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Mother’s Day Baby Gift Ideas That Every Mom Will Appreciate

mothers day baby gift ideas
Our favorite day of the year is almost here! If you know a mom who has a baby, we have Mother’s Day baby gift ideas that will make any mom happy.

When a woman becomes a mom, all of her life changes, especially if that is her first child. New mothers feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility, an overpowering love, a little bit of fear, and some tiredness. If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day baby gift, look no further.

Mother’s Day baby gift ideas: 1. Video baby monitor

Looking for an affordable Mother’s Day gift that will be used for years and will be really helpful and is easy to use? A video baby monitor, such as iBaby Monitor M6T, might be something you are looking for. The monitor is quick to set up, has a user friendly interface, and thousands of mothers swear by it. With a video baby monitor, you can get that peace of mind knowing that your baby is fine in her room. Sound and motion sensors will alert the parents if something changes.
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Mother’s Day baby gift ideas: 2. Time off

Being a mom can be tiring. Do you know what is the most common wish a new mom has? It is to be able to take a nice shower. Why not make that wish a bit more fancy? Get her a spa certificate, a time out with her girlfriends, or a gym pass. Better yet? Plan a date night where you don’t have to worry about diapers, feedings, or packing a baby bag. Spending time together without a baby contributes to a better relationship between the parents. We covered it here how to have a date when you have kids.

Mother’s Day baby gift ideas: 3. Personalized touch

Got it all? Get her a Mother’s Day baby gift she will never forget by making it personal. You can get something special she was only dreaming of, such as an expensive handbag, a luxury watch or jewelry. Customize your choices with a monogram, or an engraving to make it personal.

Three Features All Top Baby Video Monitors Have

It may be surprising, but all top baby video monitors have these three features in common. Make sure you choose a monitor that has all of them, and more.

Three Features of Top Baby Video Monitors 

  • Outstanding video quality

If you are making a choice of a video baby monitor rather than an audio monitor, make sure you get one with a great video quality. We recommend picking the monitor with high definition resolution – that includes 720p and 1080p. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image is. The baby camera should also have night vision with LED lights that will not disturb the baby at night, but clear enough for the parents to see the details. Of course, if you are aiming for one of top baby video monitors, they will also have a two-way audio system with echo cancellation to support the video.

  • 360° view

Long gone are the days when parents had to manually adjust the view of the baby monitor. Nowadays, modern nanny cams are usually fully controllable from their parent units, or, better yet, through a companion app developed for the monitor. Parents appreciate being able to adjust the view without going to the baby’s room – it is especially valuable when you want to check on the baby but do not want to risk waking her up. Choose a monitor that offers both vertical and horizontal movement, as well as zooming function.

  • Intricate alert system

Baby video monitors essentially function as parents’ eyes and ears when they are not present in the nursery. When choosing a video monitor, go for the one that has both sound and motion sensors. That way, you will be alerted should your baby start crying or moving. We also recommend monitors that allow you to review the alerts received by logging them down with either a series of photos or a short video clip. Having a choice of either photo or video is essential for many parents.

If you are still looking for an advanced baby monitor with many useful features but easy setup and user-friendly interface, take a look at iBaby Monitor M6T. It comes with 720p HD video, night vision, zoom, 360° horizontal and 110° vertical movement, as well as sound and motion alerts logged in in photo or video format.

Secrets To Using Baby Safety Monitors For Multiple Kids

Baby Safety Monitors For Multiple Kids

Many parents find using baby safety monitors very beneficial to their parenting experience. But did you know it’s even better once you have multiple kids? We learned that parents appreciate different features of our baby monitors based on their children’s age. In fact, your video baby monitor is a powerful tool you can enjoy every day. Today we are sharing three secrets of  successful uses of nanny cams for families with several kids in the household.

Secret 1: Try all available features
We try to pack our baby monitors with a number of useful features. The features that most parents appreciate during the baby’s first year are usually night vision, sound and motion alerts, and photo and video recording. You don’t want to lose a precious moment when your little one is new to this world. But when your child grows a little older and starts moving around more, the 360°/110° movement becomes a more valuable one. Many parents also mention the ability to easily move the monitor directly from their phone at a touch of a finger as something that makes their user experience special and simple.

Secret 2: Involve all of your kids
Children love technology! As your older child grows up, she will sure be soon able to understand that she can see her sibling on your phone, so involve her! Your older child will definitely like the two-way audio and taking pictures. You can also have some worry-free time as you are running around the house, while the Wi-Fi baby monitor is keeping an eye on your kids. Watch them interact from another room when it is safe to leave them together alone and talk to them without leaving the room.

Secret 3: More photos and videos every day
Do not miss out on making a new photo of your kids every day. We recommend snapping one regularly – once a week, or once a month – and later combining them into a collage to track your baby’s growth. What can be better than this? Well, maybe making a video. Set your alerts to be recorded as a short video clip instead of a photo, and later go through the videos recorded. Sure, some of them might be the crying ones, but as your baby grows, you will see more and more interesting ones that record your child’s growth.
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Baby Monitor With Video: Alternative Uses You Can Try

When you buy a baby monitor with video, you are probably planning to use it for your baby. However, a baby monitor with video has more uses than you think. For instance, iBaby Monitor M6T has a combination of many useful features that will allow its owner to easily switch the monitor’s purpose.
baby monitor with video for babies: a little child in the crib

Baby Monitor With Video: Baby Monitor

The highly desired features of a video baby monitor include high video resolution, two-way audio system, ability to control the monitor’s movements without going to the baby’s room, and timely alerts. iBaby Monitor M6T offers all of the above and even more. A lot of parents and babies love the monitor’s Music Player that allows to play the lullabies and bedtime stories for your child at a quick tap of a finger. Besides that, there is also a temperature and humidity sensor if you want to check on the baby’s room.

baby monitor with video for pets: two dogs sleeping on the bed

Baby Monitor With Video: Pet Monitor

Another common use for a baby monitor with video is using it for your pets. Simply move the monitor to the room where your pet is kept when you leave the house. The monitor’s high resolution with night vision, zoom, and 360° view will let you follow your pet anywhere she goes.

baby monitor with video for home: a slightly messy living room

Baby Monitor With Video: Home Monitor

If you don’t have a pet, you can use your baby monitor to watch your home when you leave. iBaby Monitor M6T has sound and motion sensors with adjustable sensitivity, so you will always know what’s happening at home.