AirSense Wins An Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for Innovation

We are proud to announce that the AirSense Ionic Air Purifier is a 2017 Asian-Pacific Stevie Awards winner! It racked up enough points in the Innovation in Consumer Products & Services category to bring home a Silver Stevie Award.

What are Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards?

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are an international awards program that recognizes innovation in 22 nations of the Asia-Pacific region. The program recognizes products and services across industries including consumer products and services, media, and energy & sustainability. Entries in each category go through an initial screening to ensure the products meet qualifications before judging.

Once they pass the initial screening, the program assigns at least five judges to each category. The judges do not judge in categories that they have entries in. The judges rate each entry on a scale of 1-10. The average of the scores determines the final score in each category. Among this year’s winners are notable names such as Cisco, WeChat, and Oracle.

What’s So Great About AirSense?

The award-winning AirSense has great functionality and smart features. The AirSense uses smart air detectors to purify the air in indoor environments with the use of negative ions.
Negative ions occur naturally near bodies of moving water such as waterfalls, rivers, or even a rainy day. Negative ions promote well-being, positive moods, and improves cognitive function in addition to reducing airborne particles.

Electronics such as air conditioners, TV’s, and computers emit positive ions. Positive ions deplete the supply of naturally occurring negative ions in the air. This causes dizziness, fatigue, and headaches that occur from extensive screen time. Negative ion air purifiers such as the AirSense replenish the negative ions in the environment.

Additionally, it doubles up as an audio monitor. It alerts users when sound detectors are activated, making it an optimal product for child and baby rooms! Finally, its newest feature includes a mapping feature that allows users to view regional air quality readings from around the world. Users can compare the quality of the air in their home to other regions in the world, just like their own personal Air Station.

That’s Great!
Overall, the AirSense is an all-around tool to help families breath better, feel better, and live healthier. It requires no cleaning and is super quiet, making it the ultimate device to have in any room. The AirSense is the world’s smallest and smartest air purifier.