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How to Travel With Your Smart iBaby Monitor This Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly, merry, and to do a lot of traveling to be with your loved ones. That means that you have to pack all of your baby essentials, including your iBaby monitor. But don’t worry, traveling with your iBaby monitor is as easy as installing it for the first time. Just follow the instructions below created by our customer support tech for a safe holiday season.


Perfect Christmas Gifts for Busy and Modern Parents

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And with this wonderful new season, spending hours at the mall are a given to find the perfect Christmas gift. But if thinking about going to the mall turns you into a grinch, we can all understand. Especially if you have to do so with one or two of Santa’s hyper little helpers. And if you’re like us and leave everything to the last minute, you’re likely scrambling to figure out what to buy. But don’t worry, we came up with a list of perfect Christmas gifts for busy and modern parents.

Every parent, even the techie in your life, will love the iBaby Care M7. Whether it’s to see their baby through the night, or to keep a extra eye on a furbaby. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes to keep an eye on things straight from their phone. Plus, it’s on sale! And who doesn’t like some Christmas deals?

#2 Coffee Machine

If you’re shopping for someone whose blood has turned into coffee, an upgraded coffee machine is the best present you can get. Whether it be an upgrade Keurig, or a step up to an espresso machine, a new coffee maker is the way to win this Christmas. Find one at your local target store or even ship one from Amazon. And if you have prime, you’ll get it before Christmas.

#3 iRobot Roomba

Parenting is tiring. And if you come home after work and don’t want to spend your free time cleaning up the house, let a robot do it for you! A Roomba will vacuum your floors while you enjoy a cup of wine or relax. Plus, if you’re buying this for your significant other, this will make cleaning time go by that much faster. And who doesn’t love a clean home?

#4 Amazon Kindle

If you’re shopping for a book lover, look no further. Amazon’s Kindle is the perfect gift for anyone who spends their free time with a book cracked open. And to make it an even better gift, pre-load it with lots of free or discounted e-books offered on Amazon!

#5 Amazon Echo integrated with Alexa

If having a smart home is a priority to some of your friends, having an Amazon’s Alexa in their house is a necessity. With Alexa you can ask an array of questions, play music and even place Amazon orders.

#6 Gift Cards

If you’re still undecided on what to get your friends or family members, giving them a gift card is the safest route. Get them a gift card to their favorite store. Hint: Mom’s love Target!

How to Get Perfect Baby Shower Gifts Every Time

If you’re a best friend, aunt, uncle, grandma, or grandpa of the new parents, then you may face the pressure of giving the perfect baby shower gifts. The task may be daunting, but don’t fret, we’re here to help! [/vc_column_text]

If you are a best friend or close family member of the expectant parents, you may face the pressure of giving them the best baby shower gifts. Besides, who knows the parents better than those who knew them best, right? But out of the thousands of possible gift combinations out there, it may feel almost impossible to pick the best one. That’s why we’re here to help!
Step 1: Baby Registry
The first place you should always start with the baby registry. The baby registry is where expectant parents create lists of products they want and where to get them. Since parents personally pick and choose what goes onto their baby registry, you can never go wrong with getting a gift from these lists. Baby registries tend to include baby essentials such as car seats, cribs, and baby monitors.

The Ultimate Baby Care System

iBaby Monitors are popular baby registry items because they have exclusive features that make it the ultimate baby care device. These monitors also have air, temperature, and humidity sensors that measure room environment. In addition, the iBaby Monitors are not limited by range. Next time you decide to get one of these on a baby registry, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.
Baby registries make getting the perfect baby gifts easy as pie. However, if the expectant parents do not have baby registries, or if you believe there may be other gifts they may like, proceed to the next steps.
Step 2: Boy, Girl, or Neutral?
Boy or girl? Cute hair bows or handsome bowties? How about stylish and neutral? These are all incredibly important questions to consider when buying baby shower gifts. The preferences of the parents on this matter will help you figure out the style of the items you want to get.
For example, pinks, purples, bright blues, and pastels are popular girl colors. While greens, blues, black, and browns are more popular for boys. And nowadays, neutral color schemes are becoming more trendy as well. These colors consist of neutral shades of blue, yellow, and gray.

