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How to Get Perfect Baby Shower Gifts Every Time

If you’re a best friend, aunt, uncle, grandma, or grandpa of the new parents, then you may face the pressure of giving the perfect baby shower gifts. The task may be daunting, but don’t fret, we’re here to help! [/vc_column_text]

If you are a best friend or close family member of the expectant parents, you may face the pressure of giving them the best baby shower gifts. Besides, who knows the parents better than those who knew them best, right? But out of the thousands of possible gift combinations out there, it may feel almost impossible to pick the best one. That’s why we’re here to help!
Step 1: Baby Registry
The first place you should always start with the baby registry. The baby registry is where expectant parents create lists of products they want and where to get them. Since parents personally pick and choose what goes onto their baby registry, you can never go wrong with getting a gift from these lists. Baby registries tend to include baby essentials such as car seats, cribs, and baby monitors.

The Ultimate Baby Care System

iBaby Monitors are popular baby registry items because they have exclusive features that make it the ultimate baby care device. These monitors also have air, temperature, and humidity sensors that measure room environment. In addition, the iBaby Monitors are not limited by range. Next time you decide to get one of these on a baby registry, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.
Baby registries make getting the perfect baby gifts easy as pie. However, if the expectant parents do not have baby registries, or if you believe there may be other gifts they may like, proceed to the next steps.
Step 2: Boy, Girl, or Neutral?
Boy or girl? Cute hair bows or handsome bowties? How about stylish and neutral? These are all incredibly important questions to consider when buying baby shower gifts. The preferences of the parents on this matter will help you figure out the style of the items you want to get.
For example, pinks, purples, bright blues, and pastels are popular girl colors. While greens, blues, black, and browns are more popular for boys. And nowadays, neutral color schemes are becoming more trendy as well. These colors consist of neutral shades of blue, yellow, and gray.

Why it matters…

In the world of baby style and baby stuff, colors and style matter. The expectant parents will prefer to dress their little ones in their favorite styles. They will also choose their favorite colors as a baby nursery theme as well. If you are unsure of their preferences, just ask them what their favorite colors are!

Step 3: What is the Most Important Thing to the Parents?

Every parent has different priorities when it comes to raising their children, whether it be early education or creativity. If they’re all about early education, gifts that emphasize brain development are the way to go! These gifts may include sensory toys, audiobooks, or children’s books. Soft books are incredibly popular. These books have colorful, interactive pages made of cloth, making them incredibly kid friendly.
If you’re aiming to give a gift that boosts creativity find toys that are musical and full of patterns. Infants have highly developed hearing the moment they’re born, allowing them to pick up music and language quickly. Also, babies are unable to see color until they are much older. Thus, bold patterns are more effective than bold colors. Try going for musical mobiles, rattles, and sensory toys for the perfect gift!

Consider this…

Some devices, such as the iBaby Monitor, has features that appeal to both. The two-way audio allows parents to talk to their little one even when they’re away. It even has a music player that allows parents to play music, so babies can rock out to their favorite songs!

Step 4: Who are their favorite childhood characters?

Elements of nostalgia will give you major bonus points when it comes to gifts. Think about it, a mug is just a mug until it has Darth Vader’s head on it, right? The parents are much more likely to love the gift if it reminds them of their childhood. Racecars, Disney, Winnie the Pooh, and Superheros tend to be very popular amongst new parents. So when you’re trying to decide between which color to choose or which blankie to buy for your baby shower gift, think about their favorite characters!

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, those you love will love whatever you give them! Baby shower gifts are something that the new family will cherish for a lifetime. Shopping should be fun and thoughtful, but not stressful. The opportunity to give a gift to a new bundle of joy only comes a few times in a lifetime, so enjoy every bit of it.


Fun Games for your Next Baby Shower

Baby showers are a time to welcome a new little one into the world. It is a chance for friends and family to shower the expectant parents with gifts to prepare them for their new bundle of joy. The typical baby shower consists of refreshments, mounds of presents, and an exciting gender reveal extravaganza. Most celebrations also have a plethora of fun, whimsical baby shower games to entertain party guests. There are the classics such as baby food taste testing and racing to finish the baby bottle, but here’s a list of some new games for party hosts looking to spice things up a bit.

