definition camera with night vision function, two-way audio system, and the ability to turn 360° and tilt 110°, this monitor is a true helper for parents. It will send you motion and sound alerts, play lullabies for your baby, and take photos and videos. iBaby Monitor M6 comes with a free companion iBaby Care app that provides full control of the monitor. You can invite unlimited number of users to view your video feed, and will be able to control how much access they have to the monitor.

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