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Pregnancy Body Changes to Expect

There are plenty of movies, books, and TV-shows that show us the glamorous side of pregnancy. We have huge Hollywood A-listers like Kim Kardashian-West and Kate Middleton that make pregnancy look like nothing but a cinch. I mean if they can do it so can we, right? But is pregnancy really all that we cut it out to be? Well, here at iBaby, we’ve got you covered on all the not-so-glamorous truths about pregnancy. Including pregnancy body changes no one ever wants to talk about. So brace yourself, because that baby is coming and we have all the details you don’t want to miss.

Legit Body Changes You Don’t Need to Worry About:
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that your body will change throughout the course of your pregnancy. Seriously, it’ll happen. You are growing a human after all. But no one has the guts to tell you about the not so pretty ways your body will change. Like when your butt starts to burn more than you want it to (these are called hemorrhoids). Or when the pressure from your uterus makes your amazing legs look like they’re crawling with spider and varicose veins. Yes, these things often happen. You may think your butt is trying to kill you or that those legs will never look the way they did pre-pregnancy, but they’re usually gone a couple months after you give birth. Hooray for that!

Nesting Breakdowns Are Real:
Nesting and breakdowns are two of the many mishaps you’ll get into during pregnancy. And thanks to all those raging pregnancy hormones, you’ll probably breakdown for the simplest things. Like not picking the right shade of blue for your nursery or trying to figure out what iBaby monitor will work best for you (wink, wink). But if thinking about breakdowns is making you want to have a breakdown, don’t worry about it. A rollercoaster of emotions is something that comes with the territory. Even if you might not think so. So grab yourself some popcorn and have a good cry while you binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows.

Where Has Your Body Gone?
If you look at your body in a mirror you may think you’re going through some nightmare pregnancy body changes. Hair growing out of places you didn’t expect, not being able to reach said hairy places, having gas attacks, and having to fight your way through the bathroom. Yes, the journey through pregnancy can be one of the nastiest blessings. But if we’re being, honest, it’ll be even worse through labor. But all of this is normal and part of nature’s process. And if that still doesn’t help, just remember that even some of the most beautiful and talented celebs have also gone through these embarrassing incidents

But when this journey’s over, you’ll find out that every moment of pain and embarrassment is worth it. And remember, whether you have to deal with fiery butts, mountains for legs, breakdowns, or body changes you never expected, you’re never alone. But if you ever do feel alone and need a bit more help through your pregnancy, make sure to check out our iBaby blog and follow us for more informative pregnancy stories.