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Fall Family Vacation Destinations

As we enter into the month of November, the signs of fall are all around us—golden leaves, crisp air, and long evenings. The fall season presents many unique activities and sights to enjoy during these months. With the season in mind, a special autumn vacation is just what you and your family need. So sit back, relax, and get start imagining the perfect fall getaway. To help get those creative juices flowing, here are a few of our favorite family-friendly fall vacation destinations!

Los Angeles, CA

The most wonderful place in the world becomes even more wonderful during the fall and winter months. Transitioning from Halloween décor to a Christmas theme, no one does the holidays better than Mickey Mouse, himself! During the spooky Halloween celebration, Disneyland revamps their popular rides and attractions with a special holiday twist. There is endless fun for the little ones, including the Main Street Pumpkin Festival, Trick-or-Treating, a Dia de Los Muertos celebration, Halloween fireworks, and even costumed characters! Once the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, Disneyland is transformed into an idyllic winter wonderland! Frosted lights grace the Sleeping Beauty Castle, It’s a Small World shines brightly in festive colors, and everywhere you look there is a stunning display of holiday spirit! The best part of it all is the Holiday Magic! Fireworks and the Christmas Fantasy Parade—nothing compares to this Christmas celebration.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Orlando, CA

Any Harry Potter fans out there? Of course there are! If you have yet to plan a visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there is no better time than the present. Have a magical and unforgettable experience visiting the Hogwarts castle, exploring Hogsmeade village, and finally entering Diagon Alley. What makes this place extra special during the fall season is the iconic Butterbeer (non-alcoholic!) and Pumpkin Juice, made famous by the J.K. Rowling series. While the World of Harry Potter is filled with much adventure, more fun awaits at both Universal Orlando Resorts. With many more rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy at Universal Orlando, you’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Santa Cruz Mountains
Santa Cruz, CA

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of amusement parks, consider a fall vacation in the Santa Cruz mountains. Boasting 300 days of sunshine a year and endless outdoor activities, enjoy the endless possibilities in this California city. Unplug from technology and reconnect with the family. Partake in visits to the beach, wilderness hikes, scenic railroad rides, whale watching, nature picnics, and much more! And if you’re still missing the amusement park element, the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is still open for most weekends in November and a couple in December. While you’re visiting Santa Cruz, check out strange phenomena known as the Mystery Spot—kids and adults love this one!

7 Breathtaking Fall Maternity Photoshoots

A fall pregnancy means absolutely breathtaking maternity photos! With the leaves changing colors, golden sunlight, and deciduous trees all around, there is something quite magical about a photoshoot in autumn. If you’re a mother-to-be, these stunning fall inspired maternity photo shoots will inspire the way you celebrate your baby bump. After all, these photos will capturing one of the most important moments of your life.

Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage

We all know the playground rhyme, and here it is brought to life with this unique vintage baby stroller.. Expectant parents look like naturals when it comes to parenting! The autumn trees and wooden fence provide the perfect backdrop.


Source: Brittany Gidley Photography

Enchanting Forest

This photoshoot exudes class and so much sophistication! A vintage couch, trunk, and golden candle holders transform the forest into a place of modern elegance. Expectant parents look effortlessly chic in their coordinated outfits.


Source: Lydia Maybee Photography

Vision in White

Mom-to-be is an absolute vision in this ethereal floor-length white dress. Against the simple background, this baby bump shines brightly. With simple hair and makeup, this glowing expectant mother is a natural beauty.


Source: Melissa Diep Photography

Fall Romance

What is more romantic than this lovely couple staring into each others’ eyes? As they lay on a ground of golden leaves, the joy on their faces says it all.


Source: Scarlet Bowling Photography

Big Brother

For parents expecting their second or third (or more!) child, consider including your other children in the maternity photoshoot. With so many sweet kisses in this family photo, you can’t help but go, “Awwwwww!”


Source: Griffin Photography

Autumn Calling

The location of this fall photoshoot is absolutely swoon-worthy! Warm autumn colors surround this couple, as they celebrate the new chapter of their journey together. The long dress blowing in the winds adds an extra touch of romance to an already idealistic photo.


Source: Beth Wade Photography

 Fall Wardrobe

It is never too early to begin your baby’s new wardrobe! This adorable photo shares the news of your pregnancy in a unique way. Baby clothing hung on fall tree branches is artistic perfection.


Source: Audrey Spear Photography

Guide for Halloween Trick-or-Treat Safety

For many children, Halloween is their favorite night of the year! This is the day they can dress up as whatever they want to—a superhero, a rock star, an astronaut, or anything else they dream of! Between the costumes, spooky decorations, and all of the candy, there is a great deal to be excited about on Halloween day. To ensure a night filled with safe family fun, follow these helpful and important trick-or-treating Halloween safety tips.

