Five Ways To Prepare Your Kids For School

New school year is right around the corner! Transitioning back to school can be hard not only on kids, but also on parents. However, making sure your child is well-prepared for the change should not be difficult.

Here are five things you should do to be ready for the change.

Buy school supplies. Preferably, you should not wait until last minute, or deals in your local supermarket. Going to the ‘back to school’ aisle in a store when it’s overcrowded is a stress in itself.

Prepare clothes. End of the summer is the perfect time to go over your child’s wardrobe to see what still fits, and what doesn’t. Have fun trying things on, shopping for new clothes, or donating old clothes.

Establish a routine. It is time to get back on track with the school routine. If you allowed your child to stay up a little longer, it is time now to get more sleep and discuss the new school routine.

Fight ‘summer brain‘. Do you think might have forgotten things she learned in the last year? It’s time to refresh the skills with fun and simple problems, or just asking your child questions on different subjects.

Start something new. See if your child wants to start a new hobby or join a new club. Doing something fun will help her ease the stress of the new school year.