Why it matters…

In the world of baby style and baby stuff, colors and style matter. The expectant parents will prefer to dress their little ones in their favorite styles. They will also choose their favorite colors as a baby nursery theme as well. If you are unsure of their preferences, just ask them what their favorite colors are!

Step 3: What is the Most Important Thing to the Parents?

Every parent has different priorities when it comes to raising their children, whether it be early education or creativity. If they’re all about early education, gifts that emphasize brain development are the way to go! These gifts may include sensory toys, audiobooks, or children’s books. Soft books are incredibly popular. These books have colorful, interactive pages made of cloth, making them incredibly kid friendly.
If you’re aiming to give a gift that boosts creativity find toys that are musical and full of patterns. Infants have highly developed hearing the moment they’re born, allowing them to pick up music and language quickly. Also, babies are unable to see color until they are much older. Thus, bold patterns are more effective than bold colors. Try going for musical mobiles, rattles, and sensory toys for the perfect gift!

Consider this…

Some devices, such as the iBaby Monitor, has features that appeal to both. The two-way audio allows parents to talk to their little one even when they’re away. It even has a music player that allows parents to play music, so babies can rock out to their favorite songs!

Step 4: Who are their favorite childhood characters?

Elements of nostalgia will give you major bonus points when it comes to gifts. Think about it, a mug is just a mug until it has Darth Vader’s head on it, right? The parents are much more likely to love the gift if it reminds them of their childhood. Racecars, Disney, Winnie the Pooh, and Superheros tend to be very popular amongst new parents. So when you’re trying to decide between which color to choose or which blankie to buy for your baby shower gift, think about their favorite characters!

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, those you love will love whatever you give them! Baby shower gifts are something that the new family will cherish for a lifetime. Shopping should be fun and thoughtful, but not stressful. The opportunity to give a gift to a new bundle of joy only comes a few times in a lifetime, so enjoy every bit of it.


Fun Kids Outdoor Games (with a twist) to Rock Your Next Party

It’s almost June, so you know what that means. Summer is almost here! It’s almost peak time for outdoor grilling, games, and soaking up the sunshine. If you’re an avid summertime bbq’er, then you know there are a few must-haves for a successful party. These are good food, great company, and entertainment. Entertainment is usually a tricky part of planning. If Grandma’s karaoke sessions don’t meet your standards of quality entertainment, then you have other options as well. You can hire a professional DJ…or better yet host some awesome party games! Here are outdoor summer games to get your party rolling.

Water Balloon Capture the Flag

This is a game that puts a whole new twist on a popular tradition. The rules are similar to that of traditional Capture the Flag. Here’s a quick recap to jog your memory:
The goal is to capture the opposite team’s flag. You do so by stealing the flag from your opponent and bringing it over to your side without getting tagged. To begin the game, each team goes on their side of the playing field and faces the opposite team. The flag is placed at the far ends of the playing field.

Players can only tag members of the opposite team when they are on their opponent’s side of the field. When a player gets tagged, they must return back to their own side. If the tagged person has the flag in their possession, they must return the flag to its original position.

So here’s the twist. In this game, buckets of water balloons are scattered throughout the playing field. The only way to tag a player out is by hitting them with a water balloon. However, if the water balloon hits them and it does not pop, then they’re in the clear.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest

The hotter the day, the easier the game gets! To prep, soak an oversized t-shirt in water and fold it 3 to 4 times. To make it more of a challenge, you can also tie the folded t-shirt into a bundle. Then, place the t-shirt into a ziplock bag and freeze overnight.

