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AirSense Wins An Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for Innovation

We are proud to announce that the AirSense Ionic Air Purifier is a 2017 Asian-Pacific Stevie Awards winner! It racked up enough points in the Innovation in Consumer Products & Services category to bring home a Silver Stevie Award.

What are Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards?

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are an international awards program that recognizes innovation in 22 nations of the Asia-Pacific region. The program recognizes products and services across industries including consumer products and services, media, and energy & sustainability. Entries in each category go through an initial screening to ensure the products meet qualifications before judging.

Once they pass the initial screening, the program assigns at least five judges to each category. The judges do not judge in categories that they have entries in. The judges rate each entry on a scale of 1-10. The average of the scores determines the final score in each category. Among this year’s winners are notable names such as Cisco, WeChat, and Oracle.

What’s So Great About AirSense?

The award-winning AirSense has great functionality and smart features. The AirSense uses smart air detectors to purify the air in indoor environments with the use of negative ions.
Negative ions occur naturally near bodies of moving water such as waterfalls, rivers, or even a rainy day. Negative ions promote well-being, positive moods, and improves cognitive function in addition to reducing airborne particles.

Electronics such as air conditioners, TV’s, and computers emit positive ions. Positive ions deplete the supply of naturally occurring negative ions in the air. This causes dizziness, fatigue, and headaches that occur from extensive screen time. Negative ion air purifiers such as the AirSense replenish the negative ions in the environment.

Additionally, it doubles up as an audio monitor. It alerts users when sound detectors are activated, making it an optimal product for child and baby rooms! Finally, its newest feature includes a mapping feature that allows users to view regional air quality readings from around the world. Users can compare the quality of the air in their home to other regions in the world, just like their own personal Air Station.

That’s Great!
Overall, the AirSense is an all-around tool to help families breath better, feel better, and live healthier. It requires no cleaning and is super quiet, making it the ultimate device to have in any room. The AirSense is the world’s smallest and smartest air purifier.

iBaby M2 Pro and AirSense Family Choice Award Winners


Family Choice Award Winners

Every year marks a new opportunity to be the best in the industry. One indicator of success is recognition from the Family Choice Awards program as a Family Choice Awards winner. In fact, those that receive this recognition are among the most trusted consumer brands in the nation.

Qualifiable products include everything from family-friendly apparel to electronics. However, the Family Choice Awards program has a unique aspect when it comes to product criteria. It not only considers human family members but also pets as well! Whether pet or baby products, the Family Choice Awards program chooses the winners with the highest standards.

We are so grateful to announce the iBaby Monitor M2 Pro and AirSense as winners of this year’s Family Choice Awards! As award-winners, iBaby M2 Pro and AirSense join the ranks of the most trusted products in family care. Though, when considering the many smart features each product has to offer, it is no wonder these products are one of the best in the industry!

iBaby Monitor M6S Wins Top Choice Award 2016

baby maternity awards
iBaby Monitor M6S won Top Choice Award from Baby Maternity Magazine. Winning Top Choice Award means an excellent product and dedication to the industry.

Top Choice Award 2016

Baby Maternity Awards is a program administered by Baby Maternity Magazine. This year it has seen 230 products submitted from 140 companies.

“The awards program has a mission to honor the very best in prenatal, maternity, baby and juvenile entertainment products. Winning a Baby Maternity Award illustrates the manufacturers’ dedication to their industry and serves as a testament to great production.”

Products are reviewed by a large group of testers that include pregnant women, new mothers, and caregiver professionals to determine the product’s value. Each product receives multiple thorough reviews. The testers are trained to look for distinction and judge the products against high standards. Based on the received reviews, certain products are then advanced into the Top Choice Award finalist category. Being selected as the Top Choice Award 2016 winner is a great honor to iBaby.

