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Is Co-Sleeping With Your Baby or Toddler Safe?

To a lot of parents, co-sleeping with your baby can mean comfort and relief. While others label it as outright dangerous. In the united states, co-sleeping with your baby can be a taboo topic for parents. And that’s because if the proper precautions aren’t taken, it can lead to SIDS and accidental deaths. Due to these risks, the majority of pediatricians don’t recommend sharing a bed with your baby. But even with the dangers of co-sleeping, being in the same room as your baby can positively benefit your little one. And it can help make parenting a lot easier.

#1 Are you a tired parent?

Sleeping in the same room as your baby can reduce the stress of the unknown. Most parents spend the majority of their time worrying over the safety of their baby. This is why co-sleeping will make parenting a lot easier throughout the night. You can tend to and feel safer knowing that your baby sleeping right next to you. This will create a stress-free situation for both parents and baby. And best of all, if your baby starts fussing, you’ll be right there before it turns into a full breakdown.

#2 Co-sleeping Positions

Co-sleeping with your baby does not necessarily mean sharing the same bed as them. You can position a bassinet right next to you or have a crib in the same room. This is the safest possible way to co-sleep with your child without having to share the same surface. If you do decide to place your baby on the bed with you, make sure there aren’t any pillows, loose blankets or thick comforters. These materials can cause suffocation, smothering, and overheating.
Always place your baby on their back. This will reduce the risk of SIDS

#3 What to Avoid When Co-Sleeping

Avoid consuming drugs or substances that will hinder your judgement or awareness. These can obstruct your reasoning and prevent you from reacting during an emergency situation. Substance use can also cause you to forget your co-sleeping, resulting in smothering.

#4 What’s the benefit of Co-Sleeping?

Co-sleeping can benefit both parents and children. This sleeping technique can help a baby’s sleeping habits by staying asleep longer and waking up less. Also, studies show that children who co-sleep tend to have higher mental health and self-esteem. These new sleeping habits can also stimulate baby’s breathing and oxygen levels.

How to Help Your Toddler Sleep Through the Night

As a parent, there is no greater feeling than to see your baby fast asleep. But things can quickly go south when you receive alerts from your iBaby monitor that your baby is up in the middle of the night. And yes, this will bring flashbacks from the sleepless nights during the newborn stage.  But having a restless toddler at night is more common than most parents think. And even though you knew why they woke up during the newborn stage, it may seem like a task to figure out what’s going on as a toddler.There can be a lot of underlying issues as to why your baby is waking up at night. To learn more, keep reading about the most common causes and tips on how to help your toddler sleep through the night

Why Does Baby Wake Up at Night?
It is normal for newborn parents to experience the hassle of the graveyard shift. But it can be frustrating when your toddler experiences it again. And you may feel yourself getting stressed, but there can be a lot of different reasons why your baby could be waking up in the middle of the night. This can range from poor sleeping habits, growth spurts, teething, nightmares, sickness or a wet diaper.

Sleeping Habits:
Creating healthy sleeping habits is crucial for your baby to sleep through the night. By establishing a continuous bedtime and partaking in relaxing activities, you will establish a healthy sleeping pattern for your baby.

Growth Spurts:
Your baby will experience a lot of growth spurts during their first year of life. And this can interfere with your baby’s sleeping pattern causing them to wake up early from a nap or  in the middle of the night because they’re hungry. Usually, your baby will get over a growth spurt in a few days and sleeping patterns should return to normal.

Teething is an experience every baby has to go through. And though it may be easy for some, it can be a hectic for others. Sure, your baby might not feel pain during the day. But during the night, when your baby is away from toys, the pain will be evident. Usually the best way to help is by rubbing a clean finder along your baby’s gums. This will momentarily numb the area and grant some relief. Some parents choose to use teething toys or medications that numb the gums.

Wet Diapers:
Having a wet diaper during bedtime is an uncomfortable feeling that can make a huge difference in your baby’s sleeping pattern. To prevent a cranky baby make sure you do a diaper change before your bedtime routine. You can also limit the amount of liquid your baby consumes before bedtime to prevent rude awakenings. 

How Travel with your iBaby this Thanksgiving!

