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Best Baby Monitor 2015: Year In Review For iBaby

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It is the end of December and time to look back and see what we have accomplished in 2015. 
Year 2015 was a great year for iBaby. Our baby monitors iBaby Monitor M6 and M6T were truly the products of the year.

iBaby Monitor M6 received several awards, that included NAPPA award, Mom’s Choice award, Product of the Year award, Tillywig award, and National Parenting Center award. iBaby Monitor M6T got a finalist nomination in BabyTech Awards by The Bump.

iBaby Care app that works with iBaby Monitor M6 and M6T became Summer 2015 Gold Winner of Best Mobile App Awards.

Our baby monitors were also reviewed numerous times by bloggers, industry experts and media persons. We are thankful for the reviews by Casual Claire, Fox News, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Baby Center, Geek Dad, iPhone Life Magazine, Well Connected Mom, Children’s Technology Review, The Geek Church, and others. You can see the full list of iBaby video baby monitors reviews on our website. iBaby Monitor M6T also made a brief appearance on Good Morning America.

iBaby monitors were named ‘gadgets of the future‘ by Bloomberg Businessweek, and ‘the cutest looking monitor out there‘. We are flattered!
And finally, iBaby Monitor M6T was named Best Video Baby Monitor 2015 in Tom Guide’s review.

We have also continued to educate parents and caregivers through our iBaby blog posts and iBaby social media channels. We revived our @ibabylabs Instagram account and saw a great response from you!

We are now running our iBaby Monitor M6T giveaway (free best baby monitor, anyone?) and it’s not too late to enter it!

What’s new for 2016?
We are going to CES 2016 with some new products that will be launched in 2016. We can’t wait to share the news soon.

We are also planning to launch new services, explore new partnerships, and as always, get better! Tell us, what new features or products would you want us to give you?

Happy New Year from iBaby Labs, everyone! We are thankful for your support in 2015 and wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016!

How To Survive New Year’s Night With A Newborn

New Year’s night is just around the corner and it is bound to be a special one if you have a new baby in the house.

New Year’s night is always a special event in itself, but when you have a new addition to your family, it is going to be even more special! Many new parents stress and worry that they won’t be able to relax on the biggest night of the year. Worry you not, we got you covered with these tips on how to survive the first New Year’s with your newborn.

Get a good rest the night before. There is nothing like feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Take it really easy in the morning, and just enjoy the day, and stop worrying about it being perfect. As you know, it is all about your attitude, so if you set your mind on having a fun, enjoyable day, it sure will be one.

Don’t feel obligated to have baby up at midnight. While you might feel tempted to have the baby stay up and meet the new year together with the family, it is completely fine if the baby is asleep at the time. There will be plenty more chances to ring in the New Year all together in the next years. Check out our suggestions on how to make baby sleep through the night, and keep an eye on your baby remotely with a video baby monitor.

Make it special with outfits that stand out. New Year’s night is made for sparkles, glitters and sequins. Start with yourself, and dress your baby in something special, too. Avoid sequins that can scratch your baby’s tender skin, and opt for shiny metallic fabric instead for girls. For boys, go for soft and festive velvet.

Buy confetti and streamers for the baby. Your baby will love playing with streamers and confetti if you don’t stress about all the mess. It only happens once a year, so let your baby enjoy the experience in full. Make sure you observe the baby while she is playing with her New Year’s toys.

iBaby Monitor M6T Best Video Monitor Giveaway!

iBaby Monitor M6T best video baby monitor with a Christmas tree in the background
How would you like a FREE iBaby Monitor M6T video monitor that was recently named ‘the best video baby monitor 2015‘ by Tom’s Guide?

Happy holidays! iBaby is hosting a giveaway of our latest and greatest baby monitor iBaby Monitor M6T. The giveaway will run on our iBaby Facebook channel from December 24 – January 4, 2016. The winner will be announced on January 6, 2016. US residents only.
What should I do to win a free iBaby Monitor M6T?

You need to write a short essay (100 words) to answer these questions: Why do you want an iBaby Monitor M6T? What features of the monitor do you like and look forward to use? What activities will you be able to do when the baby is sleeping and the monitor is watching the baby?

