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Secrets To Using Baby Safety Monitors For Multiple Kids

Baby Safety Monitors For Multiple Kids

Many parents find using baby safety monitors very beneficial to their parenting experience. But did you know it’s even better once you have multiple kids? We learned that parents appreciate different features of our baby monitors based on their children’s age. In fact, your video baby monitor is a powerful tool you can enjoy every day. Today we are sharing three secrets of  successful uses of nanny cams for families with several kids in the household.

Secret 1: Try all available features
We try to pack our baby monitors with a number of useful features. The features that most parents appreciate during the baby’s first year are usually night vision, sound and motion alerts, and photo and video recording. You don’t want to lose a precious moment when your little one is new to this world. But when your child grows a little older and starts moving around more, the 360°/110° movement becomes a more valuable one. Many parents also mention the ability to easily move the monitor directly from their phone at a touch of a finger as something that makes their user experience special and simple.

Secret 2: Involve all of your kids
Children love technology! As your older child grows up, she will sure be soon able to understand that she can see her sibling on your phone, so involve her! Your older child will definitely like the two-way audio and taking pictures. You can also have some worry-free time as you are running around the house, while the Wi-Fi baby monitor is keeping an eye on your kids. Watch them interact from another room when it is safe to leave them together alone and talk to them without leaving the room.

Secret 3: More photos and videos every day
Do not miss out on making a new photo of your kids every day. We recommend snapping one regularly – once a week, or once a month – and later combining them into a collage to track your baby’s growth. What can be better than this? Well, maybe making a video. Set your alerts to be recorded as a short video clip instead of a photo, and later go through the videos recorded. Sure, some of them might be the crying ones, but as your baby grows, you will see more and more interesting ones that record your child’s growth.
Share your photos and videos with us using #iBabyMonitor!

Three Reasons Why Every Parent Should Sing To Their Kids

When you become a parent, you will naturally want to sing to your baby. And you will be surprised to learn about the benefits of singing.

It is a fact that babies learn to recognize the parents’ voices long before they learn to recognize their faces. Hearing the parents’ voices creates is a familiar, safe situation for children. For instance, even hearing pre-recorded lullabies on your video baby monitor, such as iBaby Monitor M6T, helps calm the baby down

Earlier, we covered why babies love lullabies, but let’s take a look at three most common benefits of singing to your children:

  • Singing has a calming effect on babies. 

Singing lullabies helps create a familiar environment for children, where they feel same and begin to relax automatically. That is why singing is always recommended when you’re trying to make your child sleep. Also, if you stick to the same songs, babies will start creating their own routines, and sleep better.

  • Singing offers positive cognitive effects. 

Have you ever noticed that all kids like singing and do want to sing? That is because it helps children learn, develop memory, and make social connections, even at a young age. Babies will want to imitate you singing lullabies to them. And when you sing together, it also strengthens your bond with the baby.

  • Singing helps better emotional management.

Hearing music and singing offers a unique way to express emotions, even at times when they cannot be otherwise communicated. For instance, if a child is feeling sad, she might start singing a sad song to manage those feelings. You can also teach your child songs that help your child learn about different feelings and suit various situations.

Random Act of Kindness Day: How To Raise A Kind Child

Father walking with his toddler son on a beach
It is Random Act of Kindness Day today. How can you raise your kids to ensure they are kind to others?

You must have heard that a child’s personality is formed by the age of seven. Some research suggests even earlier age – at five or even three years old. The point is that you only have a few years to impact instill good qualities in your children. If you want then to grow up as caring, responsible, and kind adults, it is important to set a good example.

