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How To Install Your iBaby Monitor M6S On iOS

iBaby Monitor M6S installation is easy and fast. Most probably you won’t even need to read the manual. iBaby Care app will walk you through the process.

iBaby Monitor M6S Installation

Our newest iBaby Monitor M6S is now available for purchase, and will start shipping in June 2016. In the meanwhile, our team has created a video to demonstrate how to set up iBaby Monitor M6S on your iOS smartphone. Watch the video and see with your own eyes how easy it is to install your baby monitor in only 60 seconds, or less.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Before you get started, make sure that your smart device is connected to Wi-Fi. iBaby Monitor M6S supports both 2.4 and 5GHz router frequencies, so you don’t need to worry about router compatibility. From the App Store, download the iBaby Care app to your mobile device.
Next, connect the power adapter to the back of your M6S. Launch the app and create an account using your email address. Connect the monitor and your mobile device with the USB cable.

When prompted, select ‘allow’ to share your Wi-Fi settings. Your monitor will complete installation within 60 seconds or less.

Finally, unplug the USB cable and enjoy your iBaby Monitor M6S!

Three Features Of iBaby Monitor M6S You Will Love

Our very new iBaby Monitor M6S just launched on our website last week for pre-order. Learn about three new features it offers, and how they may benefit you.

Three New Features of iBaby Monitor M6S

Our newest baby monitor iBaby Monitor M6S boasts three new features as compared to the previous models of iBaby baby monitors.

1080p video

The first feature is 1080p HD video resolution. This is the highest video resolution currently available in the baby monitoring industry. It means that you will be able to see your baby in the sharpest detail possible! Combine this with night vision and 360° view, and you know you will be able to see everything in your baby’s room at all times.

2.4 GHz / 5 GHz

The second feature is dual band router support. iBaby is one of the few manufacturers that will now support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. You no longer need to worry about your router compatibility. This also means faster speeds, less interference from other devices and fewer disconnects.

Air quality sensor

And finally, one more new feature – iBaby Monitor M6S has an air quality sensor. You will now be able to see the air quality, as well as temperature and humidity in the room where the monitor is. Moreover, the monitor will also give you suggestions and tips to improve your lifestyle!
Learn more about iBaby Monitor M6S on our website and pre-order yours now!

Android Wi-Fi Baby Monitor That You Have To Try

Did you know that all iBaby monitors are Android compatible? Pick out the Android Wi-Fi baby monitor that suits your needs from the variety we offer.

Android W-Fi baby monitor from iBaby

If you are looking for an Android compatible video baby monitor, we have three reasons you should check out the ones from iBaby:

  • Experience you can trust

iBaby has been around for over 5 years and all of the monitors support both iOS and Android platforms. We currently offer 3 baby monitor apps: iBaby Care, iBaby View and iBaby Monitor BM, all optimized for the best user experience using an Android smartphone. With fast setup for all products, our video baby monitors are truly appreciated by all users.

  • Options, options

We currently offer four different Android Wi-Fi baby monitors on our website that can suit various needs, technical capabilities, and price points. All monitors combine unique design, a variety of smart and useful features, as well as ease of use. We are also going to add a brand new video baby monitor to the product line very soon.

  • Generous discount

Take advantage of the generous discount we’re offering now. Until May 22nd only, we have 15% off any Android Wi-Fi baby monitor with code GIFT4MOM. We also have free shipping for all orders over $100, and we pack a fun gift into every box that ships.

Best Mother’s Day Gift A Mother Can Have Is Right Here

Mother’s Day is this weekend. Are you still looking for the best Mother’s Day gift? Learn why iBaby Monitor M6T is the best Mother’s Day gift. Ever.

Three reasons why iBaby Monitor M6T is the best Mother’s Day gift

If you are looking for a gift for a mom that has a baby, we think iBaby Monitor M6T is the best thing you can get. Here are the reasons we believe in that:

Useful features

iBaby Monitor M6T has a handful of useful features every parent will appreciate. First of all, it takes less than a minute to install the monitor. Basically, you can enjoy one straight from the box. Second, the monitor gets connected directly to your smartphone (iOS or Android), which means you will have access to the video at all times. Third, the monitor offers high definition video with 360° view, two-way audio, and echo cancellation. The monitor also has sound and motion sensors that will immediately send smart alerts to your mobile device if the baby cries or starts moving around. Finally, the monitor has temperature and humidity sensor, music library with lullabies, photo and video recording, and the ability to invite unlimited number of users to view the video.

Awards and nominations

iBaby Monitor M6T has a number of prestigious awards and nominations that you can trust. For instance, this video baby monitor was named ‘Best Video Baby Monitor 2016‘ by Tom’s Guide – a well known online resource for tech gadgets It was also recently nominated by The Bump as a finalist in BabyTech Awards.

15% Discount

One final reason why iBaby Monitor M6T the best Mother’s Day gift? For Mother’s Day we are offering a limited time 15% discount for ALL of our video baby monitors. To claim the offer, type coupon GIFT4MOM at the checkout. Hurry up, the deal expires on May 22nd, 2016. (Timez marketing