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Last Minute Halloween Preparations For Your Kids

Halloween pumpkins with candles inside on display on a porch
Pumpkin carving, putting together costumes, and getting excited about trick-or-treating… the end of October might be kids’ favorite time of the year. Shhh, don’t tell Santa.
With Halloween just around the corner, are you all set yet with your kids? If you are juggling family, work and kids, here are some last minute things you need to get off your Thanksgiving checklist.
Make sure you have enough treats ready for all the kids who might stop by your place for trick-or-treating. While kids surely do love sweets, we believe you can give them some healthier snacks with equal success. Last year we wrote about healthier trick-or-treat options that kids love.
Are you ready to capture some epic moments? Save the memories with photos and videos taken on Halloween night. Do what you need to do: charge camera batteries, make some space on your phone, or use a video baby monitor to capture the moment. We are using our favorite iBaby Monitor M6 that shoots photo and video in incredible HD quality, even in the dark. With sound and motion alert activated, the monitor will automatically take a series of photos or a short video, if you place it on the porch of your home.
Talk to your kids about being safe on Halloween. That means not only going over ‘stranger danger’, but also about what the kids can and cannot eat. Make it a rule that kids cannot eat until you allow them to do so. When you are back home after the candy hunt, sit down and go over the treats together. Throw aways everything home made, as well as treats that are not individually packaged. When you go trick-or-treating, make sure you wear a reflector or glowing bracelets or necklaces to be more visible to the drivers.
Think about preparing a special meal for your family on Halloween with some spooky dishes. And of course, have your kids involved in the preparation. If you continue to make some dishes every year for Halloween, you will make a great family tradition. We love Halloween recipes ideas found here.
And finally, something that makes Halloween the holiday we all love: the costumes. Try them out some time before the big day to make sure it fits well and kids can move freely. Have your kids practice some scary moves, say character lines, or just make silly faces.

iBaby Video Monitors As Seen On Instagram

With over four years in digital video baby monitor making, iBaby has helped thousands of parents lead a happier life. We love getting feedback from our users on what they love and what we can improve in our nanny cams.

When we look at places where we can find our product reviews, Instagram has to be our favorite. Today we are rounding up some of most fun ones we found online. These are a good illustration on how people use our video monitors – and it’s not just to watch babies.
We adore this view from @Thedandeliondiaries… and those words, too!

iBaby Monitor M6 as seen on Instagram
And this is the exact reason we make baby monitors – to make parents like @Katyannette be able to check on their kids from anywhere:
Baby sleeping in a cot seen through iBaby video monitor
And this one from @Nicolereyherme got us laughing all morning:
Baby is sleeping standing up seen through video baby monitor
And here are the best cases of using iBaby as a pet monitor. A doggy mama @Reneewiest is keeping an eye on her pup while being away:
iBaby monitor used to watch a dog sleeping in a crate
iBaby monitor travels the world and catches these naughty dogs in the act with @Bruna_tau:
iBaby monitor catches dogs sleeping in the owner's bedroom
And of course, there are cats. This one lives in Russia with @Dipeshkova and apparently enjoys babysitting:
iBaby monitor catches a cat in a baby cot with its night vision
And our old friend @Nola_dat_pig uses our baby monitor to keep her mom worry-free. Hands down, the best mini-pig on Instagram!
iBaby monitor night vision captures a sleeping mini pig
If you are using an iBaby monitor, we want to see you! Follow us @iBabyLabs and caption your Instagram snaps with our official #iBabyMonitor to be featured in our next blog post! And if you’d like to win a $25 Amazon gift card by simply following us on Instagram, check this post on what to do.

iBaby Instagram Giveaway: Win An Amazon Gift Card

This Halloween iBaby is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card!

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‘Fall Back’ Time Change: How To Help Your Baby Adjust

Time change: it’s good, right?

Most people agree that changing the clocks in the fall is not so dreadful as in the spring time. Since we are ‘falling back’, we are gaining an extra hour of sleep, right?

If only it was so easy for a baby.
Gaining an hour would actually mean your baby is going to wake up an hour early: think 5 am, instead of 6 am. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help your child reset her internal clock.

How can I help my baby?
First, starting at least a week before the time change (which happens in the U.S. on November 1, 2015), move your baby’s routine by few minutes. Feed her, put her to bed, go for a walk, and move through the day 10 minutes later than you normally do. This should help her switch to the fall time within a week.

Second, help her distinguish day and night time by darkening her room for the night. Blackout curtains are easy to find, and you will be thankful for the impact they can make on your baby.
Finally, once the time change kicks in, take advantage of the benefit it brings – extended daylight time. This will provide you with an opportunity to spend more time outside with your baby, which often helps children sleep better.

Keep an eye on her sleep
Considering the fact that babies sleep 16-20 hours per day, their sleep is too precious to be disturbed. When you want to check on your sleeping baby but do not want to accidentally wake her up, take a peek through a baby monitor, like iBaby Monitor M6T. It will allow you to see and hear what is happening in the baby’s room with clarity, even at night. And until the end of the month, you can save $50 on the monitor when you purchase it through Babies R Us website.

iBaby at ABC Kids Expo: Showcasing Baby Monitors And A New Product

ABC logo
iBaby goes to Las Vegas!
After more than six months of preparation work, iBaby team was happy to find themselves in Las Vegas, at ABC Kids Expo.
ABC Kids Expo entrance
ABC Kids Expo is world-known juvenile products trade show that brings together hundreds of domestic and international manufacturers, buyers, and media persons every October. Preparing for the show is an excellent way to look back and see what has been done, and a chance to showcase your products to the world.

iBaby booth at ABC Kids Expo

iBaby staff is ready to answer all questions

This year, taking part at the show is very special for iBaby as the team brought a new product. Helmet is a home monitor manufactured by iFamCare, a new brand established by iBaby.
iBaby's Vice President Elnaz Sarraf and Technical Supervisor Hao Jing welcoming visitors

iBaby’s Vice President Elnaz Sarraf and Technical Supervisor Hao Jing welcoming visitors

The show runs for four days and if you’re around, you can still catch iBaby at booth 2747. See our amazing products for yourself, play around with products’ features, test the apps, and socialize with the team. We are always happy to meet new people and learn what you want to see in future iBaby products!

