Five Ways to Stay Healthy in Winter

The first time your hear your child sneeze, you will realize that winter is not only about Christmas fun. Winters usually bring bouts of cold, flu and other unpleasant illnesses. So before your hear that sneeze… take some action to not hear it at all! Here are five ways you can keep your kids healthier in the cold season:

  • Make sure kids get enough sleep: with the nights getting longer in winter, the wish for hibernating is only natural. Try to rearrange your child’s schedule in a way that will allow him to sleep for 8-9 hours at night. Encourage day naps, too – and no one will blame you if you take one yourself.
  • Practice eating good food: it is colder and darker in winter and you might be craving comfort foods that aren’t necessarily healthy. Fight the urge with making some rich flavorful soups – which are also helpful in supporting the immune system. Remember that your children should start the day with a hearty breakfast – you can try warm oatmeal with fruits and nuts instead of cereal. Ginger, garlic, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables should be on every day’s menu.
  • Keep your kids’ schedule: children from early age find it comforting to have a set schedule. Winter might not be the best time to disrupt it by starting a new hobby or redecorating the nursery. If your children were allowed to stay up longer during the winter break, it might be difficult to go back to the old schedule abruptly. Amp up the TLC and spend more time hugging and cuddling with your kids to ease the transition.
  • Don’t forget to exercise: make sure your kids don’t spend all day playing on tablets or watching TV. Let them go outside to play in the snow, take them to a local museum, farmer’s market or a skating rink. If you have a baby, use a baby carrier to go on an all-family hike.
  • Keep positive outlook: stress contributes to lower immunity, so stay positive and practice good thoughts. Be thankful for what you have and focus on the positive in any situation.