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How to Shop With Your Baby

Shopping with a baby can be one of the most daunting and overwhelming tasks any parent can go through. This can sometimes make you feel afraid and like you’re going into battle. And if we’re being honest, it can be. Shopping with a baby is physically and mentally challenging and you may wonder if it’ll ever be enjoyable again (it will). Here at iBaby, we understand the struggle of shopping with a baby or even two. And because of this, we have compiled some amazing tips on how to shop with your baby and help you conquer any shopping spree. And help you feel sane along the way.
1.Prepare with favorite toys
The easies way to keep your baby entertained during a shopping trip is to pack some of their favorite toys. Attach some car seat toys and small books that will keep your baby amused during your trip. Another great way to keep your baby entertained is by engaging and making silly faces while you shop. This will make your baby laugh and feel included in the activity.
2. Think Ahead
Preparation is key when planning any trip with your child. Especially when you’re going to the store. Before you leave the house, make sure your baby is fed and does not have a dirty diaper. If not, this can result in a very grumpy baby and a very short trip to the store.
Thinking ahead and packing an assortment of snacks is also a great way to  keep your baby busy and entertained. This is even more helpful when you’re grocery shopping.
3. Early Bird Catches the Worm
It’s always best to hit the stores early in the morning to prevent large crowds that might stress your baby out. Make sure you plan your trip around the store hours and how busy it can get.
4. Nap Time
Taking your baby out during nap time can alleviate the stress of shopping. The smooth rocking of a car and a shopping cart will help them unwind and enjoy the ride.
5. Baby Carrier
Using a baby carrier will make a shopping trip easier and bearable. Carriers allow you more mobility and help keep your baby close to you. This allows you the freedom of strolling the store without having a fussy baby.
6. Online Shopping
It is said that online shopping was specifically created for parents. We’re kidding. But it sure seems that way. Online shopping can relieve the stress of going into a crowded store and having a grumpy baby. This is the best method for parents to get comfortable and enjoy a shopping trip straight from their bed.