Music for Babies: The Benefits of Introducing Your Baby to Music

Have you ever watched your baby groove to her favorite tune? Or cry tears of joy when she hears a familiar voice sing a beautiful song? If so, you may think that your little one was born with a natural talent for music. Well, you’re correct!

Unlike eyesight, babies have highly developed hearing abilities from day 1. That’s because they begin to hear and respond to different sounds before they’re born. As your baby hears different sounds, she forms neural connections in her brain to help her interpret what she’s hearing. Introducing her to music early on is very beneficial for early brain development.

Music Helps Brain Development

In a study by McMaster University, researchers discovered that musical training is beneficial to babies before they can walk or talk. In the study, infants and their parents participated in a weekly music instruction program for six months. The participants were selected to participate in either one of two classes. The first class involved learning nursery rhymes, music-making, and lullabies. The second class had parents and infants play at various toy stations as music from “Baby Einstein” played in the background.

The results of this study demonstrate that interactive musical lessons benefitted development. The babies who participated in the first class developed more sensitivity to musical keys and notes. They also showed early communication skills such as pointing at objects or waving goodbye. These babies also smiled more and showed less distress than their counterparts.

Music For The Soul

Music can lift your baby’s spirits in the same way that it lifts yours. Your baby’s favorite lullaby has the power to soothe her to sleep in the same way that relaxing music can melt your stress away. The way music affects your baby is no different than the way it affects you. Infants begin learning how to react to the things they hear even before their first day and continue learning as their hearing develops. Thus, babies are also emotionally prone to the effects of music as well.

Music for Babies

All music is baby music so go ahead and share your all time favorite songs with your little one. So the next time you or your baby feel a little blue, cheer yourselves up by dancing together to a catchy beat. You can also use music to teach her about the world around her. Your baby is actively learning about the world as she engages in all the sights and sounds.

Music introduces a larger range of sounds than background noise alone. By tapping on your baby’s foot to your favorite beat, you are also showing her how to interpret what she hears with what she feels. Babies are also much more sensitive to different tones and pitches than we are. By developing her natural ability to pick up the nuances of music, it will also help her develop her ability to listen for all the nuances of language as well.

Babies have a natural inclination for music as they have for language and sounds. By introducing music early on, their natural talent becomes stronger. Also, music is good for the soul. Just like playing and singing, it is a way for your and your baby to bond as you create memories with your favorite songs.

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