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A Dad Appreciation Post for the World’s Greatest Dad

Dads come in all shapes and sizes. Your Dad is the person who makes you feel safe and is always around to lend a helping hand. He is your support system and your shoulder to lean on. If there’s someone special in your heart that meets these criteria, whether he’s your Uncle, Grandpa, Guardian, or Father, he deserves a special recognition this Father’s Day! Here’s a dad appreciation post to show just how awesome dads are!

Dad Will Always Have Your Back

Whether it’s defending you against bullies or the monsters under your bed, Dad is always there to protect you. He makes sure that your date/significant other always treats you well. He’s even the one to give your prom date a stern warning before you dance the night away! Calling him for help is like calling Batman to defend Gotham. He’s always there to save the day! Also, he’s always there to make sure everything is A-Ok.

Dad is the Man of Wisdom

Dad gives the best advice and teaches you to be a better person. He teaches you to gain respect and to be respectful. He teaches you how to get through the toughest times and to how to celebrate the greatest times. Not only are his words powerful, but his actions are inspiring. If you’re ever wondering how you should go about life, you can look at Dad as a role model!

Dad Cheers You On

You can always count on Dad to cheer you on at the sidelines whether it’s your music recital or sporting event. He’s your coach, mentor, and cheerleader (even if he won’t admit it). He’s the one who’s always wishing you the best in life and wants you to reach for the stars. Even when he’s not there physically, you know he’s cheering you on in spirit!

Dad Takes Care of You

Whatever it may be, you can count on Dad to take care of you and you can count on Dad to provide you and your family with food, clothing, and shelter. He’s the one who makes you breakfast or mans the grill for those delicious summer BBQs. He’s even there to comfort you when you’re sick or lift your spirits when you’re down. Most importantly, you can count on dad to shower you with unconditional love!

Dad is the Best

There’s nobody in the world that can replace Dad. He’s the best superhero in the world and nobody can do the job better than he can. This Father’s Day, give a shoutout for the Dad in your life!

Sizzling Summer Tips That Will keep Your Little Ones Cool All Summer Long


Cool Babies Summer ’17

Kicking off Memorial Weekend means plenty of outdoor adventures and trying to keep our babies comfortable and cool when the temperatures start rising! These sizzling summer tips will keep our little ones cool all summer long!

When the scorching heat arrives, nothing keeps our little ones cool better than some good ol’ H2O. So keep those cups fully loaded and close by to ensure healthy hydration.

Paddling pools, water tables, sprinklers? Yes, please! Find a shaded area or set up an umbrella and the kiddos will be splashing their way into Adventureland in seconds!

Misting bottles are another great tool for a quick breeze. Just fill up a clear travel size bottle with chilled water and mist away, but prepare yourself for a ton of contagious giggles!

Need a quick pick me up? Skip the sugary ice cream and whip up some sweet cocktails your toddlers will also enjoy making with you. Add your fruity favs, berry goodness, and Greek yogurt for a flavor-packed slurp that will keep them feeling tropically cool.

Want something even easier? We got you! Simply cut up some cold cucumbers, carrots, and melon and, BAM! Easy, breezy vitamin-freezies!

Time to knock out? After a long day in the heat, your little babes will be ready for bed in no time and cool baths are great for those hot nights. Keep it 100 when it comes to hot days and stick with cotton clothing and bedding to achieve maximum comfort and cool through out the night.

AirSense Wins An Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for Innovation

We are proud to announce that the AirSense Ionic Air Purifier is a 2017 Asian-Pacific Stevie Awards winner! It racked up enough points in the Innovation in Consumer Products & Services category to bring home a Silver Stevie Award.

What are Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards?

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are an international awards program that recognizes innovation in 22 nations of the Asia-Pacific region. The program recognizes products and services across industries including consumer products and services, media, and energy & sustainability. Entries in each category go through an initial screening to ensure the products meet qualifications before judging.

Once they pass the initial screening, the program assigns at least five judges to each category. The judges do not judge in categories that they have entries in. The judges rate each entry on a scale of 1-10. The average of the scores determines the final score in each category. Among this year’s winners are notable names such as Cisco, WeChat, and Oracle.

What’s So Great About AirSense?

