The 6 Best Baby-Friendly Vacation Spots

So you’ve likely just had a baby, and might be wondering if you’ll ever get to have a vacation ever again. After all, it’s crazy tough taking care of your toddler at home, much less somewhere you’ve never been. But don’t fret! There are tons of family resorts and baby-friendly vacation spots that cater to families just like yours all of the time.
This means you could actually forget about your kid, guilt free, and go have some serious fun. Well, for a couple of hours, anyway.
Check out the list below; there’s a few different choices depending on how much you want to spend, how far away you want to go, or what kind of things you want to experience. Just keep in mind that overseas resorts usually require that your baby’s immunizations are up to date, so make sure to check their respective FAQ’s for the shots they require.

Vacation Destinations in the United States

Stay closer to home
Disney Cruise Lines. What else can be said about Disney Cruises, other than they are beloved by families across the United States. Though their minimum age is 3 years old, there are multiple activities and clubs they can explore under counselor supervision. Though there are a ton of great activities for kids, they don’t shy away from giving the rest of the family some amazing options for R&R! Each cruise line has a wide array of things to do, from dinner to parties to nightclubs and more. And with Disney and Star Wars being all chummy, some cruise lines have Star Wars themed events. This means your family gets to hang out with the Skywalker family, too!
Great Wolf Lodge. Perhaps one of the most widely known indoor water parks, Great Wolf Lodge offers amazing family adventures in twelve States (and Canada). They boast all sorts of activities for all ages, which is a huge plus. However, unlike many of the other choices, these resorts don’t offer childcare services. The one great thing about these parks is that they’re all indoors, which means that inclement weather will never affect your family’s fun. And they’re more than just water parks – they’ve got restaurants, shops, theaters, spas, and more.
Tyler Place Family Resort. One of the most loved resorts in America, Tyler Place Family Resort has activities for your children as well as for you. The best parts are the Infant and Toddler programs which assigns a caregiver to give your baby some great experiences at the resort while you catch some “you time”. The best part is that the resort has always been owned and operated by the Tyler family, so they know exactly the kind of activities and entertainment yours would love. Stateside, this resort is probably the most baby-friendly spot for family vacations and should not be missed.

Global Vacation Destinations

Take your family and your baby globetrotting!
Aulani. Disney has an amazing resort in Hawai’i proudly called Aulani. It is named after the phrase “messenger of a chief”, and signifies the amazing Hawaiian culture your family will experience. They provide many excellent experiences for your kids at Aunty’s Beach House, although they have the same age restrictions as their cruise lines (3-12). These experiences range widely: learning about Hawaiian culture, surf-related activities & crafts, Hawaiian-style parties & dancing, and more! This resort isn’t just fun – it’ll teach your family about the rich culture of Hawai’i. Truly, that’s the best of both worlds.
Franklyn D Resort & Spa. Located in beautiful Jamaica, they tout themselves as the ultimate family resort. In many ways, they certainly are! They are arguably the most baby-friendly vacation destination in the world. There are activities for kids, teens, and adults, and each family is assigned a personal ‘Vacation Nanny’. These nannies provide care and fun for your kids while you explore the resort during the day. They’re a mind-blowing perk that’s families absolutely love. For this resort, the term ‘all-inclusive’ seems to merely scratch the surface.
Club Med Ixtapa. If you don’t want to get too far from the US, Club Med has a resort amidst the gorgeous Sierra Madre mountains. Club Med Ixtapa caters to families with children of all ages, with different levels of childcare, ranging from babies to toddlers to preteens to teens. This means you can safely let Club Med staff – lovingly called ‘gracious organizers’ – take care of your kids while you go off and enjoy the more adult side of the resort. There’s definitely tons to do for all members of the family such as exploring the beauty of the Mexican Pacific ocean.

Are you taking your family to any baby-friendly destinations this summer?