In this game, guests can create their own baby using Play-Doh or clay. Each guest receives a handful of different colored pieces of Play-Doh. Their goal is to create the cutest baby. This game encourages them to let their imagination roam free. Guests also receive a cupcake or muffin liner place their creations into once they are done. It may be helpful to provide modeling tools such as toothpicks, plastic knives, and pens. After all the guests add the finishing touches to their creation, the parents pick out their favorite baby out of the bunch.

Instead of brand new cars and dream vacations, guests guess the price of a variety of baby products. These products can be anything from baby toys, gadgets, diapers, or toiletries. Each item is auctioned off one by one. After each round, the person who has the closest guess chooses between keeping the item or testing their luck with a mystery prize.

This game involves two or more players. Each participant gets a pile of baby clothes consisting of tops, bottoms, socks, and shoes. The participants put on blindfolds over their heads and spin around a few times. A timer is set for 45 seconds. The participants race to put together as many complete outfits as they can. The game host or host parents announce the winner after they have a count of completed outfits for each participant.

The materials needed for this game are tiny plastic babies, an ice cube tray, and drinks. Game set up happens before the party. Plastic babies are frozen into ice cubes using an ice cube tray and water. Once frozen, an ice cube baby is placed into everybody’s drink. The first person to have their baby completely emerge from the ice cube shouts “It’s a Boy/Girl!” and wins the game.

The best part of these games are they are fun for the whole family to enjoy! iBaby products are your go to gifts for any baby shower! Learn more about iBaby Lab’s award winning baby monitors and other innovative products here.

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How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Hooray! August is here, and that means many of you might be expecting super soon! About 4 million babies are born every year, and stats show that the biggest month is usually August. Afterwards, the next biggest months are typically July, October, and September. So if you haven’t already thrown a baby shower, you’re probably looking to kick one off very soon.
If we know you guys, it’s most likely your first ever baby shower, which means you could be super stressed about it. Very recently, Mean Girl and Mom-in-waiting Lacey Chabert had a baby shower hosted by Good Carma Studio. It got us thinking about all the planning that went into an event, and all the fun that they had during it.
Now your baby shower probably won’t have a camera or a live studio audience, which means planning it is going to be way easier and way simpler. Plus, we’re here to help out. So read on for some tips on how to get that baby shower juuuust right.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Location, Location, Location

Location is crucial when hosting a baby shower
The first thing to figure out is where to actually hold the baby shower. It should be large enough to be roomy, but not so large that parts of the space aren’t even touched. In that sense, it does depend on who RSVP’s to your invite, but it doesn’t hurt to start planning now.
But yeah, where to host it? You could host it at home, but do you really want to clean up that much afterwards? I think not. Besides, you’re about to spend a ton of time at home in the near future. Best to enjoy the shower in a spot that you already love visiting, and it might be a while until you get to go again. Not that home isn’t a great place to celebrate, but maybe reserve it as a last-ditch location.
Do you have any restaurants, cafes, or clubhouses that you love to frequent? Places sometimes do allow parties, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask if you can host a baby shower there. Your fave bar might also work, but you might have to host it during the day instead.
Other great locations include ballrooms and spas. Actually, now that we think about it more, hosting your baby shower at a spa would be magical. Imagine having your party, and then getting group facials right afterwards… You should totally call your nearest spa right now, and make that foot massage party/baby shower happen asap.

Pick a Theme, Any Theme

While a theme isn’t strictly necessary, and you could host a regular baby shower without one… Question is: why wouldn’t you? Having a theme simply ups the ante, and gives the event a pretty substantial boost. At the very least, it’s a talking point for a bunch of your friends and family and a way for everyone you know to find a way to socialize with each other.
In any case, what theme to pick? Well, what do you love? Are you into Pokemon? Go with that! Or are you a movie buff? How about a Star Wars theme? Or a Frozen theme? Or a Star Wars/Frozen hybrid theme, where you dress up as Jedi Elsa? It isn’t a party until everyone breaks out with their toy lightsabers. If you’re a fan of classic literature with strong female protagonists, you could go with a Pride and Prejudice theme. And if you’ve got a macabre sense of humor, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
Okay, that last one might be a bit much. But still, tons of choices; the sky’s the limit. You can hop on Pinterest and do a search on baby shower themes. You’ll find a ton of inspiration from the ridiculously cute results. Pick your favorite and run with it. No matter what you go with, you and your guests will surely love it. If not, that’s what Force Persuade is for.

