Five Baby Shower Gifts No Mom Will Ever Return

pink toy stroller on the table as a decoration for a babygirl baby shower
If you are invited to a baby shower, most probably there is a baby registry to buy gifts from. But what to bring to a baby shower if you didn’t buy the gifts in time?

When you are going to a baby shower, you should bring a gift for the expecting mom or the baby, even if the family asked for no gifts. Buying a gift card is always a safe choice and will be useful for the future parents. However, we compiled a list of five gift ideas that no mom will be able to return that are a fun alternative to a boring gift card.

  1. Video baby monitor. This gift is usually on the more expensive side, but any parent will love it. Modern nanny cameras are extremely easy to set up and operate. Most of the baby monitors connect to a parent’s mobile device, which means access to the video feed from anywhere, and not just from inside the house.
  2. Books. Well, where do we start on the benefits of reading books to babies? There is no time that is too early for the parents to start reading to their children. Not only reading provides an opportunity for parents and babies to bond, but it also brings an educational value that is hard to overestimate. Reading helps children to learn new words, develop cognition, set up the routine, and also practice their motor skills when they touch the book.
  3. Swaddle blankets. As tempting as it may be, it is not recommended to buy clothes for the baby. First, you might get a wrong size, or a color that the parents might not prefer. Second, kids grow out of clothes too fast to be able to truly enjoy them. Instead, get something that the kids won’t grow out from, such as swaddle blankets. Make sure you get ones made of natural fabrics and in gender neutral colors (parents might reuse them or pass them down to relatives or friends).
  4. Lotions/wipes. Some people think that giving diapers is a safe choice for any expecting parent, but in reality parents are advised to buy diapers in small batches until they learn which ones work best for their child. For this reason, it is a better idea to buy other cosmetic products that will be used by parents: body lotions, baby wipes, or baby powder. Just make sure you pick hypoallergenic and fragrance-free ones that have organic ingredients.
  5. Picture frames. There is never too many baby photos, and every day presents and opportunity for a cool new shot of the baby. Picture frames is something every parent will appreciate and use. Make sure you know what style of frames parents prefer for their interior. Better yet, buy a gift certificate for a professional family photoshoot, or a digital photo frame. Print out articles on how to take the cutest baby photos and what photos to take during baby’s first year.