Spending Valentine’s Day as a Family… The Non-Cheesy Way

Chocolate for kids. Roses for the wife. Champagne for the husband. Cards from your local supermarket for all.
We think you can do Valentine’s day better than this. When people argue that Valentine’s Day became a little bit too commercial, they do have a point. But as the song goes, you ‘can’t buy me love’, so get cracking with something more fun this Saturday. Get all your family involved. Even the hamster.
Write a love letter
In the times when people stopped writing almost completely, a hand-written message is a special treat. The words that come from the heart, inside jokes or even a simple poem that you wrote yourself will touch any recipient.
Make your own cards
Anyone can go to the drugstore to pick up some cards. How about getting some construction paper instead and making your own, custom-made valentines? You can even make a whole Valentine’s prep party out of it if you invite your girlfriends or your kids’ friends over to make cards.
Get cooking
There is nothing more fun and involving than cooking together! Choose a dish that has red color to celebrate the day, put your aprons and chef hats on and enjoy the time together in the kitchen.
Decorate the house
Have your kids help you decorate the house. Don’t just bring out all the red and pink candles you have. You can use all valentines you got from the past years to create an atmosphere. Put red collars on your pets.
Do something together
Get out of the house and plan to do something together as a family. Volunteer. Ride bicycles. Take a friend’s dog to the dog park. Go whale watching. Visit a local museum. Do something you’ve never done before to create unforgettable memories.