Have a Plan

The best thing you can do for a memorable night of Halloween trick-or-treating is planning ahead. Map out which neighborhoods and streets your family wants to visit, as well as what time you want to head out, and when you want to return back home. By having a planned route, preferably in an area your child is familiar with, he or she is less likely to feel afraid or get lost. Many times, certain regions will host family friendly neighborhood events, featuring music, elaborate décor, and lots of yummy festive treats. Community newsletters and online neighborhood networks, such as NextDoor, will provide information specific to your local area.

Appropriate Costumes

Consider wearing costumes that require no masks, or costumes where the mask can be substituted with face paint. Masks make it difficult for children to see or breathe. In addition, masks may create a challenge for parents trying to keep an eye on or find their child in a crowded space. Costumes with props, such as swords or arrows, become burdensome to carry throughout the entire night. If too sharp, such accessories can also cause injury to your child or other trick-or-treaters.

Proper Footwear

Halloween involves a great deal of walking for you and your family, so prepare accordingly. Wear comfortable, casual footwear that you can walk in for several hours. The same goes for all the members of your family, big and small. If your comfortable shoes clash with your Halloween costume, pack a light pair of shoes in your bag or car for later. As it gets darker, it is easier to trip over costumes and on uneven sidewalks. You’ll be so grateful you brought extra shoes then!

Bring Lighting

Naturally, it will be dark Halloween evening, so you will need to bring some form of lighting. Consider applying reflector tape or wearing a reflector vest/jacket. Alternatively, your family may carry around a flashlight, glow sticks, or use the flashlight from your smartphone. One fun idea is getting headlamps for the whole family—this way you can see where you walk and have free hands for getting more candy!

We hope you have an enjoyable and memorable Halloween with your family! Happy Halloween from all of us here at iBaby Labs!
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FINALIST Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards 2016

We are SO excited to announce that iBaby is a finalist in the Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards! Our newest iBaby Monitor M6S ranks high in the Most Awesome Mindful Monitors category. The iBaby Monitor M6S currently boasts nearly all 5-star reviews on Amazon and a 7.5 review rating from CNET. In their review, CNET comments that the M6S’s video and connection quality is some of the best on the market. Of course, we can’t help but agree! In addition, our iBaby Monitor M6S recently received a prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. The iBaby Monitor M6S also won Top Choice Award from Baby Maternity Magazine. A Top Choice Award means an excellent product and dedication to the industry.

We are proud to provide the most premier baby monitoring system available. The iBaby Monitor M6S possesses the highest standards in its technology, including 1080p HD video resolution monitoring, air sensors, and an accompanying app that houses all iBaby devices in one location. With its sleek, aesthetically pleasing design, the M6S effortlessly fits into the design of any home or baby room.

Vote For Us!

Now, we need your help to spread the news about the M6S being the best! Please help the iBaby Monitor M6S win Most Awesome Mindful Monitor! Show your #iBabyMonitor support by casting your vote today. Click here and scroll down till you see “iBaby Monitor M6S” in the gold medal. #TotallyAwesomeAwards2016

Still haven’t snagged one of our popular M6S baby monitors? Check out all of the specs and purchase here. September is Baby Safety Month! Enjoy an additional 15% off the purchase of your M6S with promo code “BABYSAFETY16” all month long.

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iBaby Monitor M6S Review by CNET

iBaby Monitor M6S received an overall 7.5-star rating for design, features, usability and performance on a review done by CNET. iBaby Monitor M6S was compared to 5 other baby monitors, and we are happy to say that the most positive comments were directed at our own iBaby Monitor M6S.
iBaby Monitor M6S Rating
CNET classified iBaby Monitor M6S as one of the best higher–end products of its type. “iBaby is probably the most notable startup in the video baby monitor market. Its premiere product, the $230 iBaby Monitor M6S, is just a camera — foregoing the standalone monitor for a well-designed app. At a consistent 1080p, the M6S’s video and connection quality is some of the best on the market. Plus, the device includes small but thoughtful additions to its feature list, like recorded stories and lullabies.” – CNET Review.
CNET Review Pros:

  • iBaby Monitor M6S streams reliably even when you are away from home, and also remains responsive to pan/tilt control.
  • iBaby Monitor M6S app works a lot better than competition

CNET Review Cons:

  • App responsive to lowest sensitivity settings

Whoa! iBaby Air Featured on the Indiegogo Team Favorites Collection!

Great news, everyone! We just got featured on the Indiegogo Team Favorites Collection! This is such a momentous accomplishment just a few days after launch, and we’re super excited for the success of this campaign.

iBaby Air is the world’s smallest indoor smart Wi-Fi air quality monitor and ion purifier that detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as carbon monoxide, alcohol, and eighteen other elements. It purifies the air with negative ions, tracks your air quality, and allows you to create charts and see changes over time. And it even sends notifications straight to your smartphone through the iBaby Care app!