Most Common Parenting Mistakes: Top 5

First-time parents’ biggest challenge is about finding balance, and learning what’s right and what’s not. 
Becoming a first-time parent is scary and exciting at the same time. Most people prepare for becoming a parent by reading books, asking their friends, doctors and family members. Yet, somehow, they still make mistakes. Today we are looking at top five most common parenting mistakes that can be avoided.

  1. Struggling with the car seat. Why is that installing a car seat has to be rocket science? Even if you watch YouTube tutorials and google the instructions, installing a car seat will take more time that you expect. Luckily, you can get help with a baby car seat at almost any fire station. Call them in advance (non-emergency number) to see if they are a certified station and stop by to learn firsthand.
  2. Not providing oral care because the baby is toothless. You do not need to wait for your child to have his first tooth out to start caring for her mouth. Wipe her mouth with a damp cloth after each feeding, or offer water after the feeding. Do not allow your baby to fall asleep nursing, and do not give sugary drinks before bedtime. Click here to read more about oral care for your child.
  3. Over-worrying about… everything. You should use common sense when deciding if there is something wrong with your child. If you rely too much on the information you find on the Internet, you can wind yourself up for no reason. Make sure you ask your pediatrician all the questions you have, and listen to your gut.
  4. Neglecting your partner. A baby changes everything and, as a first-time parent, you may feel too tired to do things you used to do before the baby. It is natural to want to give everything to your child, but you should not forget about your parter, either. Make time to spend quality time together, cuddle, talk, and yes, keep up the sex life.
  5. Becoming a hermit. Similar to the mistake above, spending all your time at home doing chores, and cutting off your social connections is not right. Remember, your life does not stop when you have a baby. Even if you didn’t have a chance to wash your hair that day, make an effort and step out of the house. You’ll be surprised to find that so many places are stroller-friendly.

Best Features of iBaby Monitor M6T (And How To Save Money On Buying It)

If you are a parent who wants to know what your baby is doing at any given point of time, a baby monitor is in your baby products arsenal. But there are lots of modern baby monitors out there, so how do you go about choosing one?

Here are the features that you can expect to find in a modern baby monitor:

  • remote control of the monitor from your smartphone or tablet – no carrying a bulky parent unit
  • ability to turn and tilt the monitor – even though stationary monitors with wide angle view are still popular
  • sound, motion, and air quality (temperature and humidity) sensors – that will send you alerts directly to your phone
  • HD video including night vision – with the ability to zoom, and take video clips
  • two-way communication with echo cancellation – so that you could hear your baby and speak to hear
  • ability to have multiple users – you could share access to your monitor with family and friends
  • quick and easy setup process – the count is currently in seconds, not minutes
  • music file library – from your baby’s favorite lullabies to short stories
  • ability to record video clips – and share them with everyone

If you are still looking for a reliable baby monitor that features all of these specs (and more!), look no further. From HD quality video to temperature and humidity sensors, iBaby Monitor M6T has it all. For a complete review of the monitor’s feature, take a look at our website.

We are currently running a couple of promotions on iBaby Monitor M6T that will allow you to save $50 on your purchase (yay)! Check our Facebook page to take advantage of them.

What To Teach Kids During Fire Prevention Week

toy fire truck
This year, October 4 – 10 is fire prevention week. It is a perfect occasion not only to test your fire alarms (which should be done monthly), but also to teach your kids about fire safety.

Did you know, that most fire casualties happen between 11 pm and 7 am? That’s the time when most people are asleep. Which emphasizes the importance of fire alarms. According to National Fire Protection Association, fire alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area, and on every level of your home, including the basement. Remember, ‘hear the beep where you sleep’.

What can you do with your kids? There are a lot of things to learn together. For example, learn about great fires in history, dangers of house fires, sleepover safety, and escape routes. NFPA has a lot of great resources for families and educators, including videos, printouts, and fun exercises.

How To Make Your Morning Routine Easier

Eggs, strawberries, and bread for breakfast
Any parent would agree that somehow time runs faster in the morning. You have to get ready for work, get your kids ready for school, and make sure everyone is clean and not hungry. The good news is that it might be easier than you think. Simply try out these ideas to make mornings stress-free and enjoyable.
Prepare as much as you can in the evening. Not just your outfit, but also have your kids decide what they’re wearing tomorrow. Also, have your kids pack their backpacks in the evening. Set the coffeemaker to make coffee in the morning at a certain time. Make lunches. Brush and braid girls’ hair before bed, too. Decide what to cook for breakfast (5 minute ideas here).
In fact, some parents have their kids prepare their own lunches. Giving your child freedom to take care of herself teaches her responsibility and also minimizes chances of fights with kids that like doing everything themselves. Buy alarm clocks for everyone, and have kids set them up and get up themselves.