Best Video Monitor iBaby Monitor M6T Giveaway Results

Best video monitor iBaby M6T
After careful consideration, we are ready to announce the winner of the iBaby Monitor M6T giveaway. 

Here at iBaby we have been overwhelmed with a great response we received for our best video monitor giveaway! It was a pleasure talking to all the candidates who submitted their stories and we were touched by all of them. We have had submissions from a nurse who has to work night shifts, mother of four young kids (including triplets!), mother of seven children, an angel baby mother, mothers whose babies have seizures, pregnant mothers, and so many more deserving candidates!

It was really hard to choose one winner from all the submissions we received.

Which is why we chose two winners.
Choosing who to give the nanny cams to, we were trying to choose people who the monitor would be most useful for. That’s why we read carefully on what you planned to do while your baby is sleeping and how having an iBaby Monitor M6T would be helpful to your family.
Here is what our winner Shalamar Kiper wrote:

“Hello! My name is Shalamar Kiper and I’m the mother of 4. Three of which are 1-year-old TRIPLETS. I want an iBaby Monitor because it will help us keep an eye on our three little ones who are constantly roaming around the house. The main features I LOVE are the ways you can communicate through both the monitor and the camera; being able to speak at the same time is an amazing feature that would help out so much. I also am looking forward to having the ability to record. One of the triplets has epilepsy and this will help us to be able to show the recordings, should an event present itself to his neurology team. The best feature I’m excited about at ether visual alerts! The ability to not have to hover and consume my time with watching the monitor for the trips is huge! This will give us the extra peace of mind that they are being completely monitored and we are always in the know of what’s going on despite not being directly in the room. I will be able to play with our four year old more with the comfort of knowing the babies are being cared for. I know I will be alerted if they are up crying or being unsettled. I will also be able to cook and know that I don’t have to have the noise on the monitor blaring to know what’s going on; I can use the visual alerts.”

And here is the submission of the second winner, Ashley Downing:

“I would like an iBaby monitor because I have a 20-month-old daughter who has seizures. Sometimes she has several a day. While she sleeps in my room I would be able to accomplish quite a bit throughout the day when she naps and at night if I had the ibaby monitor. My favorite feature that the ibaby monitor has is the video recording. I like this feature because if she were to have a particularly bad seizure I could record it and then show her neurologist so that we can go about better adjusting her medicine and what not. I also like that I can talk to her on it. If she were to have a seizure while I wasn’t in the room I could still talk soothingly to her while I am getting to her to take care of her. The iBaby would be a great thing for us to have and would help me tremendously.”

We appreciate all the ladies who submitted their entries for the giveaway and wish we could give away more! However, each entrant will receive a coupon code with a discount should they decide to get an iBaby monitor. Thank you all for your time and submissions and we wish you a wonderful year!