Please send us your answers in a private message on Facebook. The answer should be at least 100 words or longer. Shorter responses will not be considered. By participating in this giveaway, you are giving iBaby permission to use your responses and your name in future blog posts without any compensation.

iBaby Monitor M6T is the finalist of The Bump Best of BabyTech Awards 2016 and has an array of amazing features to offer, including 360° movement, temperature and humidity sensors, night vision, two-way communication, sound and motion alerts, music player, video and sound recording, and more. You can read more about iBaby Monitor M6T features on our website.

iBaby Gets Best Video Baby Monitor Review By Tom’s Guide

Toms Guide iBaby Monitor M6T best video baby monitor review
iBaby Monitor M6T was named Best Video Baby Monitor 2016 in Tom’s Guide review. Tom’s Guide is a reliable resource that offers unbiased reviews, ratings, tutorials and buyer’s guides on tech gadgets.
Tom’s Guide reviewed five baby monitors and one home monitor to find the best baby monitor among them. The monitors were compared on the basis of their range, display, audio, battery life, features and setup.

The review said, ‘After a month of testing six products, our choice for the best baby monitor is the $199 iBaby Monitor M6T. iBaby’s monitor, which taps into a smartphone to help you check in on your child at night, boasts an impressive array of features, including 360-degree pans and crisp images, even in night mode. This all comes at an attractive price.
The iBaby Monitor M6T ($200) tops other video baby monitors by offering an impressive array of features at a manageable price.
iBaby’s camera offers the sort of capabilities you’d expect — push-to-talk features to soothe a crying child, motion-triggered photo and video capture, and a 720p HD camera — along with features that set it apart from the crowd. The M6T boasts a full-360-degree rotating pan that no other unit could match.
The M6T streams to an app on your smartphone, and we found the Wi-Fi-enabled video streaming to be clear, even in low light. The two-way speaker offered above-average audio in all conditions, and we like how we could play lullabies preinstalled on the iBaby mobile app to lull a child to sleep. What’s more, the mobile app made it easy to capture both pictures and videos, all without any extra fees or subscriptions.’

iBaby Monitor M6T was earlier named the finalist by The Bump in The Best Of BabyTech Awards for 2016. iBaby is currently offering special pricing for holiday for this best baby monitor on our website and authorized retailers.

Three Things About iBaby Monitors Customer Care Wants You To Know

iBaby Monitor M6 with red Christmas garland
Here is everything you wanted to know about iBaby video baby monitors and what makes them the best baby monitors.

iBaby Labs has been manufacturing nanny cameras for over 4 years and over the years our baby monitors have improved a great bit. If you are still looking for an HD wireless baby monitor, here are some things that make iBaby monitors the best baby monitors out there. Our Customer Care team has handpicked a list of three most asked questions about our video baby monitors:

‘What is Sleep Mode and when should I activate it?’
Privacy is iBaby’s top priority. While we allow the monitor’s video feed to be shared with other users, we realize there might be times when you want to make sure no one will log in when you need some privacy with the baby. For instance, you might be breastfeeding or changing the baby. For times like that, we created Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode is available on iBaby Monitor M6 and iBaby Monitor M6T with the latest firmware version of 2.7.10. To turn in on, go to menu > Settings > Sleep Mode. When Sleep Mode is activated, only the account owner is able to access the video feed, and all invited users will just see black screen.

‘Will I get alert notifications if the app is running in the background?’
iBaby digital monitors come with motion and sound sensors, which, when activated, send push notifications to the user’s mobile device. Many parents, especially first time parents, are afraid to miss an alert from the monitor. iBaby has taken care of that! First, all alerts have an adjustable level of sensitivity. It means that you can set your monitor to be more or less sensitive to the motions and sounds, and as a result, send notifications more or less often. We always recommend starting with the highest sensitivity level to see how often notifications come, and then adjusting it to suit your baby. Second, you can most definitely exit the app and make phone calls, send texts or use other apps. When the app is running in the background, it will still send you alert notifications, even if you are talking on the phone.

