How High Humidity Can Affect Your Children’s Health

Hot weather has the power to make you feel too humid or too sweaty. And sure, you may think this is a normal occurrence until the air becomes a too suffocating that it makes you want to stand by the AC all day long. And you may ask yourself, “so what? Humidity is always around us”. And yes, humidity in the air is normal. But when levels reach a certain high they can cause havoc with the health of your loved ones. So, if you’re still wondering  on the  effects of high humidity on health keep on reading!

What is Humidity?
First things first, what is humidity? In a nutshell, humidity is a measurement of how damp the air is or isn’t in any given environment. Your air isn’t just air – it contains moisture in varying degrees depending on the temperature. The higher the air’s temperature, the more water the air can hold.” (You Can keep reading more about humidity in our post: How Harmful is High Humidity to your Family’s Health?

But how Does Humidity Affect My Kid’s Health?
Humidity can cause greater havoc in children than adults. And if you’re not cautious, a child can easily go from feeling hot after playing soccer to suffering from heat exhaustion. High humidity can affect your child’s health in various ways. From creating a disarray with their body temperature to creating a breeding ground for allergies. High humidity can result in heat exhaustion, heat stroke and an overproduction of mold causing allergies.

What is Heat Exhaustion?
Heat exhaustion is one of the most common occurrences of hot weather and high humidity. Heat exhaustion can overheat and prompt your body to go into alert mode to try and cool it down. But when the cooldown process — sweating — doesn’t help cool your body the temperature continues to rise. And that’s where heat exhaustion comes in. Heat exhaustion, also known as overheating, can lead to an excessive amount of sweat, dehydration, rapid pulse and other chemical imbalances. These symptoms can be extremely dangerous as they can easily gravitate from heat exhaustion to heat stroke.

What is Heat Stroke?
Heat stroke is a significant form of heat exhaustion. This can cause a child to experience severe symptoms including nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, weakness, headaches, and sometimes experience black outs. This is the most significant heat and high humidity related injury, but you can always prevent these ailments by keeping cool during hot days, staying near A/C units and cranking up air purifiers.

If you’ve ever wondered why your allergies seem to act up when it’s hot, it’s probably because of the high humidity in the air. High humidity can be a breeding ground for dust mites, allergens, and dust. These allergens can lead to and worsen allergies, asthma, and eczema. Hot weather can also trigger and overstimulate pollution resulting in asthma and allergy flare-ups. The best way to prevent these flare-ups is to control your environment and turn on the air purifiers.