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iBaby Labs on Bloomberg Radio

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We are excited to share that Bloomberg Radio has recently featured iBaby Labs in their interview with John Barnabas! Tune in for the full length interview of our Director of Product Development, Elnaz Sarraf, where she talks about our latest iBaby Monitor M6 and adding a social dimension to modern child care:

Mom Blog Society is Impressed with M6 Monitor!

Mom Blog Society

See why people LOVE iBaby Monitor M6 and why they are impressed with its performance!

Today’s baby monitors sure have come a long way, especially the iBaby M6 Monitor created by Apple. Of course with Apple being the leader in technology and gadgets, you expect something good, right? With the iBaby M6 they certainly deliver way beyond my expectations. It’s the coolest baby monitor I have ever seen or used!

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iBaby Monitor M6 Reviewed by DigitalMom Blog


DigitalMom Blog is a tech mom’s heaven. It covers all the latest technology that will empower a modern-day mom. Molly Thornberg, the tech mom blogger behind DigitalMom recently got her hands on our newest Wi-Fi baby monitor, the iBaby Monitor M6. How did she like it? Well, we’ll let you see for yourself:

Our toddlers are getting older, but one toddler has this thing where he doesn’t want to sleep —- sooo, he sneaks into the playroom and turns on the Wii until we catch him. With the playroom being upstairs – unless we hear him – he will be up all night until he falls asleep playing the game.


A toddler that has slept 3 hours is not a pleasant toddler to be around.


We’ve positioned the iBaby M6 on a desk in the playroom and now we can be alerted when he walks by. There is even a function where we can talk back to him. There’s nothing like saying “I SEE YOU! GO TO SLEEP IZAIAH!” and watching your boy jump a mile high – when he forgets there’s a camera watching him and then realizing that he’s busted and won’t be spending the night playing Wii. 


Overall, the iBaby M6 is a well made product with a cool design. It functions just as I hope it would. There is a slight lag between the app and the camera, but isn’t a major issue.  This monitor comes with a ton of features that all work very well. The video quality is amazing, in all types of light. This is definitely a product I would recommend to a new parent.


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iBaby Monitor M6 Recommended by Cool Moms!

We’ve recently gave many parent and reviewers our newest monitor, the iBaby Monitor M6. Here’s what CoolMomTech‘s Jeana has to say about her iBaby Monitor M6:

The iBaby M6 is another one I tested. Not only does it look really cool and unlike any other baby monitor I’ve seen, the features are pretty outstanding. Instead of having a parent unit and all its features as a separate device, you have everything in the palm of your hand on your smartphone.


Using the iBaby Care app for iOS (Android should be available any day now), you have access to everything the camera sees, no matter where you are. Nice for me if I’m at work and want to make sure the baby is taking a good nap, or out to dinner and want to do a quick check-in to make sure the sitter has actually gotten him down.


I was surprised by the quality of the clarity on my smartphone, a real testament to how far app-based baby technology has come since the original grainy, spotty WiFi monitors. What’s even more impressive is that you can remotely adjust the camera angle, just by swiping your finger on your smartphone screen.


The app then serves as the central hub for all activity. In addition to viewing, you even get the features that other traditional monitors give, like being able to talk and listen to the baby, playing lullabies, even record video. Plus you’ll get some features that traditional monitors don’t have, like the ability to share the live video feed with family members (you know Grandma and Grandpa would be glued to that), and grabbing snapshots of cute moments right from the feed.


All of this can be done remotely, which is pretty amazing. And I’m hard to impress with this stuff.


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iBaby Monitor M2 on Crash Test Mom


We’ve asked one of the most talented mommy tech reporters, Natali Morris to give our monitor a whirl. This is what she has to say:

I’ve been testing the new iBaby Monitor M2 and it is impressive! This is definitely my favorite WiFi monitor to date!


Here’s how these WiFi monitors work: You sign the camera onto your home WiFi network (that BETTER BE password protected!!), then you download the app that goes with the camera. Your mobile device then becomes the receiver to the baby monitor, which you can watch whether you are home or not.


The iBaby monitor itself is very reliable – no buggy issues in my experience at all, the app is well designed and easy to use, and the mounting system is WAY better than the Withings, in my opinion.


This is also a pretty affordable system. The monitor costs only $149, compared to the $200 mark that most of these retail. The apps are free and you can use them on an unlimited number of devices so both parents can check in on your sleepy little one around the clock.


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First View: iBaby Monitor M6

We have learned a lot in the past few years on making high quality and user-friendly Wi-Fi monitors. With our very first monitor, iBaby Monitor M3, we opened the doors for on-the-go parents to the possibility of keep watch over their babies via their iOS devices. With the second generation monitors, iBaby Monitor M2 and M3s, we enhanced our monitor security by deploying the latest cloud technology. We’ve also brought more convenience to our users by simplifying the camera set up process and adding features such as two-way audio, photo editing and sharing.

Today I want to give you a brief introduce you to our newest member of the family, this is iBaby Monitor M6.

We want to give our users something elegant, versatile, and intelligent. So we went back to the drawing board and designed the M6 from ground up. As you can see, the m6 has a very unique spherical design and rests snuggly in the magnetic base. It can rotate 360 horizontally and tilt 110 vertically; thus eliminated the need for setting up multiple cameras to help cover any single area. The best of all, you can control it with just a swipe of your finger on your mobile devices.

It features a TrueHD camera lens that provides users with sharp and vivid image whether it’s day or night. You can easily capture photos and videos on the iBaby Monitor M6. Just one tap of your finger, you can capture photos and videos of your loved ones, pets, or your Zen garden on demand in crystal clear High Definition and share them with all your friends and families.

The M6’s built-in high quality, low interference two-way audio speaks not only helps your video feed and recorded videos to sound amazing; they also help you to communicate with your loved ones. Imagine that you can read bedtime stories to your baby, guide your teenagers through dinner preparation, and tell your Labrador to fetch today’s paper that’s left on your lawn when it starts to rain. We think that’s pretty awesome! And speaking of bedtime stories, we’ve included the ability for parents to download their baby’s favorite bedtime lullabies and play them for her with just few taps on their mobile devices.

iBaby Monitor M6 is also very intelligent. It will automatically capture a series of images and a video clip when it detects sudden motion or noises. It will also notify you of the said event via push notification at same time.

There you have it, a brief overview for our newest addition to the iBaby family, the iBaby Monitor M6.