On this Random Act of Kindness Day let’s look at what it takes a parent to raise a kind child:

  • Lead with your own example. While many parents prioritize their children’s happiness and achievements over everything else, do not forget to teach kids how to balance their own needs with the needs of other people. Make it a priority for yourself to be caring for others and lead with a good example. Help your kids to practice being kind, grateful and respectful with other people. Make gratitude a daily ritual.
  • Teach children to manage negative feelings. Often negative feelings, such as envy, jealousy, or anger, stand in the way of practicing kindness and caring behavior. Help your child to learn how to manage negative feelings by teaching them how to calm down when they can express their feelings in a calm way. A simple technique is to practice deep breathing for a count of five and then reacting. This will help your children to deal with their feelings and emotions in a productive way.
  • Go easy on rewarding acts of kindness. You do not need to reward everyday kindness, such as helping about the house, or helping with siblings – such help should be expected. This helps children to develop caring as a part of their identities. However, do make it a point to recognize and praise acts of kindness at times when kids go out of their way to help others.


How To Plan A Date When You Have Kids

When you have kids, you definitely have more things on your plate. However, it’s not a reason to forget about your partner.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to keep dating your partner even if you’ve been together for a while. Most parents have two obstacles when planning nights away from kids: trouble finding a babysitter or feeling too tired to go out. Let’s see what you will need to plan a simple date night when you have kids.

  • Find a babysitter. It might be not easy to find someone you can trust. We covered earlier how to find a babysitter for your child if you don’t have parents or relatives who can look over your little ones when you go out.
  • Invest in a baby monitor. Modern day baby monitors, like iBaby Monitor M6T,  work on Wi-Fi, which means you can always access the video feed from your smart phone. With a video baby monitor you can always quickly check on the baby without calling the babysitter. iBaby Monitor M6T also sends sound and motion alerts, so you sure won’t miss a thing.
  • Devote all your time to your partner. This means not using cell phones (keep one on in case of emergency), holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. Tell your partner why you are thankful for them and enjoy the time together.
  • Dress up, if you can. While it might be tempting to go just in your sweats, time some time to get ready for the date. It shows your partner that you want to be your best for them (and yourself, too!).
  • Surprise your partner from time to time. If you’re doing the same routine of going to a restaurant for your date nights, do something different. Pick a new place, or try a different activity. Bring a little present or a card for your partner – just because you love them.


Valentine’s Day Date Ideas With Kids That Everybody Will Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Sometimes the best gift is the time spent together. Here’s how to plan a date with your child.
The time spent together when you create memories with your child is the best gift you can give to your child. Here are five ideas that your child and you will both love.

  1. Visit an interesting place. Check out a museum you’ve never been to, pay a visit to a local fire station or a bookstore. If your child is into animals (who isn’t?), visit an animal farm or check out a pet store.
  2. Enjoy the food. It doesn’t get any more classic than this: cooking or cake decorating class together, cooking breakfast at home, or going to a restaurant of your child’s choice.
  3. Get outside. Sometimes you just have to get out for some fresh air: ideas for what to do outside are abundant. From going on a picnic, hiking, drawing with a chalk on a sidewalk, or riding bikes, anything done outside is always fun.
  4. Attend an event. Take your child somewhere she’s never been before: movies, ballet, sporting event, play, or a laughing yoga class.
  5. Have a home date. If you’re not feeling like leaving the house, you can have fun time at home. Play board games, read a book, watch a movie, or build a fort.

Five Must-Have Baby Gadgets Every Parent Needs

Baby girl's nursery in pink tones with toys in the crib and on the chair
Baby industry today offers so many products that it’s easy to get lost when you’re expecting a baby. We’re breaking it down to several baby gadgets that every family must have.

No matter if you are registering for your baby shower or just found out that you are pregnant, you will have to make several choices as to what gadgets you need for your baby. In the sea of products that are supposed to make your and your baby’s life easier, how do you choose what you really need? We are breaking it down to five essentials every parent needs.

  • Thermometer

As a new parent, you will have a natural fear for your baby’s well-being. Whether or not your baby is having a fever will be the question you will ask yourself often. Baby thermometers come in many forms – from app-enabled ones to those built inside a pacifier – parents have many choices to suit their needs.

