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Going on Vacation? Top-tips to make traveling with a toddler hassle-free

Is it still considered a vacation if your toddler’s tagging along? Yes! But your hands may be fuller. But just because your baby is coming it doesn’t mean your days of relaxing by the beach are over. Preparation is key when planning a vacation. And this includes choosing a destination, activities, and bringing relaxing toys. And trust us, you’re bound to experience a couple breakdowns down the road. So, don’t worry. We have compiled the top tips to make traveling with your toddler easier and hassle-free.
Choosing the appropriate destination is crucial for a happy baby. If your little one has never flown before or has a hard time on planes, choose a destination that requires little to no fly-time. If you choose to fly, make sure to make seat airline reservations. This will to get you the appropriate location for a car seat and will reduce any last minute mishaps.
Soothing Breakdowns:
A toddler having a breakdown is a rite of passage. And because of this, it’s important to bring some of their security and comfort items. This could be a mini backpack they can carry full of their comfort toys, snacks, or books. It’s also best not to overthink when your child is having a breakdown. Breakdowns are an inevitable truth about parenting. And some people, will most likely feel sympathetic rather than judgemental.
Pack Food:
It’s always important to pack some of your toddler’s favorite foods. This will keep them entertained with something to munch on and can even help with ear popping.
Things not to do:
Don’t give your baby any medication that promises to keep them asleep. We’re talking to you Benadryl. This medicine can backfire on you and actually keep your baby awake. If that’s not the case, you will feel the anguish of a baby that does not want to.
Realistic Truth:
Traveling with your baby is never easy. There will be breakdowns, tears and maybe some anger. But at the end of the day, there’s probably no one you’d rather travel with than with your family.