About iBaby Monitor M6S

iBaby Monitor M6S is iBaby’s latest video baby monitor that is controlled from your iOS or Android mobile device. It offers the exceptional video quality with 1080p camera, night vision, and 360° view. This wireless video baby monitor allows parents to not only hear the baby, but also talk to her with the monitor’s two-way audio and echo cancellation.
iBaby Monitor M6S stands out with its fast installation process, user-friendly app interface, support for both 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz routers, and an air quality sensor. You can also share video feed access with unlimited number of users, while controlling the privacy. This baby monitor with video also plays lullabies and short stories at a touch of a finger.
Learn more about iBaby Monitor M6S and order yours today!

Best Baby Monitor 2015: Year In Review For iBaby

female hand holding a lit up sparkler on the night sky background
It is the end of December and time to look back and see what we have accomplished in 2015. 
Year 2015 was a great year for iBaby. Our baby monitors iBaby Monitor M6 and M6T were truly the products of the year.

iBaby Monitor M6 received several awards, that included NAPPA award, Mom’s Choice award, Product of the Year award, Tillywig award, and National Parenting Center award. iBaby Monitor M6T got a finalist nomination in BabyTech Awards by The Bump.

iBaby Care app that works with iBaby Monitor M6 and M6T became Summer 2015 Gold Winner of Best Mobile App Awards.

Our baby monitors were also reviewed numerous times by bloggers, industry experts and media persons. We are thankful for the reviews by Casual Claire, Fox News, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Baby Center, Geek Dad, iPhone Life Magazine, Well Connected Mom, Children’s Technology Review, The Geek Church, and others. You can see the full list of iBaby video baby monitors reviews on our website. iBaby Monitor M6T also made a brief appearance on Good Morning America.

iBaby monitors were named ‘gadgets of the future‘ by Bloomberg Businessweek, and ‘the cutest looking monitor out there‘. We are flattered!
And finally, iBaby Monitor M6T was named Best Video Baby Monitor 2015 in Tom Guide’s review.

We have also continued to educate parents and caregivers through our iBaby blog posts and iBaby social media channels. We revived our @ibabylabs Instagram account and saw a great response from you!

We are now running our iBaby Monitor M6T giveaway (free best baby monitor, anyone?) and it’s not too late to enter it!

What’s new for 2016?
We are going to CES 2016 with some new products that will be launched in 2016. We can’t wait to share the news soon.

We are also planning to launch new services, explore new partnerships, and as always, get better! Tell us, what new features or products would you want us to give you?

Happy New Year from iBaby Labs, everyone! We are thankful for your support in 2015 and wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016!

iBaby Gets Best Video Baby Monitor Review By Tom’s Guide

Toms Guide iBaby Monitor M6T best video baby monitor review
iBaby Monitor M6T was named Best Video Baby Monitor 2016 in Tom’s Guide review. Tom’s Guide is a reliable resource that offers unbiased reviews, ratings, tutorials and buyer’s guides on tech gadgets.
Tom’s Guide reviewed five baby monitors and one home monitor to find the best baby monitor among them. The monitors were compared on the basis of their range, display, audio, battery life, features and setup.

The review said, ‘After a month of testing six products, our choice for the best baby monitor is the $199 iBaby Monitor M6T. iBaby’s monitor, which taps into a smartphone to help you check in on your child at night, boasts an impressive array of features, including 360-degree pans and crisp images, even in night mode. This all comes at an attractive price.
The iBaby Monitor M6T ($200) tops other video baby monitors by offering an impressive array of features at a manageable price.
iBaby’s camera offers the sort of capabilities you’d expect — push-to-talk features to soothe a crying child, motion-triggered photo and video capture, and a 720p HD camera — along with features that set it apart from the crowd. The M6T boasts a full-360-degree rotating pan that no other unit could match.
The M6T streams to an app on your smartphone, and we found the Wi-Fi-enabled video streaming to be clear, even in low light. The two-way speaker offered above-average audio in all conditions, and we like how we could play lullabies preinstalled on the iBaby mobile app to lull a child to sleep. What’s more, the mobile app made it easy to capture both pictures and videos, all without any extra fees or subscriptions.’

iBaby Monitor M6T was earlier named the finalist by The Bump in The Best Of BabyTech Awards for 2016. iBaby is currently offering special pricing for holiday for this best baby monitor on our website and authorized retailers.

iBaby Selected Finalist in The Bump Best of BabyTech Awards

The Bump Best of BabyTech Awards logo
We are honored to announce that iBaby Monitor M6T been selected as a finalist in the The Bump Best of BabyTech Awards for 2016. The Bump is a well-recognized expert in everything pregnancy, parenting and childcare.