When your party is ready to play the game, hand each participant a Ziplock bag with the frozen t-shirt inside. The objective of the game is to be the first person to unfold and put on the shirt. The task can be a lot harder than it sounds! So hope for some nice, warm weather that will help melt the ice!

This game is a twist on the classic, Hide-and-Seek that closely resembles the name it was given. In this game of Hide-and-Seek, instead of having one person being “It,” there are many people who are “It” and only one person that hides.

At the start of the game, everybody who’s “It” covers their eyes and counts down while the other person goes hide. After the countdown, the people who are “It” split up and looks for the person in hiding. As the people who are “It” finds the person in hiding, they join the hiding spot and remain hidden as best as they can. Eventually, everyone except for the last “It” person will be in one hiding spot, waiting for the last “It” person to find them. The game ends when the last “It” person finds the whole crew.


To win, you’ll have to be stealthy, sneaky, and quick! For this game, everyone gathers in into a circle and leaves a little wiggle room between each person. On the count of three, each person chooses their starting pose. Each person takes turns making one swift move and tries to hit someone else’s hand with their own. During the round, anybody can take one swift move in attempts to dodge the attack. If a person’s hand is hit, they can no longer use that hand and it must remain behind their back for the duration of the game. A person is out of the game when both of their hands got hit. The last man standing is the champion of Ninja!

Over-Under: Splash Edition

Prepare to get soaked! For this game, teams stand in a forward facing, single file line. First, fill a bucket of water. Then, place it at one end of the line. On the other end of the line, place an empty bucket and mark it with a “Fill” line. To begin, the person who is closest to the bucket of water gets a dry sponge. That person then soaks the sponge with as much water as possible and passes it to the next person over their head. That person then passes the sponge to the person in front of them between their legs. The “over-under” pattern continues until the sponge reaches the last person. The last person on the team squeezes water out of the sponge into the empty bucket and runs it back to the first person. The first team to fill the bucket up with water to the “Fill” line wins!

Happy National Bath Safety Month!

January is National Bath Safety Month! In honor of this month-long celebration of bath safety and awareness, here are a few steps to make your baby’s bath safer and more enjoyable. It’s normal for babies to be fussy during bath time for the first few months. But taking the right steps can help them adjust to bathtime quicker and easier.

Your baby’s umbilical cord should be completely healed and fallen off before proceeding with a tub bath. Otherwise, submerging the baby’s body in water may cause infections.

As you prepare for baby’s first bath, make the room nice and warm. Keeping the room warm helps regulate the baby’s core body temperature when going in and out of the water. Next, cover the floor of the bathtub with a towel. It is easier for a baby to adjust to laying on a soft towel than a plastic tub.

When everything is set up, fill the bathtub with about two or three inches of warm water. The water temperature should be between 90 to 100 F. Once there’s enough water in the tub to cover the baby’s body, place your hand and wrist into the tub to check the water temperature.

If the water is just right, support the baby’s neck and body as you lower the baby into the tub.

Start bathing your baby by using a cotton ball and gently wipe the baby’s eye from the inner corner out. Discard the cotton ball afterward and use a fresh one to wipe the other eye. Use fresh cotton balls each time you clean your baby’s eyes to prevent discharge from spreading to the other eye.

After, use a washcloth to clean your baby’s face and neck. Wet the washcloth and begin by gently wiping the baby’s cheeks and forehead. Then, clean the creases of the baby’s neck. As you clean the baby’s neck, be sure to get into all the creases to clean up milk dribbles that may collect there.

Once the face and neck are clean, continue wiping the baby’s arms, legs, fingers, and toes.

Lastly, it’s time to clean the baby’s head and bottom. Use the washcloth to wipe the baby’s bottom. Then, set the dirty washcloth aside.

You may choose to wash the baby’s hair with mild, tear-free soap or rinse with warm water. Squeeze a quarter size bit of soap into your hand and massage it into the baby’s hair using small gentle circles. Then, soak a clean washcloth and gently squeeze the water onto the baby’s head. You can also use a small cup instead of a washcloth.

