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iBaby Launches Its 2018 Product Line – 1080p Baby Monitor with Brand New Features

San Jose, CA – iBaby prepares to break baby monitor boundaries with its incredible new products for 2018. The Silicon Valley startup is well known for the iBaby Monitor M6S 1080p baby monitor and smart features. The monitors continue to win coveted awards for its products every year, including exclusive mentions on PC Mag, CNET, and Tom’s Guide. iBaby’s new models will have everything parents love, plus more.

iBaby Care M7

This complete baby care device is a 1080p baby monitor with a built-in Moonlight Soother. In addition to helping parents keep their little ones safe and sound, it will soothe your little one right to sleep. The Moonlight Soother has three light functions: Moonlight, Lightshow, and Nightlight. The Moonlight function will project beautiful moon and stars while the Lightshow will stimulate baby’s eye development by animating the projections. Finally, the Nightlight will provide privacy when needed by turning the camera up to the ceiling while projecting the Moonlight.

Other features of the iBaby Care M7 include a full collection of sensors, including brand-new, never before seen smart sensors. The air, temperature, and humidity sensors will provide parents reports of the baby room environment. Loved ones will always know their little one is comfortable without stepping into the room. The monitor will also have sound and motion sensors that send alerts to the iBaby Care App the moment they are activated. Finally, iBaby Care M7’s smart smell sensors will be able to detect soiled garments and dirty diapers and send alerts when it’s time for a change.


iBaby Monitor M2S Plus

The iBaby Monitor M2S plus is a compact 1080p baby monitor, providing parents with high definition video. The infrared night vision provides parents with crystal clear view even in pitch darkness, giving them peace of mind day or night.

Other baby safety features include smart sensors to keep little ones safe, no matter what. The motion and sound sensors will send an alert the moment they’re activated. The sensors can also trigger photo or video recording so parents can see what happened. Finally, temperature and humidity sensors will provide environment measurements right on the iBaby Care App.


Smart, Smarter, Smartest

All iBaby Monitors come with a full collection of features found only in iBaby products. With the iBaby Care App, parents can take a peek at their little ones right on their smart phones. Parents can view and control their monitors even when they’re miles away. Also unlike others, iBaby monitors allow device owners to invite an unlimited number of users. Thus, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, and Uncle can be a part of every special moment.

iBaby Monitors also come with lullabies, stories, and sounds. The lullabies range from classical music to jazzy tunes. In addition, sounds include everything from white noise to animals of the rainforest. Parents can also find fun bedtime stories that will help their little one’s language development and boost their imaginations. If there’s a favorite song that parents want to share with their little one, they can upload their own music as well.


About iBaby Labs

iBaby Labs is quickly becoming a dominant force in the connected baby room industry and was recently named an Inc. 5000 company. iBaby innovates smarter ways for parents to interact and care for their loved ones no matter where they are. Its product lines consist of award-winning baby monitors and air purifiers that use Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing parents to access their devices anywhere, anytime.