You’re Just hours away until the warm cozy smell of roasted turkey, hot stuffing and sweet pies wafting in your Mama’s Kitchen. But wherever you’re headed for Thanksgiving, the main concern is how you’re getting there with the little ones. Here at iBaby, we want to make sure you are prepared this Thanksgiving. So here are our best tips to make sure your plans run smoothly for everyone involved.

Prepare For All Weather Situations
November can be a tricky month to dress for when traveling. And depending on where you go, make sure to bring enough weather appropriate clothing. Always pack for an assortment of apparel for those traveling in between weather conditions. Include extra warm and cool clothing, leggings, jammies, jackets and footwear. Fuzzy socks are mandatory.

Schedule Your Time
To help everything go smoothly, always give yourself extra time. Whether you are flying or have a 2-hour drive ahead, make sure there’s time for pit stops, diaper stops and nursing breaks. Always make sure you get on the road or arrive at the gate earlier for any mishaps or dirty diapers. Trust us, they will most likely happen.

Babies Eat First
Always make sure your little one is fed and full before it’s your turn at the table. This will guarantee some time for yourself before the baby wants to be held. It’s also always important to take interval breaks with hubby or another helping hand. You deserve to eat your turkey too!

Pack Up the Important Gear
Make sure you have all the extra products your baby will need in order to be entertained at your host’s house. Also, call your host ahead of time to see if they have any of the large bits you’ll need like an extra crib, or a pack-n-play. You also can’t forget to bring extra binkies, bottles and some of your baby’s favorite toys so you can keep baby occupied while you’re indulging.

Set Up Your iBaby Monitor
Don’t forget to bring and set up your iBaby Monitor where your baby will be sleeping. And remember, when setting up your iBaby in a different location, you will need to reset the monitor. Firstly, save all the photos from your gallery. Then go to settings and delete the camera through the iBaby Care App. Once these step are complete, you can now re-install the monitor like doing so for the first time. This will ensure your monitor is up to par with your hosts Wi-Fi.

What Foods to Avoid When Breastfeeding Your Child

Breastfeeding can be one of the most rewarding moments between mother and baby. And apart from creating a special bond with them, giving your baby the nutrients required to grow strong and healthy is a rewarding experience. But if you want to indulge in certain foods you weren’t able to during pregnancy, like alcohol and some types of fish, you’ve got another thing coming. Nursing can sometimes become a tricky situation, and whatever nutrients you eat so does your baby. So it’s very important that moms eat foods high in nutrients and vitamins to ensure the safety and well-being of their baby. So if you’re now wondering foods to avoid when breastfeeding keep on reading.

If you like to indulge in some recreational drinking, you’re in luck because you don’t have to completely go cold turkey. Even though you can still drink alcohol, many doctors recommend that you avoid drinking 3 to 4 hours leading to any breastfeeding. The alcohol you consume is directly absorbed into your bloodstream. And even though you might consume small quantities your baby can’t process alcohol the same way you do. Babies have immature livers and usually can experience some side effects from the alcohol you consume. Studies have shown that alcohol can inhibit your baby’s development and can alter your baby’s sleeping pattern. Some doctors recommend that you shouldn’t drink alcohol until your baby is at least three months old.

Seafood High in Mercury:
Generally eating seafood can be a healthy option for you and your little one. But eating seafood high in mercury is serious when you’re breastfeeding. According to professionals, an ingestion of high mercury can affect your child’s  nervous system and brain development. This can impede their cognitive skills, motor skills, vision, language, memory and attention span.  Because of this, it’s always best to keep track of what fish you consume. Some professionals advise that you consume seafood that contain small amounts of mercury salmon, trout, shrimp, catfish, and canned light tuna. With these options, you can still receive the benefits of omega-3 nutrients and keep your baby safe from harmful elements.

Dairy, Nuts, Gluten and Soy:
Babies can sometimes develop certain food sensitivities during breastfeeding. And as a mom, you’ll know how to identify what to avoid if your child becomes fussy during and after their feeding time. Some of these foods include cow’s milk, nuts, peanuts, gluten, and soy. Though your baby might have food sensitivities it does not mean that they are allergic to these products. Babies usually grow out of food sensitivities in a couple months, unless they have a proven food allergy.