When the suds are all gone, lift your baby up out of the water and into a towel. Hooded bath towels help keep the baby’s head warm as you dry them.
Since babies have sensitive skin, over-washing may dry their skin. In the first few months, limit baths to only a few times a month. You can keep your baby clean in between baths by wiping them with wet washcloths. As they adjust to bathtime, it becomes fun for the whole family. In the meantime, celebrate National Bath Safety Month and make baths as enjoyable and safe as possible!

Craft Ideas for Kids Home for the Holidays!

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas, which means kids are home for winter break! Make the most of this time with easy holiday crafts for kids and kids at heart. These project ideas will be sure to let their creativity and imagination flourish. Who knows, you might even get cute new holiday decor in the process! Here are three project ideas to get you started.This year, decorate your Christmas tree with customized, one-of-a-kind ornaments! Create marble ornaments with a few simple materials.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Clear glass or plastic ball ornaments
  • Acrylic paints in all your favorite colors (even the glitters)
  • Egg carton

First, help kids take off the top clip of the ornament. Next, choose 3-4 paint colors. Carefully squeeze small amounts of each color into the ornament so that it runs down the inside walls of the ornament. Make sure to disperse the colors sporadically. Then, rotate the ornament until the paint covers the entire inside of the ornament.

Finally, let the ornaments dry by placing them upside down in an egg carton to remove the extra paint. Drying may take 1-3 days. Once the ornaments are completely dry, replace the clip on the ornament to hang it up. Kids may need adult assistance with this step. Now, you have beautiful one-of-a-kind ornaments to add to your Christmas tree!

This is for marshmallow and candy fanatics of all ages. This project lets kids’ creativity and imagination roam free as they create the perfect Snow Buddy. When they finish, kids may want to put their Snow Buddy into hot chocolate or on a cupcake!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Small and large marshmallows
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Vanilla icing
  • Candy of all shapes, colors, and sizes
  • Licorice laces

To begin, use the pretzel sticks to attach multiple large marshmallows to make the body. Next, use small marshmallows and pretzel sticks to create arms and legs. Then, use icing to stick the candy pieces on the marshmallows for eyes, nose, hats, and mouths. Also, use candy belts to make cozy Snow Buddy scarves and sweaters! Additionally, use licorice laces to create fun hairstyles such as braids and spiky hair!

Candles can be safe for kids too, as long as they’re flameless. This season, let kids create a festive candle holder that you’ll be proud to display. The best part of this project is that it uses 100% worry-free flameless candles.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Holiday colored paints such as white, blue, red, green, silver, and gold
  • Paint brushes
  • Small clear glass candle holders
  • Flameless, battery powered tea light candles
  • Optional: Cotton balls

First, hand each kid a candle holder and different paint colors to use. Next, kids can paint holiday scenes onto the candle holders such as snow and Christmas trees. Encourage creativity, but avoid covering the entire candle holder. Leave some space to let the candlelight shine through.

Optional: Let the paint dry. Then, pull apart cotton balls and fill about 1/3 of the candle holder for “snow.” Bury the candle into the cotton, but do not cover the flame.
Finally, switch the candle on and watch your new holiday candles dazzle!Click here to get the latest on iBaby products and offers!

Fun Games for your Next Baby Shower

Baby showers are a time to welcome a new little one into the world. It is a chance for friends and family to shower the expectant parents with gifts to prepare them for their new bundle of joy. The typical baby shower consists of refreshments, mounds of presents, and an exciting gender reveal extravaganza. Most celebrations also have a plethora of fun, whimsical baby shower games to entertain party guests. There are the classics such as baby food taste testing and racing to finish the baby bottle, but here’s a list of some new games for party hosts looking to spice things up a bit.

