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Let’s Rejoice: iBaby Monitor M6 Gets A Review on The Geek Church

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When we get reviews from men… it’s always special

We are saying ‘hallelujah’ here as we got an iBaby Monitor M6 reviewed by Mark at The Geek Church. Mark talks about the minimalist design of M6 that anyone is likely to enjoy. He also digs deeper by discussing how tech-savvy (or not?) you need to be to use the monitor and showcases the monitor’s features he loved.
Read full review here.

iBaby Monitor M6 to the Rescue

Lisa from The Wise Baby has found herself in a predicament Luckily, she ordered iBaby Monitor M6 through Amazon, and it was delivered overnight. We are excited that Lisa was able to thoroughly enjoy her vacation and that our monitor came to the rescue! The rest of the story and Lisa’s opinion on iBaby Monitor M6 can be found here.

2 Wired 2 Tired Predicts iBaby Monitors to Be on Every Parent’s Wish List Soon

Tésa from 2 Wired 2 Tired blog talks about her personal frustrating experience with audio monitors of previous generations. If you are trying to make up your mind on getting a baby monitor, read her review to see what three things she loves about iBaby Monitor M6. ‘It will soon be on every new or expecting parent wish list if it’s not already’, predicts Lisa.
iBaby Labs currently offers free shipping on all products and tucks in a cute surprise into every box shipped!

iBaby Monitor M6: Recent Reviews by Fox News and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

‘If you’re on the hunt for a monitor that will keep you connected, this is a great buy’, says Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine about our latest iBaby Monitor M6.
Fox News supports the idea and recommends the M6 monitor for those who are looking to buy a camera for Christmas. Watch and read full reviews here and here.
iBaby Labs still has free shipping on all products until January 9, 2015 – make sure you get your monitor in time for the holidays!

What Does Geek Dad Say About iBaby Monitor M6?

Looking to splurge on a baby item this shopping season? Check out this review by Geek Dad to see why he wishes all baby monitors had iBaby’s resolution. Read more here about everything he likes from ‘automatic night vision’ to the ‘talkback feature’.

Our iBaby Monitor M6 Rocks iPhone Life Magazine

From sharing insights on our latest monitor’s night vision abilities to its video recording and video sharing options, iPhone Life Magazine recommends the device for ‘beautiful bundle of baby, or a pack of Labradoodle puppies’.
In a nutshell, iPhone Life Magazine says our newest iBaby Monitor M6 rocks. To learn more how it can rock your parenting experience and change your life, read here: