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🎉 iBaby is helping you stay connected during COVID-19 | Giveaway

Humans are naturally social animals. So, when COVID-19 abruptly interrupted our lifestyle, things turned upside down. We went from being a social butterfly to being quarantined with the same people at home—sorry kids! And even though it’s absolutely necessary to follow the rules, having the same daily routine can get a bit tedious at times. […]

How iBaby Baby Monitors Can Help You Stay Calm and Entertained During COVID-19

It’s inevitable to say that the Corona Virus aka COVID-19 has altered your daily routine in some way or another. Having the kids, your partner, work, and pets all under one roof can be a little hectic for everyone included. So, having a fun routine is crucial to keep everyone at home sane during this […]

Important Updates

Further Updates March 26th, 2020 Dear iBaby users, We’re happy to announce that we have released a new firmware update together with a new version of the iBaby Care app in order to further enhance data security. This process should have been automatic if you have your device setup with automatic updates. If not, we […]

iBaby Traveling hacks! Must read if you’re traveling with your monitor!

Are you planning one last summer family retreat this labor-day weekend? Well, you’re not alone! American families throughout the country are throwing one last hoorah to summer before it’s gone. And if you’re planning to get some rest and peace of mind on your trip, you probably decided to take your iBaby monitor with you! […]

How to Travel With Your Smart iBaby Monitor This Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly, merry, and to do a lot of traveling to be with your loved ones. That means that you have to pack all of your baby essentials, including your iBaby monitor. But don’t worry, traveling with your iBaby monitor is as easy as installing it for the first time. Just […]

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Busy and Modern Parents

20% OFF With code ‘Jolly’ If you’re still undecided on what to get your friends or family members, giving them a gift card is the safest route. Get them a gift card to their favorite store. Hint: Mom’s love Target!

Is Co-Sleeping With Your Baby or Toddler Safe?

To a lot of parents, co-sleeping with your baby can mean comfort and relief. While others label it as outright dangerous. In the united states, co-sleeping with your baby can be a taboo topic for parents. And that’s because if the proper precautions aren’t taken, it can lead to SIDS and accidental deaths. Due to […]

How to Survive the First Few Weeks of Motherhood

Giving birth is the beginning of a whole new world. A time of excitement, sweet moments, and maybe a couple of breakdowns. After all, you can be supermom, but you’re still human. During the early stages, a lot of new mothers wish the whole parenting thing came with a manual. And yes, most moms tend […]

Pool Safety Tips for a Great Summer

The best part about summer is cooling off at the pool with your kids. No matter their age. But as much fun as laying by the water sounds, pool time can give parents a surge of anxiety. And sure, these concerns are completely warranted. After all, more than 250 kids drown in pools each year […]

The Best Summer Safety Tips For Your Baby

It’s summertime!   And now that the days are longer and the weather is 100° hotter, it’s time to bring out the bathing suits and ice-cream. But along with all the fun, new and experienced parents have a lot of concerns. Like whether their baby is well protected from the sun, and what to do […]

Top Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact

Carrying your baby for nine months creates a special and unbreakable bond. After-all, you did provide all the important nutrients and necessities they needed. But once he’s pushed out of the comfort of your womb and into the outside world, creating a bond is even more important. And that’s where skin-to-skin contact comes in. Skin-to-Skin […]

Going on Vacation? Top-tips to make traveling with a toddler hassle-free

Is it still considered a vacation if your toddler’s tagging along? Yes! But your hands may be fuller. But just because your baby is coming it doesn’t mean your days of relaxing by the beach are over. Preparation is key when planning a vacation. And this includes choosing a destination, activities, and bringing relaxing toys. […]

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