Five Tips On Bringing Home Baby #2 That Will Make Your Life Easier

A boy with a newborn sibling in bed

What is your advice on bring home your second child?

‘We are expecting… again!’
You would think that the second time around should be easier, but it is not always the case. Not only you have to give your almost undivided attention to the new bundle of joy, but you also have to make sure your first child does not feel left out.
Luckily, these five tips will help you keep your happiness and sanity as a new parent.

  • Make sure your older baby is well-prepared for the change. Discuss what exactly will be different and ask how she feels about it. Explain why those changes are important for the new baby and praise her for understanding and support.
  • Explain to the older child the concept of child-proofing. She will likely be tempted to ‘show’ and ‘share’ all her toys with the new sibling, including the ones with small parts.
  • Let your older child be creative. Have the sibling pick clothes for the little one, take photos and videos, draw pictures of the family and help tasting baby food. Seek creative part in every task you give to the older child. That will shift focus from ‘baby’ to ‘fun’ and will help the older child feel involved and helpful.
  • Don’t make your older child a parent. While you can expect a certain amount of help from your first child, remember she is still a child. That means she needs playtime, cuddles and your attention too – even if the age gap between the children is significant.
  • Remember, it will not be perfect. No matter how well you prepare for the second baby, something is almost sure to go wrong. Accept that ahead of time and do not waste time beating yourself up. Concentrate on the positive.