How Baby Monitors Make Parents’ Lives Easier – Tips From Our Customers

Thinking whether or not you need a wireless nanny cam? Check out why iBaby customers are raving about video baby monitors.

‘But my parents did just fine without a baby monitor!’. We hear this argument often, but times have changed. The majority of our customers swear that once you try a video baby monitor to watch the baby, there is no way back.

We looked at most common ways iBaby monitors make parents’ lives easier. Do you recognize yourself in these comments?

iBaby monitors help babies get uninterrupted sleep:

“When I’m in the next room over from the baby it is nice to be able to just look at the monitor instead of risking waking the baby by going in their room.”
“He sleeps through the night, but like every parent they want to make sure their baby is sleeping good. He may sometimes get up because his pacifier fell out or want a random bottle at 2 in the morning. The simple fact that it [iBaby monitor] has night vision would make this mamma’s nights better.”

iBaby monitors‘ motion, sound and temperature and humidity sensors make the difference for other parents:

“We have a space heater in her room and it can be tough to tell if it’s to warm or cold by walking in. The motion sensor is the coolest. She’s always trying to escape these days. I need to know when I need to intervene and when she’s just happily laying there babbling to herself.”

iBaby also offers a top-notch viewing ability for a wireless baby monitor with a 360°/110° movement:

“I love the pan and tilt controls so I can see every angle in his room. I love that I can see my son from my phone. Being able to use my phone is so convenient. And the feature that takes pictures and video every time there is a change will help me feel better about his sleep habits.”

iBaby also allows moms to get more things done and be a happy parent:

“With the monitor watching the baby I have more time on my hands to take care of our older son, keep the house clean, and occasionally binge watch my favorite TV series on Netflix. I’m also looking forward to spending quality time with my husband once the baby goes to bed for the night.”

And most parents appreciate having alerts delivered straight to their phones:

“My home’s walls are so thick, I can’t hear her cry from 2 rooms over.”
“Being able to view the camera from my phone or iPad will help me easily stay connected no matter where I am and being able to take picture and video through the monitor is so great for capturing moments of how adorable little ones can be while sleeping or playing.”

There is a reason iBaby Monitor M6T was named the best baby monitor of 2015. Let us know why you love your baby monitor!