Secrets To Using Baby Safety Monitors For Multiple Kids

Baby Safety Monitors For Multiple Kids

Many parents find using baby safety monitors very beneficial to their parenting experience. But did you know it’s even better once you have multiple kids? We learned that parents appreciate different features of our baby monitors based on their children’s age. In fact, your video baby monitor is a powerful tool you can enjoy every day. Today we are sharing three secrets of  successful uses of nanny cams for families with several kids in the household.

Secret 1: Try all available features
We try to pack our baby monitors with a number of useful features. The features that most parents appreciate during the baby’s first year are usually night vision, sound and motion alerts, and photo and video recording. You don’t want to lose a precious moment when your little one is new to this world. But when your child grows a little older and starts moving around more, the 360°/110° movement becomes a more valuable one. Many parents also mention the ability to easily move the monitor directly from their phone at a touch of a finger as something that makes their user experience special and simple.

Secret 2: Involve all of your kids
Children love technology! As your older child grows up, she will sure be soon able to understand that she can see her sibling on your phone, so involve her! Your older child will definitely like the two-way audio and taking pictures. You can also have some worry-free time as you are running around the house, while the Wi-Fi baby monitor is keeping an eye on your kids. Watch them interact from another room when it is safe to leave them together alone and talk to them without leaving the room.

Secret 3: More photos and videos every day
Do not miss out on making a new photo of your kids every day. We recommend snapping one regularly – once a week, or once a month – and later combining them into a collage to track your baby’s growth. What can be better than this? Well, maybe making a video. Set your alerts to be recorded as a short video clip instead of a photo, and later go through the videos recorded. Sure, some of them might be the crying ones, but as your baby grows, you will see more and more interesting ones that record your child’s growth.
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