Babiators, Stat: Why You Need To Pick Up A Pair Of Sunglasses For Your Baby

Child in sunglasses on a beach

Sunglasses are more than just a cool accessory.

‘Sun is shining, weather is sweet…’. The spring is finally here.

As the days become longer and warmer, you probably spend more time outside with your child. It also means you baby sees more sun, and you might be wondering whether your baby needs a pair of cool shades.

In fact, your baby’s eyes are not any different than yours, so a good pair of sunglasses is a good idea from an early age. Sunglasses shield your baby’s eyes from harmful UV rays, which can help prevent such diseases as cataract, or retinal degeneration later in life.

When choosing a pair, make sure they block at least 95% of UV rays. Because a baby is likely to try how the sunglasses taste at some point of time, seek ones that are made of non-toxic materials (BPA-free). For that reason, you might want to pick the ones that have acrylic lenses, not polycarbonate.

If your baby is not that into sunglasses, have her wear a wide brimmed hat or a visor. Seeing you wearing a pair of sunglasses might make your baby want to copy you, so pick up a pair of aviators and go twinning with your child as you enjoy the sun.