Spreading the Word

Baby shower invites should be brilliant and awesome and promise the world. Not really. But they should be cool.
Alright, you’ve got a venue and a theme. It’s time to do the invitations – these puppies have to be solid. You can’t just call everyone and ask them to show up. That’s not very special at all. You’ve gotta go big on this one!
Now, you probably shouldn’t go all out and do hand-written invites on imported bohemian invitation cards. But they should look great, convey your baby shower’s theme, and be fun to read. Definitely draft out what you want them to say, and be as funny as possible. For example, if you go with the Jedi Elsa theme, you could include some Force Persuade and Chosen One puns. And if you have any writer or designer friends, be sure to rope them into ask for their help putting your invitations together.
Finally, instead of mailing them out, reach out to your friends and family, go out for some tea or some other event, and hand-deliver the invite. That’s extra super special (also, it’ll be harder for them to say no, bwa-ha-ha!)

Refreshing Refreshments

The food and drink at your baby shower is super important
The food and drink you plan for your baby shower don’t have to be outrageous. Rather, you don’t have to necessarily go all out. Having a good spread on a buffet table should be all you need. As long as the food tastes great and the drinks are light and bubbly, you’re pretty much set.
Don’t forget to ask your guests about food allergies and special dietary needs – you wouldn’t want anyone getting sick during this special day. In any case, the best food to have here is probably lots of good finger food. It allows every to snack through the day without getting too heavy to party later on.
And speaking of partying… We don’t want to say alcohol is mandatory, but it totally should be. Yeah, you can’t really have any, but your guests will absolutely appreciate it. Alcohol just helps get everyone in a celebratory mood, plus you don’t have to go heavy. Some crisp, cold champagne works wonders for any occasion, especially for celebrating you finally getting your own mini-you.

It’s All Fun and Games…

Even your baby shower needs games, otherwise people will riot
Guests… Check!
Venue… Check!
Food & Drink… Check!
The only other important thing that needs planning are the games and activities. Eating, drinking, and socializing is good, but all parties need that element of fun to help bring it to the next level.
There’s the classic baby photo game, where everyone sends you a photo of themselves as a baby, and during the party, the rest of the guests have to figure out which baby turned out to be who. It’s actually pretty good fun, and is a really good ice breaker.
If your baby shower is Pokemon themed, you could always fire up Pokemon Go (Grandma’s been itching to find a Mewtwo) and have a quick walk around your venue. Chances are, it’s already a Gym, and you guys could literally have a huge match to claim it. It’s a highly social game being played at a very social event. Win-win. Leave a Magikarp to defend, just for fun.
There’s other things you could plan for and play as well – trivia, board games, the Telephone game, yea olde card games, etc. Some of the best social games that exist typically have few or simple rules. Just do a quick search and see if you can find any that match the theme you’ve picked out.

Mother’s Day Baby Gift Ideas That Every Mom Will Appreciate

mothers day baby gift ideas
Our favorite day of the year is almost here! If you know a mom who has a baby, we have Mother’s Day baby gift ideas that will make any mom happy.

When a woman becomes a mom, all of her life changes, especially if that is her first child. New mothers feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility, an overpowering love, a little bit of fear, and some tiredness. If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day baby gift, look no further.

Mother’s Day baby gift ideas: 1. Video baby monitor

Looking for an affordable Mother’s Day gift that will be used for years and will be really helpful and is easy to use? A video baby monitor, such as iBaby Monitor M6T, might be something you are looking for. The monitor is quick to set up, has a user friendly interface, and thousands of mothers swear by it. With a video baby monitor, you can get that peace of mind knowing that your baby is fine in her room. Sound and motion sensors will alert the parents if something changes.
We are offering a 15% coupon for ALL of our baby monitors with coupon GIFT4MOM until May 22nd. Go get yours now!

Mother’s Day baby gift ideas: 2. Time off

Being a mom can be tiring. Do you know what is the most common wish a new mom has? It is to be able to take a nice shower. Why not make that wish a bit more fancy? Get her a spa certificate, a time out with her girlfriends, or a gym pass. Better yet? Plan a date night where you don’t have to worry about diapers, feedings, or packing a baby bag. Spending time together without a baby contributes to a better relationship between the parents. We covered it here how to have a date when you have kids.

