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Five Lifestyle Changes Every Woman Must Make When Pregnant

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You are now one with your baby. It is time to take care of your child with these five lifestyle changes.

Finding out you are pregnant and carrying a new life is one of the most magical things that could happen to a woman. If you were planning this pregnancy in advance, you might have been taking prenatal vitamins and have been leading a healthier lifestyle. And if not, here are the five things you should do as soon as possible.

Eat well
Eating well certainly does not mean ‘eating for two’, as people used to think. Choose wisely what you eat, and give preference to organic, non-processed food. Do not forget about supplements.

Exercise moderately
Pregnancy is not the reason to stop working out, if you are doing it regularly. However, especially in the first trimester, it is important to exercise caution. Talk to your personal trainer to see if you need to adjust your gym routine.

Know what’s around you
Many household items contain harmful chemicals that we usually do not think about on a daily basis. Detergents, cleaning supplies, perfumes, make-up, shampoos… all of these might need a revision after you get pregnant. Read the labels and learn what is safe to use, and what is not.

Get out of the house
Don’t spend all of your free time at home! It is good to get some fresh oxygen for your blood. Going for walks will give you more energy, and will improve your muscle tone.

Maintain positive attitude
You might be worried that what you eat or do will largely impact your baby’s health. It is important to maintain positive attitude during pregnancy, and remember that about 95% of babies are born healthy. Do your part by being a responsible mother, but do not beat yourself up if you have an extra cup of coffee once in a while.

Three Reasons Why Every Parent Should Sing To Their Kids

When you become a parent, you will naturally want to sing to your baby. And you will be surprised to learn about the benefits of singing.

It is a fact that babies learn to recognize the parents’ voices long before they learn to recognize their faces. Hearing the parents’ voices creates is a familiar, safe situation for children. For instance, even hearing pre-recorded lullabies on your video baby monitor, such as iBaby Monitor M6T, helps calm the baby down

Earlier, we covered why babies love lullabies, but let’s take a look at three most common benefits of singing to your children:

  • Singing has a calming effect on babies. 

Singing lullabies helps create a familiar environment for children, where they feel same and begin to relax automatically. That is why singing is always recommended when you’re trying to make your child sleep. Also, if you stick to the same songs, babies will start creating their own routines, and sleep better.

  • Singing offers positive cognitive effects. 

Have you ever noticed that all kids like singing and do want to sing? That is because it helps children learn, develop memory, and make social connections, even at a young age. Babies will want to imitate you singing lullabies to them. And when you sing together, it also strengthens your bond with the baby.

  • Singing helps better emotional management.

Hearing music and singing offers a unique way to express emotions, even at times when they cannot be otherwise communicated. For instance, if a child is feeling sad, she might start singing a sad song to manage those feelings. You can also teach your child songs that help your child learn about different feelings and suit various situations.

Sound Issues With iBaby Monitor M6/M6T You Can Fix Yourself

Video baby monitors are complex gadgets with many systems working interdependently. Today we are looking at some common sound issues with iBaby Monitor M6/M6T and how to fix them without calling Customer Service.

If you are having issues with the sound on your iBaby Monitor M6 or iBaby Monitor M6T, often you can resolve the issue yourself. Today we are reviewing the most common issues that customers call in with the sound system:

  • When I speak to my baby from the app, the sound from the monitor’s speaker is too low.

Imagine this, you are trying to talk to your baby through the app, but the sound is too low, even when you adjust the volume. There is a quick fix to this. Open Media Player, and play any song. While the song is being played, turn up the volume. This will reset the speaker volume. Wait 10 second, and click ‘Speak’. The volume should be normal now.

  • I hear static sound or background noise from the monitor.

Static sound can appear for two reasons: either there is a network connectivity issue when the Wi-Fi signal is too low, or there is interference from other devices, such as TV, radio, etc. The issue will usually disappear if you reset the video monitor. To do that, delete the camera from the app, reset the monitor and add the camera again. Remember to do this as close to the router as you can, even if you are going to move the monitor to another room.

  • I hear echo from the monitor when the speaker is on.

The echoing sound appears when the baby monitor is in close proximity to the functioning iBaby Care app – your smartphone or tablet, essentially. When you place the mobile device further away from the monitor, the echo will disappear. The issue can also appear if you press the ‘Listen’ and ‘Speak’ buttons at the same time, so avoid pressing those simultaneously.

Random Act of Kindness Day: How To Raise A Kind Child

Father walking with his toddler son on a beach
It is Random Act of Kindness Day today. How can you raise your kids to ensure they are kind to others?

You must have heard that a child’s personality is formed by the age of seven. Some research suggests even earlier age – at five or even three years old. The point is that you only have a few years to impact instill good qualities in your children. If you want then to grow up as caring, responsible, and kind adults, it is important to set a good example.

On this Random Act of Kindness Day let’s look at what it takes a parent to raise a kind child:

  • Lead with your own example. While many parents prioritize their children’s happiness and achievements over everything else, do not forget to teach kids how to balance their own needs with the needs of other people. Make it a priority for yourself to be caring for others and lead with a good example. Help your kids to practice being kind, grateful and respectful with other people. Make gratitude a daily ritual.
  • Teach children to manage negative feelings. Often negative feelings, such as envy, jealousy, or anger, stand in the way of practicing kindness and caring behavior. Help your child to learn how to manage negative feelings by teaching them how to calm down when they can express their feelings in a calm way. A simple technique is to practice deep breathing for a count of five and then reacting. This will help your children to deal with their feelings and emotions in a productive way.
  • Go easy on rewarding acts of kindness. You do not need to reward everyday kindness, such as helping about the house, or helping with siblings – such help should be expected. This helps children to develop caring as a part of their identities. However, do make it a point to recognize and praise acts of kindness at times when kids go out of their way to help others.