A nursing mother should never, ever consume drugs. Even in small doses.  Drugs including nicotine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens, and methamphetamines can cause serious and dangerous injuries to your child. Some of the side effects can hinder your child’s brain and physical development. It’s always best to avoid these types of drugs for the well-being and health of your child.

iBaby Launches Its 2018 Product Line – 1080p Baby Monitor with Brand New Features

San Jose, CA – iBaby prepares to break baby monitor boundaries with its incredible new products for 2018. The Silicon Valley startup is well known for the iBaby Monitor M6S 1080p baby monitor and smart features. The monitors continue to win coveted awards for its products every year, including exclusive mentions on PC Mag, CNET, and Tom’s Guide. iBaby’s new models will have everything parents love, plus more.

iBaby Care M7

This complete baby care device is a 1080p baby monitor with a built-in Moonlight Soother. In addition to helping parents keep their little ones safe and sound, it will soothe your little one right to sleep. The Moonlight Soother has three light functions: Moonlight, Lightshow, and Nightlight. The Moonlight function will project beautiful moon and stars while the Lightshow will stimulate baby’s eye development by animating the projections. Finally, the Nightlight will provide privacy when needed by turning the camera up to the ceiling while projecting the Moonlight.

Other features of the iBaby Care M7 include a full collection of sensors, including brand-new, never before seen smart sensors. The air, temperature, and humidity sensors will provide parents reports of the baby room environment. Loved ones will always know their little one is comfortable without stepping into the room. The monitor will also have sound and motion sensors that send alerts to the iBaby Care App the moment they are activated. Finally, iBaby Care M7’s smart smell sensors will be able to detect soiled garments and dirty diapers and send alerts when it’s time for a change.


iBaby Monitor M2S Plus

The iBaby Monitor M2S plus is a compact 1080p baby monitor, providing parents with high definition video. The infrared night vision provides parents with crystal clear view even in pitch darkness, giving them peace of mind day or night.

Other baby safety features include smart sensors to keep little ones safe, no matter what. The motion and sound sensors will send an alert the moment they’re activated. The sensors can also trigger photo or video recording so parents can see what happened. Finally, temperature and humidity sensors will provide environment measurements right on the iBaby Care App.


Smart, Smarter, Smartest

All iBaby Monitors come with a full collection of features found only in iBaby products. With the iBaby Care App, parents can take a peek at their little ones right on their smart phones. Parents can view and control their monitors even when they’re miles away. Also unlike others, iBaby monitors allow device owners to invite an unlimited number of users. Thus, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, and Uncle can be a part of every special moment.

iBaby Monitors also come with lullabies, stories, and sounds. The lullabies range from classical music to jazzy tunes. In addition, sounds include everything from white noise to animals of the rainforest. Parents can also find fun bedtime stories that will help their little one’s language development and boost their imaginations. If there’s a favorite song that parents want to share with their little one, they can upload their own music as well.


About iBaby Labs

iBaby Labs is quickly becoming a dominant force in the connected baby room industry and was recently named an Inc. 5000 company. iBaby innovates smarter ways for parents to interact and care for their loved ones no matter where they are. Its product lines consist of award-winning baby monitors and air purifiers that use Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing parents to access their devices anywhere, anytime.


Silicon Valley Startup iBaby Partners with IFTTT to Turn the AirSense Air Purifier into A Connected Home Hub

Silicon Valley startup, iBaby, recently announced a partnership with Applet platform IFTTTThe iBaby Air and AirSense are truly one of a kind devices. These 6-inch tall indoor air purifiers are able to detect and purify over 8 common household VOCs. These include formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol, cigarette smoke, and flavor. In addition, users receive daily, monthly, and weekly analytics of their indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity levels.

The iBaby and IFTTT partnership will allow AirSense and iBaby Air to be compatible with popular devices such as the Amazon Alexa. Also, AirSense will be able to automatically communicate with users through email, social media, and text message whenever it senses unusual levels of VOCs, temperature, and humidity. With the IFTTT partnership, iBaby Air and AirSense will join the ranks of revolutionary connected home devices.

About iBaby Labs

iBaby Labs is quickly becoming a dominant force in the connected baby room industry and was recently named an Inc. 5000 company. iBaby innovates smarter ways for parents to interact and care for their loved ones no matter where they are. Its product lines consist of award-winning baby monitors and air purifiers that use Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing parents to access their devices anywhere, anytime.