  • Baby monitor

Modern day nanny cams offer much more functionality than just monitoring the baby. For instance, iBaby Monitor M6T has a temperature and humidity sensor, music player, and, of course, night vision. This long list of features allows parents to eliminate additional gadgets, such as white noise machines, or room temperature thermometers.

  • Breast milk pump

Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers had to manually pump breast milk. Choosing an electric breast pump over a manual one will help you save time and allow you to do other things while pumping. You can choose to either work or simply relax while the pump is doing its job.

  • Humidifier

It is recommended to keep humidity at about 55% in your baby’s room. This will naturally change depending on the season and the climate in your area, with air getting drier in winter. Dry air can irritate baby’s skin, nose and lungs. When setting up a humidifier, remember to fill it with bottled water rather than tap water, and place it out of baby’s reach.

  • Vibrating chair/pad

It’s a fact, babies like everything vibrating. Nowadays parents can choose from a variety of vibrating seats, bassinets, and pads to keep their babies calm. Remember to keep the bouncing chair on the ground and never on a raised surface. Always secure your baby with a strap.

How To Introduce New Baby To A Sibling

A toddler boy hugging his baby brother and smiling while lying in the bedIt’s exciting to be bringing a new baby home. But if you have other children, you might be worried about sibling rivalry.

You must have heard the terms, ‘sibling rivalry’ and ‘sibling jealousy’. If you are expecting a new baby soon, it is time to take action to prevent this behavior.

It is critical to start before the baby is born, so that the transition is less stressful for your firstborn. Here are some tips you can incorporate in your daily life to reduce the possibility of sibling rivalry.

Before the baby is born…

  • tell your child s/he will be a big sister/brother. You can connect your due date to a holiday so that your child understands how soon the baby will arrive.
  • explain to your child how babies are different – for example, they need help to do things that your older child can do herself.
  • go through your first child’s baby pictures with your child so that she has an idea of what babies are like. You can also explain that you will be carrying a new baby a lot, just like you did with your first child when she was a baby.
  • get your child excited for the time you will have to spend apart while you’re in the hospital. Prepare her by letting her know who will be taking care of her and what fun things they will do in that time.

After the baby is born…

  • you can prepare a gift ‘from the new baby’ to your older child when she comes to visit you in the hospital. Tell her that baby loves her older sibling and is happy to have her as a big sister/brother.
  • explain baby’s behavior to your older child – for instance, if the baby grabs her sibling’s hand, it’s a way of showing love
  • assign your older child some baby tasks to feel more special and important – for example, ask her to bring a new diaper, inform parents if there is an alert on baby monitor, or help bathe the baby.
  • praise, praise, praise.

How Baby Monitors Make Parents’ Lives Easier – Tips From Our Customers

Thinking whether or not you need a wireless nanny cam? Check out why iBaby customers are raving about video baby monitors.

‘But my parents did just fine without a baby monitor!’. We hear this argument often, but times have changed. The majority of our customers swear that once you try a video baby monitor to watch the baby, there is no way back.

We looked at most common ways iBaby monitors make parents’ lives easier. Do you recognize yourself in these comments?

iBaby monitors help babies get uninterrupted sleep:

“When I’m in the next room over from the baby it is nice to be able to just look at the monitor instead of risking waking the baby by going in their room.”
“He sleeps through the night, but like every parent they want to make sure their baby is sleeping good. He may sometimes get up because his pacifier fell out or want a random bottle at 2 in the morning. The simple fact that it [iBaby monitor] has night vision would make this mamma’s nights better.”

iBaby monitors‘ motion, sound and temperature and humidity sensors make the difference for other parents:

“We have a space heater in her room and it can be tough to tell if it’s to warm or cold by walking in. The motion sensor is the coolest. She’s always trying to escape these days. I need to know when I need to intervene and when she’s just happily laying there babbling to herself.”

iBaby also offers a top-notch viewing ability for a wireless baby monitor with a 360°/110° movement:

“I love the pan and tilt controls so I can see every angle in his room. I love that I can see my son from my phone. Being able to use my phone is so convenient. And the feature that takes pictures and video every time there is a change will help me feel better about his sleep habits.”

iBaby also allows moms to get more things done and be a happy parent:

“With the monitor watching the baby I have more time on my hands to take care of our older son, keep the house clean, and occasionally binge watch my favorite TV series on Netflix. I’m also looking forward to spending quality time with my husband once the baby goes to bed for the night.”