What’s really exciting is that the campaign recently hit 30% funding, and we hope to hit the $15,000 mark in record time so we can get this truly amazing product in your homes.
Be sure to snag your iBaby Air now for just $79!

iBaby Air is Now live on Indiegogo

We are excited to announce that our new product, iBaby Air, is live on Indiegogo! iBaby Air is a smart Wi-Fi air quality monitor and the world’s smallest air purifier that is surprisingly powerful. iBaby Air detects dangerous VOCs, alerts the user of changes in air quality and sends suggestions and tips on how to improve the air quality.

This makes iBaby’s second Indiegogo campaign, the first being iFamCare’s Helmet. We were able to successfully raise over 300% of our desired goal with Helmet last year, helping us to go through the mass production phase and distribute to many stores around the nation.

iBaby Air packs many useful features: air quality monitor, ion air purifier, audio speakers, RGB LED light, temperature and humidity sensor with data, smart alerts, air hints and tips, and more, all operated by our free iOS and Android iBaby Care app.

Take a look at our Indiegogo campaign and our amazing perks. We are offering iBaby Air for as low as $79. Your support means we can push iBaby Air into mass production and deliver it to early supporters on time. We are offering three beautiful, modern colors for our supporters to choose from.

Things to Look for in a Wireless Baby Video Monitor

Sleep deprivation is considered to be a common case for newborn parents. The ability to visually check on your little one with the use of a video baby monitor is definitely of great edge, and therefore providing relief from anxiety in most cases.

To get the best out of a video baby monitor you will need to consider three things:

  1. Coverage:

One thing to consider while shopping for a video baby monitor is how much view coverage it provides. You will need something you are able to move remotely to get the best results.

  1. Clarity:

Another thing you should consider is clarity. What is the purpose of getting a video baby monitor that will not provide crisp video resolution? You need a monitor that will show your beautiful little one in the sharpest view. The current highest video resolution available in the market is 1080p HD.

  1. Sound quality:

Finally, if you have a video feed from your monitor, it does not complete the package if the monitor does not have high-quality speakers and microphone. You should be able to hear your baby and talk back to her.

We suggest our iBaby Monitor M6S. It offers all the above features and much more, like humidity, temperature, and air quality sensors.

Three Features Of iBaby Monitor M6S You Will Love

Our very new iBaby Monitor M6S just launched on our website last week for pre-order. Learn about three new features it offers, and how they may benefit you.

Three New Features of iBaby Monitor M6S

Our newest baby monitor iBaby Monitor M6S boasts three new features as compared to the previous models of iBaby baby monitors.

1080p video

The first feature is 1080p HD video resolution. This is the highest video resolution currently available in the baby monitoring industry. It means that you will be able to see your baby in the sharpest detail possible! Combine this with night vision and 360° view, and you know you will be able to see everything in your baby’s room at all times.

2.4 GHz / 5 GHz

The second feature is dual band router support. iBaby is one of the few manufacturers that will now support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. You no longer need to worry about your router compatibility. This also means faster speeds, less interference from other devices and fewer disconnects.

Air quality sensor

And finally, one more new feature – iBaby Monitor M6S has an air quality sensor. You will now be able to see the air quality, as well as temperature and humidity in the room where the monitor is. Moreover, the monitor will also give you suggestions and tips to improve your lifestyle!
Learn more about iBaby Monitor M6S on our website and pre-order yours now!

Best Mother’s Day Gift A Mother Can Have Is Right Here

Mother’s Day is this weekend. Are you still looking for the best Mother’s Day gift? Learn why iBaby Monitor M6T is the best Mother’s Day gift. Ever.

Three reasons why iBaby Monitor M6T is the best Mother’s Day gift

If you are looking for a gift for a mom that has a baby, we think iBaby Monitor M6T is the best thing you can get. Here are the reasons we believe in that:

Useful features

iBaby Monitor M6T has a handful of useful features every parent will appreciate. First of all, it takes less than a minute to install the monitor. Basically, you can enjoy one straight from the box. Second, the monitor gets connected directly to your smartphone (iOS or Android), which means you will have access to the video at all times. Third, the monitor offers high definition video with 360° view, two-way audio, and echo cancellation. The monitor also has sound and motion sensors that will immediately send smart alerts to your mobile device if the baby cries or starts moving around. Finally, the monitor has temperature and humidity sensor, music library with lullabies, photo and video recording, and the ability to invite unlimited number of users to view the video.

Awards and nominations

iBaby Monitor M6T has a number of prestigious awards and nominations that you can trust. For instance, this video baby monitor was named ‘Best Video Baby Monitor 2016‘ by Tom’s Guide – a well known online resource for tech gadgets It was also recently nominated by The Bump as a finalist in BabyTech Awards.

15% Discount

One final reason why iBaby Monitor M6T the best Mother’s Day gift? For Mother’s Day we are offering a limited time 15% discount for ALL of our video baby monitors. To claim the offer, type coupon GIFT4MOM at the checkout. Hurry up, the deal expires on May 22nd, 2016. (Timez marketing