Five Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman with her partner walking on a beach
If you know anything about pregnancy, you know how much hormones add to a woman’s state at that time. You know you should be careful with things you say, but there are also common etiquette rules that you want to follow when speaking to a mommy-to-be.
Learn how not to make a fool of yourself with these easy five etiquette rules:

  1. ‘Are you pregnant?’ or ‘You look huge!’

First of all, if you are not sure whether a woman is pregnant, do not bring it up. Ever. Let a person share happy news with you when she is ready. And even when you know a woman is pregnant, try to avoid mentioning her weight gain.

  1. ‘Can I touch your belly?’

How would you like to have your belly touched multiple times a day? While it might be okay for a family and close friends, you probably wouldn’t want a stranger touching you. As tempting as it might be, do not ask for that.

  1. ‘What names are you thinking about?’

While some people share the name of a baby with everyone before the big day, some people prefer to keep it personal. Still curious? You can ask whether the couple is having fun picking names instead.

  1. ‘Is it you or your hormones?’

Hormones do mess up with you and it’s something you cannot control. However, it will be rude to remind the woman about her hormones all the time. Let it fly.

  1. ‘Don’t do that.’

If you knew how much advice pregnant women get, ranging from ‘You shouldn’t dye your hair’ to ‘You shouldn’t sit cross-legged’, you would not dare to offer any advice ever. Instead, saying something like, ‘I heard some people do this… What do you think about it?’ will sound more polite.