Healthier Trick-or-Treat Options

Most people associate Halloween trick-or-treating with candies – after all, it is so easy to go to a supermarket and buy a jumbo bag of assorted chocolates to give out to kids. However, we encourage you to think outside the box and choose healthier alternatives. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only Halloween sweets that make children happy. Check out some of our suggestions for food as well as non-food items that are likely to be a hit with fairies and superheroes alike.

Sweet foods

Go for dried fruit or raisins in small packages instead of chocolate. You can also choose yogurt covered fruits or fruit bars. If you would like to buy chocolate, choose dark chocolate that contains less sugar. You can also try single serve juice cartons or cans. Fresh fruits – and anything else that is not commercially packaged – should not be given or accepted.

Savory foods

Crackers is a simple choice if you would like to go the non-sweet route: goldfish crackers, Graham crackers or Japanese rice crackers are usually liked by kids. As an alternative, pick up some vegetable or coconut chips, microwave popcorn or even some turkey jerky. Sunflower or pumpkin seeds are rare allergens and would be a more appropriate choice than other seeds or nuts.

Non-food items

With non-food items, there are a lot of choices of things that would make kids happy. For book lovers, you can pick some coloring books with crayons, mini books or bookmarks. Toys are always a safe choice: balls, frisbees, plastic of stuffed toys, Lego or playing cards. Make sure that the toys you choose do not contain small parts that would be unsafe for younger children. You can also get anything arts and crafts: Play-Doh, watercolors, stickers or markers.