IFTTT is a free platform that helps you do more with all your apps and devices. The platform hosts Applets and services that you can enable to enhance their experience with your device. The applets are compatible with a full range of devices including Android, iOS, and Amazon Alexa.


Your Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Questions: Answered

iBaby Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

iBaby Monitors are unique for their remote viewing capabilities. What parents love about having a wifi baby monitor its limitless range. Whether parents are downstairs or on a business trip, they can check up on their little ones and send a quick “I love you!”
iBaby Monitors also have a collection of features that many other baby monitors do not have. These features contribute to iBaby’s complete baby care system, including a music player and baby room environment analytics. iBaby’s app-based device allows iBaby to develop baby monitors that go beyond current baby monitoring technology.
Though, because iBaby Monitors are unlike any other, we often get questions about the monitor and its features. In this post, we will tackle common questions from our users.”What is the difference between users and viewers?”
iBaby Monitors support unlimited users, but up to four viewers at a time. Device owners can invite as many users to have access to their iBaby Monitors as they’d like. But only four people or devices can view one monitor at a time.

“Why won’t my baby monitor connect to my Wi-Fi?”

Many household Wi-Fi networks have two different frequencies: 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Most Wi-Fi baby monitor devices including most iBaby devices support 2.4Ghz frequency.
However, during the installation process, the monitor may pick up the 5Ghz frequency instead. Most of the time, users can determine the frequency based on the name of their Wi-Fi network. 5Ghz Wi-Fi networks will end with a -5. For example, most households will see ibabywireless and ibabywireless-5 in their wireless network settings.
If this occurs, users simply need to reconnect their smart phone or table to the correct wireless network and begin the installation process again.
After installation, users may change their Wi-Fi settings back to their preferred network.

“What is that clicking sound?”

The clicking sound is coming from the iBaby Monitor’s night vision function. When the camera detects low lighting, it will automatically turn on the infrared night vision. If the clicking sound is bothersome, users may turn off automatic night vision in the app settings.

“Can I connect multiple devices on one app?”

You definitely can! The iBaby Care App is designed to support all iBaby devices on one app (except for the M3/S & M2). You can easily toggle between multiple iBaby Baby Monitors, iBaby Air, and AirSense.

“Can I listen to the monitor even when I’m using another app?”

Yes, the iBaby Care app will run in the background until you close the app. iBaby’s “Listen” function allow users to listen to the baby’s room all night even when the screen is off. Users will get sound/motion alerts as well.

“What is Sleep Mode and when should I activate it?”

Privacy is iBaby’s top priority. While we allow the monitor’s video feed to be shared with other users, we realize there might be times when you want to make sure no one will log in when you need some privacy with the baby. For instance, you might be breastfeeding or changing the baby. For times like that, we created Sleep Mode. To turn in on, go to menu > Settings > Sleep Mode. When Sleep Mode is activated, only the account owner is able to access the video feed, and all invited users will just see black screen.

Our Toughest Critics Were Put to the Test – Video Monitor Reviews


Party Time!

Who doesn’t love a good party? We sent out iBaby monitors to families across the country so they can see what the hype is all about. With the help of Tryazon, families had the opportunity to host parties to show off their iBaby Monitors. Each participant received a party package as well as a party host guide to ensure they have successful parties. After the party, party hosts and guests had an opportunity to do video monitor reviews with the iBaby Monitor. Some families hosted teddy-bear parties and others hosted dance parties. Here’s what they had to say about the iBaby Monitor…

Night vision images are almost as good as day
“Our party was a big hit. We are pretty amazed with iBaby M6S baby monitor. It has so many amazing features. It works on WiFi. You need to download iBaby app to make it work. I had an issue with the app but the customer service was great to help me. Now everything is working fine. Daytime image quality on the iBaby is very clear and has color that is accurate with real life. Night vision images are almost as good as day. it also shows the room temperature and air quality. Overall its a great monitor if you have a baby or toddler.” – Nidhi Chauhan

It was a good feeling…for them to want it that bad.

“I hosted a teddy bear picnic in the park with a little over 60 attendees. We are smores did a craft then put our bears down for a “nap”. I demoed to the mom all about the features of the monitor and the convenience that it’s on your phone. My mamas loved it! I had a couple expecting mamas and they put it on their registry! It was a good feeling for me because I felt that I explained really good enough for them to want it that bad.” – Heather West

We actually ended up having a (spontaneous) dance

“Because we got a late start, I was not able to have my iBaby Monitor baby shower the way that I had planned, but I did get to do all the fun activities that I planned….and then some more spontaneous ones too. We actually ended up having a dance party with all the kids (see pictures) when we were playing a good song from my iTunes on the monitor.

