Baby Monitor With Video: Alternative Uses You Can Try

When you buy a baby monitor with video, you are probably planning to use it for your baby. However, a baby monitor with video has more uses than you think. For instance, iBaby Monitor M6T has a combination of many useful features that will allow its owner to easily switch the monitor’s purpose.
baby monitor with video for babies: a little child in the crib

Baby Monitor With Video: Baby Monitor

The highly desired features of a video baby monitor include high video resolution, two-way audio system, ability to control the monitor’s movements without going to the baby’s room, and timely alerts. iBaby Monitor M6T offers all of the above and even more. A lot of parents and babies love the monitor’s Music Player that allows to play the lullabies and bedtime stories for your child at a quick tap of a finger. Besides that, there is also a temperature and humidity sensor if you want to check on the baby’s room.

baby monitor with video for pets: two dogs sleeping on the bed

Baby Monitor With Video: Pet Monitor

Another common use for a baby monitor with video is using it for your pets. Simply move the monitor to the room where your pet is kept when you leave the house. The monitor’s high resolution with night vision, zoom, and 360° view will let you follow your pet anywhere she goes.

baby monitor with video for home: a slightly messy living room

Baby Monitor With Video: Home Monitor

If you don’t have a pet, you can use your baby monitor to watch your home when you leave. iBaby Monitor M6T has sound and motion sensors with adjustable sensitivity, so you will always know what’s happening at home.