‘What is Music Player? Can I add my own music to it?’
iBaby wireless digital baby monitors iBaby Monitor M6 and iBaby Monitor M6T come with Music Player. Music Player comes with several pre-loaded music files and short stories that you can play to your child. In fact, it is one of the monitor’s most appreciated functions by parents. The best thing about the Music Player is that you can add your own files by either recording them or adding them from your mobile device. We currently only support files in mp3 form, and up to 5oo MB. To access Music Player, press ‘Play’ from the main video feed screen. You can choose from the files already in the library, or add your own by pressing ‘Add’ in the top right corner.

Video Monitor iBaby Monitor M6 Is On Zulily At Discounted Price

Our award-winning iBaby Monitor M6 has been around for over a year and has stolen hearts of many parents, testers, and industry experts. Today this Wi-Fi based video baby monitor is featured on Zulily’s Sleep Safety event! Now, for a limited time, you can get this best baby monitor for a fraction of the price. You need to place the monitor in the cart to view the price, but we are positive that it won’t disappoint! Make sure to get your nanny cam as you are choosing bedding, baby bed mattress, or a crib for the nursery.

Zulily is an American e-commerce website headquartered in Seattle that offers home products, toys and clothes.

Five Baby Shower Gifts No Mom Will Ever Return

pink toy stroller on the table as a decoration for a babygirl baby shower
If you are invited to a baby shower, most probably there is a baby registry to buy gifts from. But what to bring to a baby shower if you didn’t buy the gifts in time?

When you are going to a baby shower, you should bring a gift for the expecting mom or the baby, even if the family asked for no gifts. Buying a gift card is always a safe choice and will be useful for the future parents. However, we compiled a list of five gift ideas that no mom will be able to return that are a fun alternative to a boring gift card.

  1. Video baby monitor. This gift is usually on the more expensive side, but any parent will love it. Modern nanny cameras are extremely easy to set up and operate. Most of the baby monitors connect to a parent’s mobile device, which means access to the video feed from anywhere, and not just from inside the house.
  2. Books. Well, where do we start on the benefits of reading books to babies? There is no time that is too early for the parents to start reading to their children. Not only reading provides an opportunity for parents and babies to bond, but it also brings an educational value that is hard to overestimate. Reading helps children to learn new words, develop cognition, set up the routine, and also practice their motor skills when they touch the book.
  3. Swaddle blankets. As tempting as it may be, it is not recommended to buy clothes for the baby. First, you might get a wrong size, or a color that the parents might not prefer. Second, kids grow out of clothes too fast to be able to truly enjoy them. Instead, get something that the kids won’t grow out from, such as swaddle blankets. Make sure you get ones made of natural fabrics and in gender neutral colors (parents might reuse them or pass them down to relatives or friends).
  4. Lotions/wipes. Some people think that giving diapers is a safe choice for any expecting parent, but in reality parents are advised to buy diapers in small batches until they learn which ones work best for their child. For this reason, it is a better idea to buy other cosmetic products that will be used by parents: body lotions, baby wipes, or baby powder. Just make sure you pick hypoallergenic and fragrance-free ones that have organic ingredients.
  5. Picture frames. There is never too many baby photos, and every day presents and opportunity for a cool new shot of the baby. Picture frames is something every parent will appreciate and use. Make sure you know what style of frames parents prefer for their interior. Better yet, buy a gift certificate for a professional family photoshoot, or a digital photo frame. Print out articles on how to take the cutest baby photos and what photos to take during baby’s first year.


iBaby Selected Finalist in The Bump Best of BabyTech Awards

The Bump Best of BabyTech Awards logo
We are honored to announce that iBaby Monitor M6T been selected as a finalist in the The Bump Best of BabyTech Awards for 2016. The Bump is a well-recognized expert in everything pregnancy, parenting and childcare.

The finalists of the Award represent the best efforts in the field of fertility, pregnancy and baby technology, and the products will be shown at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Panel of judges as well as consumers can now place a vote for their favorite product online here. The voting period closes on January 6, 2016.

Please help iBaby win by placing your vote for us today and sharing this with your friends! Thank you for your support!

