Five Photos You Must Take During Baby’s First Year

Fact: you will take more photos in your baby’s first year than any other year. Don’t miss the opportunity to take these five iconic shots.

What do you need to take great photos of your baby in her first year? A professional camera, a cell phone with a camera, a selfie stick and a baby monitor able to take photos. Depending on the situation, you will utilize all of these tools at some point of time.

We are sure you won’t have a shortage of ideas of how to take photos of your baby. However, here is the list of the pictures you must take in the baby’s first 12 months. She will thank you when she is older, and will truly appreciate going through them.

  1. First hospital shots. Make sure one of the things you pack to the hospital will be a real camera. We can assure you that seeing your baby for the first time will be the most emotional encounter you will ever experience. Best idea? Ask someone – not your partner – to take photos so that you get those precious photos of your partner (probably in tears) with the baby, too.
  2. Baby smiling in her sleep. This is the sweetest thing you will start noticing on your baby in her first weeks at home. Those smiles are associated with REM sleep and will eventually stop as the baby grows older. Due to the disappearing nature of ‘sleeping smiles’, you don’t want to miss a moment to capture one. While you can definitely stay by your baby’s crib waiting to catch a smile, you can also use a video baby monitor to track her sleep and take photos. For instance, iBaby Monitor M6T is capable of 360° horizontal and 110° vertical movement that will help you capture the perfect angle in HD quality.
  3. Milestones, aka ‘baby’s firsts’. The baby learns a lot in her first year, and ‘firsts’ happens only, well, once! Besides baby’s first time holding her head, sitting, crawling, or taking her first steps, think of other first experiences that your child will have. For instance, the first time she eats solid food, her first haircut, her first time petting a dog or a cat, or first time going to a doctor. Use a selfie stick to include yourself (and your emotions) in these iconic photos.
  4. Month-by-month photos. Every month, celebrate your baby’s ‘birthday’ by taking a photo of her laying down. Add a date indication to the photo with letter cubes. You can create a separate theme for each photo, or stick to the same element. For example, you can take this photo with the same soft toy each month, and at the end of the year you will see how much your baby has grown. Once you have all twelve photos on hand, it’s time to create a collage!
  5. All family photo. When you feel comfortable, take the whole family photo. Ask all family members to dress up – the photo will look more coordinated if you decide on a dress code – and invite a professional photographer. Try a variety of inside and outside photos for different look. Ask the photographer to take a few candid shots, even if the baby is crying – in fact, you might find yourself liking candids more than the staged photos.