Everyone was very impressed with the monitor. I was able to showcase the music, two-way speaking and night vision features easily using the monitor and app. I have read some review of the monitor saying that the Wi-Fi was a problem, but it wasn’t for us!” – Susie Quinlivan


It was amazing to see the incredible parties our hosts came up with! They all had creative ideas on how to share their new monitors with their friends and loved ones. Party hosts and guests all loved the features iBaby Monitors had to offer. The most popular features were clear night vision, music player, and high video resolution. Some were concerned about the compatibility of their phone models or the strength of their Wi-Fi signal. However, a quick call to customer service solved any problem! A Big shout out to Tryzon party hosts for your incredible parties!


Sizzling Summer Tips That Will keep Your Little Ones Cool All Summer Long


Cool Babies Summer ’17

Kicking off Memorial Weekend means plenty of outdoor adventures and trying to keep our babies comfortable and cool when the temperatures start rising! These sizzling summer tips will keep our little ones cool all summer long!

When the scorching heat arrives, nothing keeps our little ones cool better than some good ol’ H2O. So keep those cups fully loaded and close by to ensure healthy hydration.

Paddling pools, water tables, sprinklers? Yes, please! Find a shaded area or set up an umbrella and the kiddos will be splashing their way into Adventureland in seconds!

Misting bottles are another great tool for a quick breeze. Just fill up a clear travel size bottle with chilled water and mist away, but prepare yourself for a ton of contagious giggles!

Need a quick pick me up? Skip the sugary ice cream and whip up some sweet cocktails your toddlers will also enjoy making with you. Add your fruity favs, berry goodness, and Greek yogurt for a flavor-packed slurp that will keep them feeling tropically cool.

Want something even easier? We got you! Simply cut up some cold cucumbers, carrots, and melon and, BAM! Easy, breezy vitamin-freezies!

Time to knock out? After a long day in the heat, your little babes will be ready for bed in no time and cool baths are great for those hot nights. Keep it 100 when it comes to hot days and stick with cotton clothing and bedding to achieve maximum comfort and cool through out the night.

AirSense Wins An Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for Innovation

We are proud to announce that the AirSense Ionic Air Purifier is a 2017 Asian-Pacific Stevie Awards winner! It racked up enough points in the Innovation in Consumer Products & Services category to bring home a Silver Stevie Award.

What are Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards?

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are an international awards program that recognizes innovation in 22 nations of the Asia-Pacific region. The program recognizes products and services across industries including consumer products and services, media, and energy & sustainability. Entries in each category go through an initial screening to ensure the products meet qualifications before judging.

Once they pass the initial screening, the program assigns at least five judges to each category. The judges do not judge in categories that they have entries in. The judges rate each entry on a scale of 1-10. The average of the scores determines the final score in each category. Among this year’s winners are notable names such as Cisco, WeChat, and Oracle.

What’s So Great About AirSense?

The award-winning AirSense has great functionality and smart features. The AirSense uses smart air detectors to purify the air in indoor environments with the use of negative ions.
Negative ions occur naturally near bodies of moving water such as waterfalls, rivers, or even a rainy day. Negative ions promote well-being, positive moods, and improves cognitive function in addition to reducing airborne particles.

Electronics such as air conditioners, TV’s, and computers emit positive ions. Positive ions deplete the supply of naturally occurring negative ions in the air. This causes dizziness, fatigue, and headaches that occur from extensive screen time. Negative ion air purifiers such as the AirSense replenish the negative ions in the environment.

Additionally, it doubles up as an audio monitor. It alerts users when sound detectors are activated, making it an optimal product for child and baby rooms! Finally, its newest feature includes a mapping feature that allows users to view regional air quality readings from around the world. Users can compare the quality of the air in their home to other regions in the world, just like their own personal Air Station.

That’s Great!
Overall, the AirSense is an all-around tool to help families breath better, feel better, and live healthier. It requires no cleaning and is super quiet, making it the ultimate device to have in any room. The AirSense is the world’s smallest and smartest air purifier.