Christmas Gift Ideas for The Child That Has Everything

What to buy for a child who has everything?’. As parents frantically search for Christmas gift ideas, we came up with three simple options for all kids on your list.
Christmas is just around the corner and as the time is slowly but surely creeping in on us, many parents have gone into panic mode over Christmas gifts. Worry you not, we have some ideas that are good even for those kids that have everything.

  1. Give small things

    Many parents feel disappointed when something big that they give to their child is simply forgotten in a few days. In fact, it is not unusual for kids to get tired with toys easily. Instead of giving one big toy, you may choose to give a small ‘treasure box’ instead. Find a tin box, and fill it with small goodies that your child will enjoy. These can be anything from cute erasers, little toys, candies, whistles, jewelry, or tattoos – you will know best what your child likes. 

  2. Gift experiences

    Too many parents complain about the pile of toys their child has. If your child has too many toys, it might be time to donate some before bringing any more new toys to the house. Go over toys that your child does not play with anymore, and together decide what toys they can give to other kids. It’s a great learning experience for your child and an opportunity to declutter for parents. Also, instead of buying toys, choose to gift experiences. Take your child to an ice rink, ballet, hockey game, zoo, or a museum, something that will be memorable for them. Make it a whole day experience and have your child decide on what to eat for lunch, too (which can mean dessert for lunch).

  3.  Offer learning experience

    You can also choose gifts that enrich your child’s world. If you were thinking about getting a pet, Christmas might be a perfect time to get one. Have a conversation with your child about their responsibilities and the challenges of having a pet. Make sure your child understands that it’s not going to be all fun all the time. Books and music instruments are other gifts that provide great learning experiences to children. 


Five Photos You Must Take During Baby’s First Year

Fact: you will take more photos in your baby’s first year than any other year. Don’t miss the opportunity to take these five iconic shots.

What do you need to take great photos of your baby in her first year? A professional camera, a cell phone with a camera, a selfie stick and a baby monitor able to take photos. Depending on the situation, you will utilize all of these tools at some point of time.

We are sure you won’t have a shortage of ideas of how to take photos of your baby. However, here is the list of the pictures you must take in the baby’s first 12 months. She will thank you when she is older, and will truly appreciate going through them.

  1. First hospital shots. Make sure one of the things you pack to the hospital will be a real camera. We can assure you that seeing your baby for the first time will be the most emotional encounter you will ever experience. Best idea? Ask someone – not your partner – to take photos so that you get those precious photos of your partner (probably in tears) with the baby, too.
  2. Baby smiling in her sleep. This is the sweetest thing you will start noticing on your baby in her first weeks at home. Those smiles are associated with REM sleep and will eventually stop as the baby grows older. Due to the disappearing nature of ‘sleeping smiles’, you don’t want to miss a moment to capture one. While you can definitely stay by your baby’s crib waiting to catch a smile, you can also use a video baby monitor to track her sleep and take photos. For instance, iBaby Monitor M6T is capable of 360° horizontal and 110° vertical movement that will help you capture the perfect angle in HD quality.
  3. Milestones, aka ‘baby’s firsts’. The baby learns a lot in her first year, and ‘firsts’ happens only, well, once! Besides baby’s first time holding her head, sitting, crawling, or taking her first steps, think of other first experiences that your child will have. For instance, the first time she eats solid food, her first haircut, her first time petting a dog or a cat, or first time going to a doctor. Use a selfie stick to include yourself (and your emotions) in these iconic photos.
  4. Month-by-month photos. Every month, celebrate your baby’s ‘birthday’ by taking a photo of her laying down. Add a date indication to the photo with letter cubes. You can create a separate theme for each photo, or stick to the same element. For example, you can take this photo with the same soft toy each month, and at the end of the year you will see how much your baby has grown. Once you have all twelve photos on hand, it’s time to create a collage!
  5. All family photo. When you feel comfortable, take the whole family photo. Ask all family members to dress up – the photo will look more coordinated if you decide on a dress code – and invite a professional photographer. Try a variety of inside and outside photos for different look. Ask the photographer to take a few candid shots, even if the baby is crying – in fact, you might find yourself liking candids more than the staged photos.