In this game, guests can create their own baby using Play-Doh or clay. Each guest receives a handful of different colored pieces of Play-Doh. Their goal is to create the cutest baby. This game encourages them to let their imagination roam free. Guests also receive a cupcake or muffin liner place their creations into once they are done. It may be helpful to provide modeling tools such as toothpicks, plastic knives, and pens. After all the guests add the finishing touches to their creation, the parents pick out their favorite baby out of the bunch.

Instead of brand new cars and dream vacations, guests guess the price of a variety of baby products. These products can be anything from baby toys, gadgets, diapers, or toiletries. Each item is auctioned off one by one. After each round, the person who has the closest guess chooses between keeping the item or testing their luck with a mystery prize.

This game involves two or more players. Each participant gets a pile of baby clothes consisting of tops, bottoms, socks, and shoes. The participants put on blindfolds over their heads and spin around a few times. A timer is set for 45 seconds. The participants race to put together as many complete outfits as they can. The game host or host parents announce the winner after they have a count of completed outfits for each participant.

The materials needed for this game are tiny plastic babies, an ice cube tray, and drinks. Game set up happens before the party. Plastic babies are frozen into ice cubes using an ice cube tray and water. Once frozen, an ice cube baby is placed into everybody’s drink. The first person to have their baby completely emerge from the ice cube shouts “It’s a Boy/Girl!” and wins the game.

The best part of these games are they are fun for the whole family to enjoy! iBaby products are your go to gifts for any baby shower! Learn more about iBaby Lab’s award winning baby monitors and other innovative products here.

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Pumpkin Decorating for the Whole Family

As we enter into the month of October, we can’t help but think about all of our favorite Halloween activities. Decorating your home with spooktacular designs is one way to get the Halloween fun started! If you want to set your home apart from others in your neighborhood, you will need creative Halloween décor, like a one-of-a-kind carved pumpkin! So gather the whole family together, and enjoy lots of laughs, as you each create your own special jack-o-lantern. To help provide a bit of inspiration, and get those creative juices flowing, here are some helpful pumpkin decorating tips!

The Right Tools

For any successful pumpkin design, you will need the right tools. First, start out with a selection of stencil designs and pencils to plan out your design. Many stencil designs can be accessed online for free or a minimal fee. You may also purchase stencil kits in stores, or create your own design from scratch! Many times, pumpkin carving kits come with stencils that the whole family can enjoy.
If you are carving pumpkins with little ones, you can purchase more “child-friendly” kits. These kits supply tools that appropriately fit small hands, providing the most control for carving. For young children too young to carve, consider alternatives like painting a pumpkin or decorating one with colorful craft supplies. Regardless of how your child chooses to decorate their jack-o-lantern, they should be supervised each step of the way.

Prepping Your Pumpkin

Choosing the right pumpkin is the foundation for the perfect jack-o-lantern. Select a pumpkin that is medium sized—not too small and not too large (much like Goldilocks’ conundrum!). If you choose a pumpkin that is too large, the prepping and design of the pumpkin will require a great deal of time and labor. A pumpkin that is too small will be difficult to carve your design into. In addition, avoid extremely round or oddly shaped pumpkins. Adhering a stencil or adding a detailed design to these pumpkins can feel quite impossible.
Once you’ve chosen a pumpkin, clean the pumpkin to rid the surface of any dirt or other residue. Next, cut a circle around the stem of the pumpkin and lift off the top—save this part of the pumpkin for later! Your little ones will need assistance for this part. Using gloves, remove all the pumpkin seeds and strands. With the scoop tool, remove all of the remaining strands and seeds. Once your pumpkin is hallowed out, you will be ready to carve your pumpkin! If you choose to decorate your pumpkin with paint or other crafting supplies, there is no need to hallow out your pumpkin.

