5 Tips for Baby’s First Pumpkin Patch

The leaves are changing colors, the smell of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air, and you can finally pull your favorite boots out from the back of your closet. Fall has arrived. For many families with new babies, this is the beginning of the first holiday season with your little one. This holiday season will be filled with many “firsts,” creating special memories, and starting family traditions. One favorite fall family tradition is an annual visit to the pumpkin patch. If this is your first visit to a fall pumpkin patch with your baby, these tips can come in handy to create a fun-filled family day.

1. Find the Right Fall Pumpkin Patch

With many pumpkin patches to choose from, it is important to find a pumpkin patch suitable for taking your baby to. Your baby’s age and temperament are vital factors in determining which pumpkin patch would be best for your family. Certain patches are more crowded or have an older crowd. Some pumpkin patches have activities more suitable for young children, such as face painting, hay rides or train rides, and corn mazes. These patches provide a fuller family experience, adding to the traditional hunt for the perfect pumpkin. Also, be sure to check out the events calendar for your local patches (either by calling or checking online), for special events taking place on specified days.

2. Bundle in Layers

Fall can have a mixture of warm and cold days, along with weather changes throughout the different times of a day. Dressing your baby in layers allows for a quick outfit adjustment when faced with temperature shifts. Since pumpkin patches generally consist of hay and dirt areas, walking babies should wear tennis shoes or boots for protection.

3. Indulge in Fall Treats

Tasty sweet treats await your family at the pumpkin patch. If you know when you will be visiting a patch, prepare to indulge with fall favorites. Many patches have delicious locally baked goods and treats that will be hard to resist. Take the opportunity to welcome the start of the holiday season with these scrumptious delights. For just today, resist the need to count the calories.

4. Create the Perfect Photo

A pumpkin patch is the perfect place to take a festive family photo to share with friends and family. Patches provide ideal backdrops with pumpkins, scarecrows and fields of lush green corn stalks. Try to choose a time when there is good natural light, avoiding overcast or very bright sunlight. Adding a cozy fall sweater or flannel shirt to your baby’s ensemble will help create a picture perfect moment for a family photograph. And both layers are easy to remove or put on! If your baby is under 12 months, dressing him or her up in a pumpkin costume would make for an unforgettable photo.

5. Don’t Rush the Moment

Pumpkin patches can be crowded places, especially as it approaches closer to Halloween. The bustle can sometimes take away from being in the moment and appreciating this special family time. Don’t let it. Even amidst the frenzy of activities, there is no need to rush through the day. Take your time and remember to cherish each minute of that day with your family. After all, you’re creating memories that your little one will not soon forget!

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