Five Must-Have Baby Gadgets Every Parent Needs

Baby girl's nursery in pink tones with toys in the crib and on the chair
Baby industry today offers so many products that it’s easy to get lost when you’re expecting a baby. We’re breaking it down to several baby gadgets that every family must have.

No matter if you are registering for your baby shower or just found out that you are pregnant, you will have to make several choices as to what gadgets you need for your baby. In the sea of products that are supposed to make your and your baby’s life easier, how do you choose what you really need? We are breaking it down to five essentials every parent needs.

  • Thermometer

As a new parent, you will have a natural fear for your baby’s well-being. Whether or not your baby is having a fever will be the question you will ask yourself often. Baby thermometers come in many forms – from app-enabled ones to those built inside a pacifier – parents have many choices to suit their needs.

  • Baby monitor

Modern day nanny cams offer much more functionality than just monitoring the baby. For instance, iBaby Monitor M6T has a temperature and humidity sensor, music player, and, of course, night vision. This long list of features allows parents to eliminate additional gadgets, such as white noise machines, or room temperature thermometers.

  • Breast milk pump

Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers had to manually pump breast milk. Choosing an electric breast pump over a manual one will help you save time and allow you to do other things while pumping. You can choose to either work or simply relax while the pump is doing its job.

  • Humidifier

It is recommended to keep humidity at about 55% in your baby’s room. This will naturally change depending on the season and the climate in your area, with air getting drier in winter. Dry air can irritate baby’s skin, nose and lungs. When setting up a humidifier, remember to fill it with bottled water rather than tap water, and place it out of baby’s reach.

  • Vibrating chair/pad

It’s a fact, babies like everything vibrating. Nowadays parents can choose from a variety of vibrating seats, bassinets, and pads to keep their babies calm. Remember to keep the bouncing chair on the ground and never on a raised surface. Always secure your baby with a strap.