Five Ways to Make Monday The Best Day of The Week

Coffee mug by two computers

Mondays and caffeine kinda always go together, don’t they?

The weekend went too fast. Emails piled up. Your hair did not cooperate in the morning. You know it can only be Monday.

Most people call Monday the worst day of the week. After all, you have to get up early, face the dreaded traffic and decide what to wear in the rush of the AM.

However, it does not have to be the worst day. All you have to do is have a positive mental attitude and follow these tricks:

Prepare on Sunday
Mondays cannot be avoided, so be prepared for it the night before. Decide what you are going to wear, have your clothes ironed and your handbag packed. Have your kids pick clothes for themselves. Decide on what your breakfast will be. By preparing in the evening, you are saving yourself precious time in the morning in case you end up staying in bed a bit longer than you planned.

Wear your Monday best
Remember the saying, ‘Fake it, until you can make it’? Even you are feeling blah on Monday, have your clothes say you’re happy and excited. You do not have to buy new clothes, but wear something a little bit dressier than you usually do. Put on something brighter, or different from what you usually wear and get ready for some compliments.

Have a different kind of lunch
If you are guilty of having your lunch at desk, it is time to switch things up. Do not eat at the office cafeteria. Grab a coworker and go to a nearby café and try something new. If you bring lunch from home, go on a short walk and eat your lunch outside. Falling asleep? Head to the gym during the lunch break and have a protein infused smoothie for lunch after it.

Have something fun to do in the evening
Happy hours do not only happen on Wednesdays. Stop at a local bar after work for some appetizers and maybe a sip of wine with a coworker or a friend you didn’t see for a while. Go for a walk with your child. Take your dog to a different dog park. Walk to the nearest produce store and buy a bunch of fresh flowers.

Plan for the coming weekend
The simplest trick to go through a long day is thinking about something fun you’ll do at the end of the week. Plan a weekend getaway with your family or just a hike to the park you’ve never been to. Lacking fresh ideas for the days off? Ask your coworkers what they did over the weekend or what their plans are for the next one.