The award-winning AirSense has great functionality and smart features. The AirSense uses smart air detectors to purify the air in indoor environments with the use of negative ions.
Negative ions occur naturally near bodies of moving water such as waterfalls, rivers, or even a rainy day. Negative ions promote well-being, positive moods, and improves cognitive function in addition to reducing airborne particles.

Electronics such as air conditioners, TV’s, and computers emit positive ions. Positive ions deplete the supply of naturally occurring negative ions in the air. This causes dizziness, fatigue, and headaches that occur from extensive screen time. Negative ion air purifiers such as the AirSense replenish the negative ions in the environment.

Additionally, it doubles up as an audio monitor. It alerts users when sound detectors are activated, making it an optimal product for child and baby rooms! Finally, its newest feature includes a mapping feature that allows users to view regional air quality readings from around the world. Users can compare the quality of the air in their home to other regions in the world, just like their own personal Air Station.

That’s Great!
Overall, the AirSense is an all-around tool to help families breath better, feel better, and live healthier. It requires no cleaning and is super quiet, making it the ultimate device to have in any room. The AirSense is the world’s smallest and smartest air purifier.

5 Health Benefits of Using A Negative Ion AirSense Air Purifier


What are Negative Ions?

With a negative ion air purifier, the purifier creates negative oxygen atoms, otherwise known as ions. The air purifier then releases the ions into the surrounding atmosphere. Negative ions occur naturally around large bodies of moving water such as waterfalls and rivers. They are also prevalent after a rainy day.
Negative ions are invisible, scentless, and tasteless. But, your body can sense when there is an abundance. That feeling you get when you arrive at a beach or waterfall is because of negative ions. It’s refreshing and energizing.
However, indoor levels of negative ions tend to be lower than outdoors. That’s where home air purifiers come in handy! Ionic air purifiers recreate the energizing feeling of being near a waterfall right in your home. Here are five reasons why the negative ion AirSense air purifiers are beneficial for your health.

Benefits of Using A Negative Ion Air Purifier

1. Negative ions clean the air.

The air in our homes contains many airborne particles or VOCs that make it hard to breathe. Negative ions attach to these particles to create a negative charge. The negative charge causes the particles to attract to positively charged surfaces such as the floor or TV screens, removing them from the air.

2. Cleaner air reduces respiratory problems.

When the air is cleaner, it is easier to breathe. Particles in the air such as paint fumes, perfume, and smoke create difficulties for our respiratory passages, making it harder to breathe. Fewer particles in the air mean less coughing, fewer allergy symptoms, and better health.

3. Negative ions make our bodies more energetic.

Our bodies have biochemical reactions to negative ions that are revitalizing and energizing. There is a reason why we feel the way we do right after a good rainfall or being near a river.

4. The increase in energy makes us more productive.

When we stay indoors or spend ample time in front of a screen, we tend to feel groggier. That is because computer screens give off positive charges and deplete negative ions in the surrounding area. Also, indoor atmospheres tend to have low levels of negative ions in general.

5. Negative ions increase mental concentration and performance. 

Studies have shown those who are exposed to higher levels of negative ions perform better on tests than those who aren’t. That is because negative ions promote oxygen flow to the brain.

iBaby Monitor M6S Earns the Coveted PCMag Editors’ Choice Awards!

iBaby Monitor M6S is a PCMag Editors’ Choice

At last, the iBaby Monitor M6S becomes PCMag Editors’ Choice for the top baby monitor! This prestigious award recognizes only the best products in the tech industry. Thus, receiving this award puts iBaby Monitor M6S in ranks of the top products. We are so grateful to receive such an honor from the tech industry’s biggest influencers!

According to PCMag, the iBaby Monitor M6S “offers excellent 1080p and a host of features.” Plus, it is “the best baby monitor [they’ve] ever tested.” The full product review explains how to use the features of the iBaby Monitor M6S. The features include pan/tilt, lullabies, and smart sensors. Furthermore, the author goes into user experience details of each feature. Readers can click here to see the complete product review for the iBaby Monitor M6S.

The PCMag Editors’ Choice awards program is prominent for three reasons. One, there are no external nomination processes, which keeps the process as objective as possible. Two, expert analysts select products amongst thousands in each industry to consider for the award. And three, they review each product selection for quality, features, design, and much more. In addition, the complete grading system allows readers to make informed purchase decisions.
Ultimately, receiving this award gives us a huge push to innovate better, smarter products for the iBaby Family. We are so grateful for all your support!