iBaby Monitor M6 Reviewed by DigitalMom Blog


DigitalMom Blog is a tech mom’s heaven. It covers all the latest technology that will empower a modern-day mom. Molly Thornberg, the tech mom blogger behind DigitalMom recently got her hands on our newest Wi-Fi baby monitor, the iBaby Monitor M6. How did she like it? Well, we’ll let you see for yourself:

Our toddlers are getting older, but one toddler has this thing where he doesn’t want to sleep —- sooo, he sneaks into the playroom and turns on the Wii until we catch him. With the playroom being upstairs – unless we hear him – he will be up all night until he falls asleep playing the game.


A toddler that has slept 3 hours is not a pleasant toddler to be around.


We’ve positioned the iBaby M6 on a desk in the playroom and now we can be alerted when he walks by. There is even a function where we can talk back to him. There’s nothing like saying “I SEE YOU! GO TO SLEEP IZAIAH!” and watching your boy jump a mile high – when he forgets there’s a camera watching him and then realizing that he’s busted and won’t be spending the night playing Wii. 


Overall, the iBaby M6 is a well made product with a cool design. It functions just as I hope it would. There is a slight lag between the app and the camera, but isn’t a major issue.  This monitor comes with a ton of features that all work very well. The video quality is amazing, in all types of light. This is definitely a product I would recommend to a new parent.


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