3 Ways Your Babies Can Celebrate St Patrick’s Day – With No Major Preparation

Wearing green is the simplest way to be a part of St.Patrick's Day celebration

Wearing green is the simplest way to be a part of St.Patrick’s Day celebration

Beer. Beads. Bright green.

When you are a childfree adult, celebrating St.Patrick’s day boils down to these three. But how exactly can you involve a little one in this fun spring celebration? Let’s take a look at these ways to celebrate the day of all things green without much preparation.

Swap beads for beanies
For babies under a year of age, bring out the swag with a whole lot of green accessories. Think green bibs, green beanies and green headbands. Decorate the stroller and baby crib with plush green toys.

Swap beer for broccoli
If your child’s drink of choice is juice, look for ones that are naturally green. Also, stock up on broccoli, spinach and green beans baby food. If your little one is breastfed exclusively, and you are feeling adventurous, you might want to add a couple of drops of food coloring to the milk – just make sure it is natural and organic.

Swap bright green for … Don’t swap it
With older kids, use this day as an opportunity to notice all things green around you. Play ‘Name Green’ game: ask your kid to name 5 green foods, 5 green animals, 5 green things in the room, etc. Learn the difference between shades of green.