And most parents appreciate having alerts delivered straight to their phones:

“My home’s walls are so thick, I can’t hear her cry from 2 rooms over.”
“Being able to view the camera from my phone or iPad will help me easily stay connected no matter where I am and being able to take picture and video through the monitor is so great for capturing moments of how adorable little ones can be while sleeping or playing.”

There is a reason iBaby Monitor M6T was named the best baby monitor of 2015. Let us know why you love your baby monitor!

How To Make Baby Sleep: Tips That Actually Work

Adorable baby sleeping with a hand next to her face
For the times when you’re wondering how to make your baby sleep, we picked several tips that actually work. 

Even if your baby has a good routine, sometimes she just wouldn’t fall asleep. The reasons for that could be feeling of discomfort (too hot or too cold, soiled diaper, or scratchy clothes), teething, colics, or if the baby is too excited to sleep. Here are some ideas to try for the times you’re starting to feel desperate:

  • Take your baby out for a walk. Strollers that make baby lie down are the best for this purpose. Fresh air always does wonders to babies.
  • If it’s raining, or it is easier for you, take your baby for a drive. Pick the most scenic drive and enjoy it yourself.
  • Take your baby for a walk. You can put her in a sling – and also run some errands that way.
  • Try gently blowing air on your baby’s forehead. It often has an inexplicable calming effect on babies, especially crying ones.
  • Cuddle with your baby until she falls asleep and then transfer her to her crib.

In general, help your baby learn to fall asleep on her own. For that, put the baby in her crib once she is sleepy but still awake. You can also give her a security object each time she is in her crib that will signal nap time. Step out of the room not to distract the baby when she’s trying to fall asleep and keep an eye on her with a baby monitor.

If you learn how to make your baby sleep through the night, it will also help your child to have a sleeping routine and make napping easier on you.

Why You Need A Video Baby Monitor For Your Toddler

A black-and-white photo of a toddler smiling who has food smeared on his face
Most parents are looking for a baby monitor for their newborn. But here is why you also need a nanny cam for your toddler.

Most parents do not realize that getting a wireless video baby monitor is an investment that will serve them for many years after the baby is born. You might think it would be most helpful for the nights to watch the baby, but a video nanny cam is also helpful for the parents of toddlers.

Toddlers are moving around so much that some parents complain it’s hard to keep up with them! If you’re looking for a video monitor specifically for a toddler, choose one that swivels and turns, like iBaby Monitor M6T. This baby monitor with its 360° horizontal and 110° vertical movement and zoom feature will give you a detailed view of your child wherever she is.

Older babies will also show more interest in listening to short stories, especially before nap time. At the time when you cannot read a book to your child, you can easily turn on your child’s favorite bedside story while you are doing something else. You can always check on the baby through your app or wait for an alert to come to your mobile device.

Finally, a video nanny cam will come handy for your toddler at night. If your child sleeps in a separate room, you no longer need to get up and go to the  room to check on her. Simply log in to the app to see your baby sleeping peacefully. With iBaby Monitor M6T’s sharp night vision, you will sleep see your child clearly. You can even talk to your baby through the monitor’s two-way audio. iBaby Monitor M6T also makes it easy to check on the temperature and humidity in the child’s room.

Don’t think you need your video baby monitor anymore? Here are some suggestions on what to do with the baby monitor when you baby grows up.