How To Trim Your Baby’s Nails And Make Her Laugh

When the baby is born, new parents are often afraid of handling the baby. One of the most intimidating parenting duties is definitely trimming the baby’s nails. With baby’s tiny fingers and toes, and wiggles, some parents just allow nails to glow longer. While your baby’s nails are softer than yours, they are still very sharp and can hurt your baby.

Choose a special baby nail clipper that is easy to use and will help you do the job fast and easy. The two best times to cut nails on a young baby are during her sleep, when she is less likely to move, and after bath, when the nails are at its softest. You may also want to enlist help of your partner or family member to distract the baby or gently hold her.

In fact, some babies love getting their nails done! This baby is a perfect example and we cannot get enough laughs!