The Best Baby Monitor: How To Get Your Money’s Worth

iBaby Monitor M6T
If you are expecting a baby, you might be looking to purchase a video baby monitor. What are some things you should consider if you want to get the best baby monitor out there?

Long gone are the days of audio baby monitors and actually going into baby’s room to check on your little one. Modern day parents choose video baby monitors for their convenience and ease of use. They will allow you to easily carry on with your errands while at the same time being a great, loving parent.

If you are looking to find the best baby monitor to buy, here are the features you want to be looking for:

Best baby monitor feature 1: high quality video and audio

Since you are getting a video monitor, make sure you get the best video quality available. That would be either 720p or 1080p video resolution. Also, the baby monitor should have a night vision feature for you to check on the baby at night. With audio, you want to be looking for echo cancellation and two-way sound. That way you will be able to not just hear your tot, but also talk back to her without going to her room.

Best baby monitor feature 2: remote access and control

Look for a baby monitor that does not come with a parent unit. The reason why parent units are so outdated now is two-fold. First, it is another – oftentimes bulky – gadget that you have to carry around. Second, having a parent unit usually means that you can access the video feed from your home only. It is better to search for a baby monitor that comes with a free companion app and streams the video directly to your mobile device – smartphone, or tablet. The app should also have all the controls for the monitor, such as vertical and horizontal movement (not just a wide angle view), ability to invite unlimited number of users, take photos, etc.

Best baby monitor feature 3: value add fun features

When you found a wireless baby monitor that has great video, audio, and is easily controlled from your mobile device, explore what other features it offers on top of the basic package. For instance, highest rated baby monitors may have a music/lullaby player, advanced privacy options, short installation time, sound and motion alert log, or temperature and humidity sensor.
iBaby Monitor M6T is a top baby monitor you can currently find. Featuring high definition video with night vision, echo cancellation, smart alerts, unlimited users, music player and temperature and humidity sensor, the monitor has been named ‘Best Video Monitor 2016’ by Tom’s Guide, and featured as a finalist by The Bump in The Best Of BabyTech Awards.