Holiday Gift Guide for Expectant Parents

Finding the perfect gift during the holiday season is no easy task, especially for someone you really care for. If you are currently on the hunt for a gift for expectant parents, let us recommend our collection of iBaby products. From smart baby monitors to ionic purifiers, iBaby has just what you need to put a smile on someone’s face this season.


iBaby Monitor M6S – Smart, Wi-Fi Baby Monitor 

The most recent addition to our iBaby product line is the iBaby Monitor M6S. With help from the M6S, you may keep an eye on your baby, day or night. The iBaby Monitor M6S boasts a 1080p resolution HD camera, two-way speakers, 360° pan, and 110° tilt. In addition, the M6S allows you to track the temperature, humidity, and air quality of your nursery. Even in the dark, the monitor’s night vision feature provides a sharp image throughout all hours of the night.
What makes the iBaby monitor incredibly unique is the product’s Wi-Fi connectivity. You can watch your baby from anywhere, at anytime. Since your baby can be viewed remotely, iBaby monitors make excellent nanny cams. Additionally, with the free iBaby Care App, you can easily adjust the camera view and set-up sound and motion alerts. Furthermore, you may access the pre-loaded music library, or play your own music. You can play music from your iTunes account, or add your baby’s favorite lullabies.
Learn more about iBaby Monitors here.


iBaby Air – Air Monitor and Ionic Purifier

One of our latest innovations is iBaby Air, a smart air purifier and ionic purifier. iBaby Air seamlessly fits into any nursery décor, monitoring and purifying the room’s air. iBaby Air detects allergens and harmful VOC elements, such as carbon monoxide, methane, and alcohol. Once the monitor detects a change in your air, it sends an alert to your smart device. In addition, iBaby Air will simultaneously begin purifying your air by releasing negative ions. The monitor also functions as a personal air station, where you may view the air quality of users all around the world.
Furthermore, acting as a two-way audio system, iBaby Air is an audio baby monitor, Wi-Fi speaker, and music player. You will hear each time your baby cries or speaks, so you may soothe your infant with the sound of your voice, or favorite song or lullaby. iBaby Air has already been selected as a Green Scene Mom Award Winner, Baby Maternity Top Choice Award 2016, and Tillywig Awards Parents’ Favorite Products Winner.
Learn more about iBaby Air here.
With all the amazing, smart features iBaby has to offer, our baby monitors and air purifiers are the perfect gifts for any modern family!