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iBaby Air is Now live on Indiegogo

We are excited to announce that our new product, iBaby Air, is live on Indiegogo! iBaby Air is a smart Wi-Fi air quality monitor and the world’s smallest air purifier that is surprisingly powerful. iBaby Air detects dangerous VOCs, alerts the user of changes in air quality and sends suggestions and tips on how to improve the air quality.

This makes iBaby’s second Indiegogo campaign, the first being iFamCare’s Helmet. We were able to successfully raise over 300% of our desired goal with Helmet last year, helping us to go through the mass production phase and distribute to many stores around the nation.

iBaby Air packs many useful features: air quality monitor, ion air purifier, audio speakers, RGB LED light, temperature and humidity sensor with data, smart alerts, air hints and tips, and more, all operated by our free iOS and Android iBaby Care app.

Take a look at our Indiegogo campaign and our amazing perks. We are offering iBaby Air for as low as $79. Your support means we can push iBaby Air into mass production and deliver it to early supporters on time. We are offering three beautiful, modern colors for our supporters to choose from.

Things to Look for in a Wireless Baby Video Monitor

Sleep deprivation is considered to be a common case for newborn parents. The ability to visually check on your little one with the use of a video baby monitor is definitely of great edge, and therefore providing relief from anxiety in most cases.

To get the best out of a video baby monitor you will need to consider three things:

  1. Coverage:

One thing to consider while shopping for a video baby monitor is how much view coverage it provides. You will need something you are able to move remotely to get the best results.

  1. Clarity:

Another thing you should consider is clarity. What is the purpose of getting a video baby monitor that will not provide crisp video resolution? You need a monitor that will show your beautiful little one in the sharpest view. The current highest video resolution available in the market is 1080p HD.

  1. Sound quality:

Finally, if you have a video feed from your monitor, it does not complete the package if the monitor does not have high-quality speakers and microphone. You should be able to hear your baby and talk back to her.

We suggest our iBaby Monitor M6S. It offers all the above features and much more, like humidity, temperature, and air quality sensors.

Five New Father Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day has to be most special when it is your very first one. We scouted five new father gift ideas that are easy to implement. He will love these!
Here are our favorite new father gift ideas:
newborn baby photoshoot
Babies grow up fast! Keep the memories forever with a professional father-child and family photoshoot. To make the most elegant of the photos, go for timeless black-and-white pictures. Once you have the photos ready, print some in large format to decorate your house.
iBaby Monitor M6S in the nursery
Video baby monitor
While parenthood may be overwhelming, there are gadgets made to help new parents. A digital video baby monitor is one of those. Pick a monitor with simple installation, high definition video, two-way audio, sound and motion alerts, and air quality (including temperature and humidity) sensor, such as iBaby Monitor M6S. And also, we offer 15% off iBaby monitors for Father’s Day (iBaby Monitor M6S excluded).
sporting event tickets are a great gift for father's day
Sporting event tickets
If your man is a huge sports fan, get him the tickets he wanted. To make the event more special, get him a new jersey. Consider making it a baby-father outing by including the new baby and dressing her in a jersey or hat, too. If one-on-one time with the baby is too much, let the father have fun and enjoy the game.
baby books from the father's childhood will have the father bond with the baby
Special baby book
How about a timeless gift with a special meaning for a father? Find out what the father’s favorite childhood book was and buy one for him. He sure will have great time reading it for your child before bedtime. In fact, you may also find him reading it to himself one day.
baby carrier helps dads and babies grow closer
Baby carrier
Help your baby’s father spend more time together with the child by buying him a baby carrier. Baby carriers are not only extremely convenient to use since they free up your hands, but they also help bonding with the child. Babies carried by parents are said to cry less, grow smarter and happier.

iBaby Monitor M6S Wins Top Choice Award 2016

baby maternity awards
iBaby Monitor M6S won Top Choice Award from Baby Maternity Magazine. Winning Top Choice Award means an excellent product and dedication to the industry.

Top Choice Award 2016

Baby Maternity Awards is a program administered by Baby Maternity Magazine. This year it has seen 230 products submitted from 140 companies.

“The awards program has a mission to honor the very best in prenatal, maternity, baby and juvenile entertainment products. Winning a Baby Maternity Award illustrates the manufacturers’ dedication to their industry and serves as a testament to great production.”

Products are reviewed by a large group of testers that include pregnant women, new mothers, and caregiver professionals to determine the product’s value. Each product receives multiple thorough reviews. The testers are trained to look for distinction and judge the products against high standards. Based on the received reviews, certain products are then advanced into the Top Choice Award finalist category. Being selected as the Top Choice Award 2016 winner is a great honor to iBaby.

About iBaby Monitor M6S

iBaby Monitor M6S is iBaby’s latest video baby monitor that is controlled from your iOS or Android mobile device. It offers the exceptional video quality with 1080p camera, night vision, and 360° view. This wireless video baby monitor allows parents to not only hear the baby, but also talk to her with the monitor’s two-way audio and echo cancellation.
iBaby Monitor M6S stands out with its fast installation process, user-friendly app interface, support for both 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz routers, and an air quality sensor. You can also share video feed access with unlimited number of users, while controlling the privacy. This baby monitor with video also plays lullabies and short stories at a touch of a finger.
Learn more about iBaby Monitor M6S and order yours today!