Decorating Success

Choosing what you carve into your pumpkin or how to decorate your pumpkin is the best part! Be creative and choose a design that matches your personal taste, or the décor of your home. If you are decorating pumpkins with the entire family, consider having a themed bunch of pumpkins. Alternatively, you could show your furry family pet extra love by featuring their adorable face on your pumpkin. With older children, a friendly family carving contest could make the time together even more memorable!
Once you have finished carving your pumpkins, place tealight candles inside of your pumpkin, and place the stem back on top. Voilà! Your pumpkin is ready to be set on your porch or doorstep for all your guests to admire!
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How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Hooray! August is here, and that means many of you might be expecting super soon! About 4 million babies are born every year, and stats show that the biggest month is usually August. Afterwards, the next biggest months are typically July, October, and September. So if you haven’t already thrown a baby shower, you’re probably looking to kick one off very soon.
If we know you guys, it’s most likely your first ever baby shower, which means you could be super stressed about it. Very recently, Mean Girl and Mom-in-waiting Lacey Chabert had a baby shower hosted by Good Carma Studio. It got us thinking about all the planning that went into an event, and all the fun that they had during it.
Now your baby shower probably won’t have a camera or a live studio audience, which means planning it is going to be way easier and way simpler. Plus, we’re here to help out. So read on for some tips on how to get that baby shower juuuust right.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Location, Location, Location

Location is crucial when hosting a baby shower
The first thing to figure out is where to actually hold the baby shower. It should be large enough to be roomy, but not so large that parts of the space aren’t even touched. In that sense, it does depend on who RSVP’s to your invite, but it doesn’t hurt to start planning now.
But yeah, where to host it? You could host it at home, but do you really want to clean up that much afterwards? I think not. Besides, you’re about to spend a ton of time at home in the near future. Best to enjoy the shower in a spot that you already love visiting, and it might be a while until you get to go again. Not that home isn’t a great place to celebrate, but maybe reserve it as a last-ditch location.
Do you have any restaurants, cafes, or clubhouses that you love to frequent? Places sometimes do allow parties, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask if you can host a baby shower there. Your fave bar might also work, but you might have to host it during the day instead.
Other great locations include ballrooms and spas. Actually, now that we think about it more, hosting your baby shower at a spa would be magical. Imagine having your party, and then getting group facials right afterwards… You should totally call your nearest spa right now, and make that foot massage party/baby shower happen asap.

Pick a Theme, Any Theme

While a theme isn’t strictly necessary, and you could host a regular baby shower without one… Question is: why wouldn’t you? Having a theme simply ups the ante, and gives the event a pretty substantial boost. At the very least, it’s a talking point for a bunch of your friends and family and a way for everyone you know to find a way to socialize with each other.
In any case, what theme to pick? Well, what do you love? Are you into Pokemon? Go with that! Or are you a movie buff? How about a Star Wars theme? Or a Frozen theme? Or a Star Wars/Frozen hybrid theme, where you dress up as Jedi Elsa? It isn’t a party until everyone breaks out with their toy lightsabers. If you’re a fan of classic literature with strong female protagonists, you could go with a Pride and Prejudice theme. And if you’ve got a macabre sense of humor, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
Okay, that last one might be a bit much. But still, tons of choices; the sky’s the limit. You can hop on Pinterest and do a search on baby shower themes. You’ll find a ton of inspiration from the ridiculously cute results. Pick your favorite and run with it. No matter what you go with, you and your guests will surely love it. If not, that’s what Force Persuade is for.

Spreading the Word

Baby shower invites should be brilliant and awesome and promise the world. Not really. But they should be cool.
Alright, you’ve got a venue and a theme. It’s time to do the invitations – these puppies have to be solid. You can’t just call everyone and ask them to show up. That’s not very special at all. You’ve gotta go big on this one!
Now, you probably shouldn’t go all out and do hand-written invites on imported bohemian invitation cards. But they should look great, convey your baby shower’s theme, and be fun to read. Definitely draft out what you want them to say, and be as funny as possible. For example, if you go with the Jedi Elsa theme, you could include some Force Persuade and Chosen One puns. And if you have any writer or designer friends, be sure to rope them into ask for their help putting your invitations together.
Finally, instead of mailing them out, reach out to your friends and family, go out for some tea or some other event, and hand-deliver the invite. That’s extra super special (also, it’ll be harder for them to say no, bwa-ha-ha!)