Mother’s Day baby gift ideas: 3. Personalized touch

Got it all? Get her a Mother’s Day baby gift she will never forget by making it personal. You can get something special she was only dreaming of, such as an expensive handbag, a luxury watch or jewelry. Customize your choices with a monogram, or an engraving to make it personal.

Five Must-Have Baby Gadgets Every Parent Needs

Baby girl's nursery in pink tones with toys in the crib and on the chair
Baby industry today offers so many products that it’s easy to get lost when you’re expecting a baby. We’re breaking it down to several baby gadgets that every family must have.

No matter if you are registering for your baby shower or just found out that you are pregnant, you will have to make several choices as to what gadgets you need for your baby. In the sea of products that are supposed to make your and your baby’s life easier, how do you choose what you really need? We are breaking it down to five essentials every parent needs.

  • Thermometer

As a new parent, you will have a natural fear for your baby’s well-being. Whether or not your baby is having a fever will be the question you will ask yourself often. Baby thermometers come in many forms – from app-enabled ones to those built inside a pacifier – parents have many choices to suit their needs.

  • Baby monitor

Modern day nanny cams offer much more functionality than just monitoring the baby. For instance, iBaby Monitor M6T has a temperature and humidity sensor, music player, and, of course, night vision. This long list of features allows parents to eliminate additional gadgets, such as white noise machines, or room temperature thermometers.

  • Breast milk pump

Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers had to manually pump breast milk. Choosing an electric breast pump over a manual one will help you save time and allow you to do other things while pumping. You can choose to either work or simply relax while the pump is doing its job.

  • Humidifier

It is recommended to keep humidity at about 55% in your baby’s room. This will naturally change depending on the season and the climate in your area, with air getting drier in winter. Dry air can irritate baby’s skin, nose and lungs. When setting up a humidifier, remember to fill it with bottled water rather than tap water, and place it out of baby’s reach.

  • Vibrating chair/pad

It’s a fact, babies like everything vibrating. Nowadays parents can choose from a variety of vibrating seats, bassinets, and pads to keep their babies calm. Remember to keep the bouncing chair on the ground and never on a raised surface. Always secure your baby with a strap.

Five Baby Shower Gifts No Mom Will Ever Return

pink toy stroller on the table as a decoration for a babygirl baby shower
If you are invited to a baby shower, most probably there is a baby registry to buy gifts from. But what to bring to a baby shower if you didn’t buy the gifts in time?

When you are going to a baby shower, you should bring a gift for the expecting mom or the baby, even if the family asked for no gifts. Buying a gift card is always a safe choice and will be useful for the future parents. However, we compiled a list of five gift ideas that no mom will be able to return that are a fun alternative to a boring gift card.

  1. Video baby monitor. This gift is usually on the more expensive side, but any parent will love it. Modern nanny cameras are extremely easy to set up and operate. Most of the baby monitors connect to a parent’s mobile device, which means access to the video feed from anywhere, and not just from inside the house.
  2. Books. Well, where do we start on the benefits of reading books to babies? There is no time that is too early for the parents to start reading to their children. Not only reading provides an opportunity for parents and babies to bond, but it also brings an educational value that is hard to overestimate. Reading helps children to learn new words, develop cognition, set up the routine, and also practice their motor skills when they touch the book.
  3. Swaddle blankets. As tempting as it may be, it is not recommended to buy clothes for the baby. First, you might get a wrong size, or a color that the parents might not prefer. Second, kids grow out of clothes too fast to be able to truly enjoy them. Instead, get something that the kids won’t grow out from, such as swaddle blankets. Make sure you get ones made of natural fabrics and in gender neutral colors (parents might reuse them or pass them down to relatives or friends).
  4. Lotions/wipes. Some people think that giving diapers is a safe choice for any expecting parent, but in reality parents are advised to buy diapers in small batches until they learn which ones work best for their child. For this reason, it is a better idea to buy other cosmetic products that will be used by parents: body lotions, baby wipes, or baby powder. Just make sure you pick hypoallergenic and fragrance-free ones that have organic ingredients.
  5. Picture frames. There is never too many baby photos, and every day presents and opportunity for a cool new shot of the baby. Picture frames is something every parent will appreciate and use. Make sure you know what style of frames parents prefer for their interior. Better yet, buy a gift certificate for a professional family photoshoot, or a digital photo frame. Print out articles on how to take the cutest baby photos and what photos to take during baby’s first year.