How To Plan A Date When You Have Kids

When you have kids, you definitely have more things on your plate. However, it’s not a reason to forget about your partner.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to keep dating your partner even if you’ve been together for a while. Most parents have two obstacles when planning nights away from kids: trouble finding a babysitter or feeling too tired to go out. Let’s see what you will need to plan a simple date night when you have kids.

  • Find a babysitter. It might be not easy to find someone you can trust. We covered earlier how to find a babysitter for your child if you don’t have parents or relatives who can look over your little ones when you go out.
  • Invest in a baby monitor. Modern day baby monitors, like iBaby Monitor M6T,  work on Wi-Fi, which means you can always access the video feed from your smart phone. With a video baby monitor you can always quickly check on the baby without calling the babysitter. iBaby Monitor M6T also sends sound and motion alerts, so you sure won’t miss a thing.
  • Devote all your time to your partner. This means not using cell phones (keep one on in case of emergency), holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. Tell your partner why you are thankful for them and enjoy the time together.
  • Dress up, if you can. While it might be tempting to go just in your sweats, time some time to get ready for the date. It shows your partner that you want to be your best for them (and yourself, too!).
  • Surprise your partner from time to time. If you’re doing the same routine of going to a restaurant for your date nights, do something different. Pick a new place, or try a different activity. Bring a little present or a card for your partner – just because you love them.


Valentine’s Day Date Ideas With Kids That Everybody Will Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Sometimes the best gift is the time spent together. Here’s how to plan a date with your child.
The time spent together when you create memories with your child is the best gift you can give to your child. Here are five ideas that your child and you will both love.

  1. Visit an interesting place. Check out a museum you’ve never been to, pay a visit to a local fire station or a bookstore. If your child is into animals (who isn’t?), visit an animal farm or check out a pet store.
  2. Enjoy the food. It doesn’t get any more classic than this: cooking or cake decorating class together, cooking breakfast at home, or going to a restaurant of your child’s choice.
  3. Get outside. Sometimes you just have to get out for some fresh air: ideas for what to do outside are abundant. From going on a picnic, hiking, drawing with a chalk on a sidewalk, or riding bikes, anything done outside is always fun.
  4. Attend an event. Take your child somewhere she’s never been before: movies, ballet, sporting event, play, or a laughing yoga class.
  5. Have a home date. If you’re not feeling like leaving the house, you can have fun time at home. Play board games, read a book, watch a movie, or build a fort.

iBaby Monitor M6 Is Discounted On Zulily

We have partnered with Zulily to offer a great discount on our award-winning iBaby Monitor M6.
For three days only, iBaby Monitor M6 is going for $169.99 on Zulily! Don’t miss a chance to purchase this amazing video baby monitor at this incredible price.

Here are some features of this video baby monitor that you are going to love:

Worry-Free Installation
Going through pages of a manual is a thing of the past. iBaby Monitor M6 is the only baby monitor that automatically installs itself for you. Just download iBaby Care App, connect the cables, and you’re done.

High Definition Monitoring 24/7
Your baby is the apple of your eye. That’s why you deserve to see her in the best quality possible. iBaby Monitor M6 is equipped with a 720p HD camera that lets you watch over your baby in the most vivid details day or night. You can also snap HD photos and record HD videos of your little one at a touch of your finger.

Music To Her Ears
Your baby loves to hear your voice, and now you can comfort her even when you are away. With the iBaby Voice Recorder you can record your voiceover of your baby’s favorite bedtime stories. You can also play the music stored in your phone’s media library.

Visual Alert Notifications
Say ‘cheese’! iBaby Monitor M6 automatically takes a series of photos and a short video clip when it senses motion or sound. Now you won’t miss what is happening in the nursery.

Five Must-Have Baby Gadgets Every Parent Needs

Baby girl's nursery in pink tones with toys in the crib and on the chair
Baby industry today offers so many products that it’s easy to get lost when you’re expecting a baby. We’re breaking it down to several baby gadgets that every family must have.

No matter if you are registering for your baby shower or just found out that you are pregnant, you will have to make several choices as to what gadgets you need for your baby. In the sea of products that are supposed to make your and your baby’s life easier, how do you choose what you really need? We are breaking it down to five essentials every parent needs.

  • Thermometer

As a new parent, you will have a natural fear for your baby’s well-being. Whether or not your baby is having a fever will be the question you will ask yourself often. Baby thermometers come in many forms – from app-enabled ones to those built inside a pacifier – parents have many choices to suit their needs.

  • Baby monitor

Modern day nanny cams offer much more functionality than just monitoring the baby. For instance, iBaby Monitor M6T has a temperature and humidity sensor, music player, and, of course, night vision. This long list of features allows parents to eliminate additional gadgets, such as white noise machines, or room temperature thermometers.

  • Breast milk pump

Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers had to manually pump breast milk. Choosing an electric breast pump over a manual one will help you save time and allow you to do other things while pumping. You can choose to either work or simply relax while the pump is doing its job.

  • Humidifier

It is recommended to keep humidity at about 55% in your baby’s room. This will naturally change depending on the season and the climate in your area, with air getting drier in winter. Dry air can irritate baby’s skin, nose and lungs. When setting up a humidifier, remember to fill it with bottled water rather than tap water, and place it out of baby’s reach.

  • Vibrating chair/pad

It’s a fact, babies like everything vibrating. Nowadays parents can choose from a variety of vibrating seats, bassinets, and pads to keep their babies calm. Remember to keep the bouncing chair on the ground and never on a raised surface. Always secure your baby with a strap.