Creative Ideas for Family Christmas Cards

December is here! The time is flying, and once you have recovered from all the Thanksgiving food and shopping, it is time to think about Christmas. Every family has their own traditions for this holiday, and we think that one of them should be making family Christmas cards. It is a great idea because it lets you see how your family changes over the years – how the kids grow, how your house changes and what hairstyles suit you best.
If you have ‘Christmas card photoshoot’ down on your calendar, you should get prepared for it. Here are some things to keep in mind while getting ready for that day.

  • Location. The location that you choose for the card is one of the most important things to consider. You can go safe with a family room in your house (fireplaces make a great backdrop) or you can go adventurous and do the shoot outside (get some snow in the picture if it snows where you live). If shooting outside, you don’t have to necessarily do it near your house; instead, you can find a cute background in the city that you like. Brick walls, for instance, will help you make timeless photos.
  • Props. Bring some Christmas atmosphere into your photos with some props! The simple ones you can use are tree lights, candy canes (FYI: two canes held together make a heart shape), tree ornaments, candles, Christmas trees… the list goes on and on. You can also type up and print messages on the paper to show changes that happened in your family over the year and then incorporate them into your photos. For example, such prints as ‘got new job’, ‘became a big sister’, or ‘learned to sit down’ will make great memories captured for years.
  • Outfits. We don’t have to tell you about the traditional color palette for Christmas holidays. We think that it does not really matter what you are wearing, as long as all your outfits match in a way to emphasize the family unity. You can go for red and green sweaters one year, plaid shirts next year, and PJs the year after. If you can’t think of a uniting element in clothes, pick an accessory that everyone can have – think a red scarf or Santa hats.
  • Photo composition. From sitting down to standing up or being captured in a jump, there are a lot of options for your photo. Try to alternate composition every year and be creative! If you all lay down in a circle and hold your hands, you will make one cute snowflake.
  • Atmosphere. No matter what your photo shoot is going to be like, the most important thing is setting the right atmosphere. If someone is tired or grumpy, it will show in the picture. To make sure it does not happen, make sure everyone is clean, fed and happy. You can start out your preparation by researching some ideas on Pinterest and sharing them with your family. Have everyone incorporated in the process and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!