The finalists of the Award represent the best efforts in the field of fertility, pregnancy and baby technology, and the products will be shown at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Panel of judges as well as consumers can now place a vote for their favorite product online here. The voting period closes on January 6, 2016.

Please help iBaby win by placing your vote for us today and sharing this with your friends! Thank you for your support!

What Makes iBaby Care App a Gold Award Winner of 2015 Summer Awards

badge-gold-award-winner-2015 (1)
Last week our iBaby Care App was chosen as a Gold Award Winner of 2015 Summer Awards by Best Mobile App Awards. We are absolutely thrilled to be picked in the Best App for Children and Toddlers category with our app.

The Best Mobile App Awards is committed to bringing awareness to the most recent and greatest awards. BMA runs several contests every year to ensure all categories of mobile apps are covered. The winning app is selected by a committee of non-biased industry experts and app developers. The winner is selected on the basis of an app’s design, usability, functionality and overall performance.

iBaby Care is the official companion app developed by iBaby to be used with the intelligent iBaby Monitor M6. Using the iBaby Care App allows you to easily set up your monitor and start monitoring your baby anytime, anywhere in crystal clear HD resolution.

The app allows you to:
• Watch crystal clear HD live video stream whether it’s day or night
• Play soothing music and record bedtime stories for your loved ones so that they will always feel your presence.
• Hear and speak with your loved ones simultaneously
• 360° rotation helps you keep track of your baby’s movement
• Get visual alert notifications on your baby’s status
Besides that you can also:
• Capture HD photos and video clips
• Invite unlimited number of family and friends to join in on the baby watching fun.
• Add additional monitors to extend your care circle to your home, pets, elderly family members, or plants.

iBaby Care App comes free with iBaby Monitor M6 and is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Help iBaby Care App Win 2015 User Experience Awards

iBaby Labs has submitted an entry for 2015 User Experience Awards with its iBaby Care App, which is the companion app for the award-winning iBaby Monitor M6.

If you are an iBaby Monitor M6 user and enjoy your experience, please take a moment to vote for the app here.

The app removes the necessity to carry a bulky parent unit to monitor a child. Instead, iBaby Care app brings convenience to the user’s fingertips. By allowing unlimited users to view video feed, iBaby Care app truly removes boundaries for families while allowing secure connection and user-friendly interface. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and our app presents that perfectly with its intuitive design and UX.
Thank you for your support!

iBaby Monitor M6 Is A Tillywig Awards Parents’ Favorite Products Winner

Every year, the Tillywig Awards Program announces winners in best children’s products, educational and parenting products. Submitted products go through a series of tests to reveal the best products on the basis of value their bring to parents, children, or educators.

We are extremely happy to announce that our iBaby Monitor M6 was named Tillywig Award Winner 2015 in Parents’ Favorite Products category. The monitor was praised for quick installation, intuitive app interface, and the ability to control the monitor from distance.
For the full award description and review, go here.

iBaby Monitor M6 Named Product of The Year by Creative Child Magazine

We are extremely happy to start this week with great news for iBaby. It is an honor for us to have iBaby Monitor M6 be named ‘Product of the Year 2015’ by Creative Child Magazine. The magazine is a national bi-monthly resource providing parents on how to encourage their children’s creativity.

With NAPPA Gold award and silver Mom’s Choice award being given to iBaby recently, we are humbled by the experience and are thankful for the appreciation of our products.
And we cannot wait to share what else new is coming to iBaby very soon.