Refreshing Refreshments

The food and drink at your baby shower is super important
The food and drink you plan for your baby shower don’t have to be outrageous. Rather, you don’t have to necessarily go all out. Having a good spread on a buffet table should be all you need. As long as the food tastes great and the drinks are light and bubbly, you’re pretty much set.
Don’t forget to ask your guests about food allergies and special dietary needs – you wouldn’t want anyone getting sick during this special day. In any case, the best food to have here is probably lots of good finger food. It allows every to snack through the day without getting too heavy to party later on.
And speaking of partying… We don’t want to say alcohol is mandatory, but it totally should be. Yeah, you can’t really have any, but your guests will absolutely appreciate it. Alcohol just helps get everyone in a celebratory mood, plus you don’t have to go heavy. Some crisp, cold champagne works wonders for any occasion, especially for celebrating you finally getting your own mini-you.

It’s All Fun and Games…

Even your baby shower needs games, otherwise people will riot
Guests… Check!
Venue… Check!
Food & Drink… Check!
The only other important thing that needs planning are the games and activities. Eating, drinking, and socializing is good, but all parties need that element of fun to help bring it to the next level.
There’s the classic baby photo game, where everyone sends you a photo of themselves as a baby, and during the party, the rest of the guests have to figure out which baby turned out to be who. It’s actually pretty good fun, and is a really good ice breaker.
If your baby shower is Pokemon themed, you could always fire up Pokemon Go (Grandma’s been itching to find a Mewtwo) and have a quick walk around your venue. Chances are, it’s already a Gym, and you guys could literally have a huge match to claim it. It’s a highly social game being played at a very social event. Win-win. Leave a Magikarp to defend, just for fun.
There’s other things you could plan for and play as well – trivia, board games, the Telephone game, yea olde card games, etc. Some of the best social games that exist typically have few or simple rules. Just do a quick search and see if you can find any that match the theme you’ve picked out.

Five New Father Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day has to be most special when it is your very first one. We scouted five new father gift ideas that are easy to implement. He will love these!
Here are our favorite new father gift ideas:
newborn baby photoshoot
Babies grow up fast! Keep the memories forever with a professional father-child and family photoshoot. To make the most elegant of the photos, go for timeless black-and-white pictures. Once you have the photos ready, print some in large format to decorate your house.
iBaby Monitor M6S in the nursery
Video baby monitor
While parenthood may be overwhelming, there are gadgets made to help new parents. A digital video baby monitor is one of those. Pick a monitor with simple installation, high definition video, two-way audio, sound and motion alerts, and air quality (including temperature and humidity) sensor, such as iBaby Monitor M6S. And also, we offer 15% off iBaby monitors for Father’s Day (iBaby Monitor M6S excluded).
sporting event tickets are a great gift for father's day
Sporting event tickets
If your man is a huge sports fan, get him the tickets he wanted. To make the event more special, get him a new jersey. Consider making it a baby-father outing by including the new baby and dressing her in a jersey or hat, too. If one-on-one time with the baby is too much, let the father have fun and enjoy the game.
baby books from the father's childhood will have the father bond with the baby
Special baby book
How about a timeless gift with a special meaning for a father? Find out what the father’s favorite childhood book was and buy one for him. He sure will have great time reading it for your child before bedtime. In fact, you may also find him reading it to himself one day.
baby carrier helps dads and babies grow closer
Baby carrier
Help your baby’s father spend more time together with the child by buying him a baby carrier. Baby carriers are not only extremely convenient to use since they free up your hands, but they also help bonding with the child. Babies carried by parents are said to cry less, grow smarter and happier.